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How to Write a Glowing University of Miami Application Essay

Chartered in 1925, the University of Miami, also known as UM, was founded by a group of Americans who needed to enroll their children in higher learning and growing community. The founding group felt the need to develop the South Florida communities and supported the institution to provide unique opportunities, further creative works of art, conduct teaching and research programs, and develop inter-American studies.

University of Miami History

By 1926, the first class of 646 full-time enrollees at the university were affected by a major hurricane that destabilized the institution for the next 15 years. Today, the university is a diverse and energized academic community that serves students from all walks of life. In addition, the university has been named as one of the best research institutions in the US, with cutting-edge technology, award-winning faculty, and state-of-the-art equipment, making it admirable for students within the country and abroad.

Through the years, the university has received numerous accolades including being ranked as top 50 in the US, for six years consecutively. The institution has also received billions of US dollars in funding to support academic initiatives and resources and to increase learning opportunities through the years. The private research university has 11 schools and colleges, a 12:1 student to faculty ratio, and a 92% first-year to sophomore retention rate. The University of Miami has more than 10,000 full-time students for bachelor, made of a vibrant community of students and scholars from around the world. With its location in the heart of a metropolitan city, the university has proven to be a convenient learning hub for those around the crossroads of the Americas and beyond.

Admission Requirements for Bachelor and Graduate School

The University of Miami follows the Florida University system. The institution is very selective and on average, only 39 applicants out of 100 are admitted into the university. While there are no set minimum requirements for admission for bachelor applicants should have above average test scores of either 1320 SAT or 30 ACT, in addition to a high school GPA of 4.4-4.6. Additional factors such as extracurricular activities, class rank, alumni relations, and volunteer work are always an added advantage Other admission requirements for bachelor and graduate school include;

  • Graduate school application form; students can submit physical or digital applications. The application form doubles as a curricular vita (CV) and must therefore entail name, address, applicant’s email address, academic record, and course of choice.
  • Academic transcripts include the results of any tests taken and the names of the referees.
  • University of Miami supplemental essays or statement of purpose
  • Grad students must attach reference letters alongside their Miami supplemental essays, for support purposes
  • Grad school test scores; in this case, standardized and internationally recognized tests such as PTE, GMAT, GRE, or TOEFL are most preferred.
  • Grad school application fees at the University of Miami will cover the application process costs. For scholarship, students are to contact the admissions office directly to avoid being locked out.

Why Write an Essay for University of Miami

For students joining the University of Miami, it is mandatory to write Miami supplemental essays of 250 words or less in response to the provided prompts. More so, students joining the institution are required to correspond to one of the seven prompts via a personal statement through 650 words or less.

Through these essays, the admissions board at the university is in a better position to understand each applicant’s ability to develop independent thoughts, clear communication, and concise writing in a bid to convey thoughts uniquely and authentically. University of Miami common app curates the prompts that need to be responded to illuminate a student’s ability to outshine other competitors. UM application essay requires every student to highlight their strengths including extracurricular activities, which are evaluated as part of the admission process.

The essay samples on our page make your work so much easier, so you may want to buy one or pay someone for the services to write the best sample for admission. Seeing that the University of Miami is a private research university that is ranked in the top 50 of America’s national universities, the application essays are used as an elimination method at the institution. Through the University of Miami supplement essay, the institution is in a better position to hone its admission rate, which currently stands at 32%. Students have the freedom to choose from 180 majors and programs but must explain in an essay why they settled for particular majors and programs.

Types of Essays for Students

Unlike other institutions where supplemental essays can easily be recycled, UMiami supplemental essays have been made difficult for new students, and instead, use thought-provoking arguments when writing their essays. Overcoming challenges and common app are two of the most common University of Miami application essay categories. We have all these samples online if you check our page for writing inspiration.

Overcoming Challenges Essay

This is a short response essay that requires students to submit less than 250 words. In this case, students are expected to refer to the UMiami obscure marsh bird or ibis; a weather-related folklore piece that is an integral part of University of Miami application essay writing. Indeed, the institution’s mission of essay efficiency is not as easy compared to other institutions but those who manage to use the fowl reference are in a better position to prove that they can persist through tough challenges to meet their goals.

This makes it easier for the institution to eliminate or pick their ideal candidates. This essay seeks to understand a student’s ability to control their motivation and behavior while detailing past experiences and shed light on how these experiences have shaped the candidate. Further, this University of Miami supplement essay is meant to showcase a student’s resilience when faced with challenges in the academic and personal realms. The overcoming challenges essay also seeks to identify if a candidate can emerge with life’s greatest lessons once these storms pass, in pursuit of life’s goals.

Common App Personal Essay

This essay requires utmost 650 words, where a candidate must demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively by writing clearly and concisely on a selected topic. University of Miami common app is meant to distinguish a candidate and understand their personality type through their writing style and arguments.

Through this essay, a reader is in a better position to distinguish a writer’s authentic thoughts and feelings outside their course, grades, and even test scores. Through a provided prompt, a writer can use this platform to inspire and structure authentic responses in full range, despite the 650-word limit. Both these types of essay writing for students are meant to provide a background, interest, identity, or talent of each of the candidates.

More so, the essays are meant to allow candidates to share their stories and the lessons they have derived from the obstacles they have encountered in life. For master’s degree essays, applicants can reflect on a time when they questioned or challenged their convictions, beliefs, or ideas and what prompted the thinking and the outcome of challenging these beliefs. They mirror what would be expected of you when writing an internship application.

Pointers when Writing an Essay for College

Showcasing a student’s personality, outlining lessons learned from a challenge, and explaining a change of convictions are some of the outstanding pointers a candidate must always remember when writing an essay for graduate school. These pointers are vital in setting a candidate apart from others especially when applying to competitive institutions such as the University of Miami.

Pointer #1:

Showcase Your Personality The best way for students to showcase their personality is to give their cultural background, belief system, values, interests, and overall, what makes up their identity. In this segment, it is advisable to share any talents outside of academia.

Pointer #2:

Describe Lessons Learnt from a Challenge University of Miami supplement essay aims to not only see the kind of challenges that the students have faced but also to see the kind of lessons that students were able to derive from these challenges. More so, it is important to not dwell so much on the challenge, but rather apply more focus on how the challenge has helped shape one as an individual.

Pointer #3:

Provide a Change in Your Beliefs A candidate that wishes to be outstanding must reflect on a time when they questioned their belief system, values, or ideas. More so, a candidate must provide what prompted this kind of thinking and the outcome. In this case, the student must go into details to provide a vivid description for professor in charge of the essay.

Pointer #4:

A Heart of Gratitude In this case, an applicant needs to reflect on a situation where someone made them happy or thankful; a pleasant surprise that provoked gratitude. More so, a candidate must explain how the act of kindness motivated them to do better and spread kindness to others as well.

Pointer #5:

Sense of Accomplishment For college to consider an application, a candidate must expound on an accomplishment, an event, or an awakening that prompted them to the realization of working on personal growth. In this case, a candidate must expound on what sparked the awakening towards personal growth and how they developed a new and profound understanding of self and others.

Pointer #6:

Captivating Concepts When writing an essay for university, it helps to profoundly describe a concept, topic, or idea that provokes a student’s passions and interests. In this case, a candidate must explain how and why this concept makes them lose track of all time and their source of inspiration when they need to expound further on the concept.

Main Faculties at the School

For University of Miami essay, there are various faculties within the school. Some of the main faculties include:

  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Business
  • School of Law
  • School of Music
  • School of Architecture
  • School of Marine and Atmospheric Studies
  • School of Medicine

School of Communication Currently, there are 2,697 full-time faculty members; 98% of the faculty members are doctorate holders or terminal degree holders in their field.

The student to faculty ratio currently stands at 12:1. There are 180 majors at the university and some of the most popular programs include; Registered Nursing, Bioengineering, Advertising, Finance, Biology/Biological Sciences, Economics, and Political Science.


For bachelor students, writing an essay for university is part of a rigorous selection process that evaluates a candidate’s writing skills and knowledge making them ideal for college admission. More so, writing a compelling essay shows that the student is in a position to translate University of Miami’s prompts, can facilitate the brainstorming process, and can articulate a wide range of topics.

Writing an essay for university of Miami also helps in the elimination process of an otherwise competitive institution. Unlike most institutions, University of Miami supplemental essays are unique and daunting. As such, students hoping to join the prestigious institution must apply unique and authentic tactics when writing their essays. Alternatively, candidates could look up the school’s website to look for essays that have worked before. Also, check out our website for cheap but comprehensive samples.

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