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How to Write Your University of Oregon’s Supplement Essays

While gaining entry into the University of Oregon is not as difficult as some other schools, it is not everyone who applies gets in. Every year, thousands of students still get turned away. This means you need to present a top-notch application.

A critical aspect of your application is your essay. You need to turn in a well-written statement letter to aid your chances. You can get numerous samples of the University of Oregon statement letters from our platform. You can use the following principles as a guideline to write yours:

Express your Intent to Join

A critical aspect of your cover letter is expressing your desire to be a student of this institution. In providing your answer to any essay prompts, you need to clarify that you already see yourself as part of the school. Use affirmative terms, do not use pessimistic or vague terms. Express your interests in the major you have chosen.

Use Simple Words

Unless otherwise stated, make use of simple words. We understand that you are a high school graduate and you have a good command of the English language. This is not where to display your wide range of vocabulary.

The admission officials are not your English teachers and, as such, are not seeking to see you display excessive use of complex words. Keep it as simple as possible. The goal is easy comprehension.

Answer the Question

This is a trap a lot of students fall into. They write everything except the answers. The easiest way to not make this mistake is to outline your response before you start answering. Do not get carried away and miss the point of the question.

Get an understanding of what exactly is required of you to provide intelligible answers. Often, the word count is fixed at a minimum, and you may not have the privilege to beat around the bush. Go straight to the point with your answers.


Perform your due diligence and get to know all you need to know about the University of Oregon. Read up on your majors, the professors, the student community, and any specific entry requirements. Let your answers reflect a deep understanding of the school and the degree program you are applying for. Use as many terms that are related to U of O as possible.

You can find examples of the University of Oregon’s supplemental essays on our platform, which would give you all the right ideas. If you find writing academic texts worrisome, we have skilled writers that can do the job. You can buy your papers at a cheap rate, guaranteed superb content.

University Of Oregon Admission Essay Prompts

Now that you have an insight into how to answer your essay questions, let us look at the supplemental essay prompts for the University of Oregon. The prompts below are for the 2021/2022 academic sessions. The aim of these prompts is for you to demonstrate why you believe you are a suitable fit for the school. The admissions officials want to know more about you, especially the part of you that is not available on the rest of your application. You can choose any of the two prompts.

Prompt 1

Describe an experience with discrimination, whether it was fighting against discrimination or recognizing your contribution to discriminating against a person or group. What did you learn from the experience? In what ways will you bring those lessons to the University of Oregon?

The chances are high that you must have witnessed discrimination in one form or another. You may have witnessed it happen to others, perpetuated it, or been on the receiving end. This essay simply asks that you share your experience and the lessons you learned. Discrimination can occur anywhere and to anyone. It can take on the form of race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, country of origin, or disabilities.

The admissions office wants to know your take on discrimination and what you did when you witnessed it. They are not expecting you to provide a global solution to the problem; they just want to know what you did to resolve an incidence(s). You can wrap it up by stating measures you would take to help tackle the challenges of discrimination and work towards an inclusive community at U of O.

Alternatively, If you have been on the wrong side and discriminated against other people, they want to know how you handle situations when you are in the wrong. Feel free to narrate what happened with an understanding of how wrong it was. Explain what made you behave in such manners.

Was it youthful exuberance, wrong cultural norms, or compulsive behaviors? This goal is to reflect your levels of self-awareness and course correction where necessary. It is important you show how you have learned from the mistakes and, most importantly, how you are committed to eradicating such discrimination. Talk about how you would affect the lessons you have learned at the University of Oregon.

Prompt 2

The University of Oregon values difference, and we take pride in our diverse community. Please explain how you will share your experiences, values, and interests with our community. In what ways can you imagine offering your support to others?

This is similar to the first prompt. Again, you will demonstrate your willingness and commitment to a liberal community. Diversity is an important aspect of a functional community. Diversity covers different ethnic backgrounds, ages, religions, disabilities, races, and genders.

The University of Oregon has a vast range of diversity, and the admission officials need to know how you would interact with this community. There are different people from different backgrounds, and each individual is unique. The right interaction of the unique differences makes for an inclusive system.

You can simply talk about your background, preferences, experiences, and how it has rightly positioned you to be a student at the University of Oregon. It does not matter where you come from. It does not matter whether you are white, dark, blue, or green. There are no wrong answers to this question, only honest ones. You can describe any family heritage that aid inclusion regardless of gender, age or race.

Perhaps you have a unique food recipe or an interest in dancing; relate how you would use any interests you have to foster the unity in U-O’s community.

Admission requirements

To gain admission into the University of Oregon, you would need the following:

For Undergraduate programs:

  1. Proof of graduation from high school
  2. Minimum academic requirement of C- in 15 college preparatory courses
  3. Self-reported academic record
  4. SAT/ACT scores (optional)
  5. Application essay

For Master’s degree:

  1. A completed application form
  2. Official transcripts sent from the school where you received your first degree.
  3. Any other document or materials as required by your department.

For college applicants outside the US

  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 (for graduate school requirements of academic performance may vary by program)
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Proof of sufficient financial resources
  • Letters of recommendation.

About the University

Popularly known as UO or U of O, the University of Oregon is a frontrunner in various research fields across the United States. With 19 research centres and institutes, It is classified among R1: Doctoral Universities — Very high research activity. But it wasn’t always this successful. The Oregon State Legislature established the university on October 12, 1872, but the state quickly ran into funding problems.

The good people of Eugene held numerous fundraising events to help finance the new school. Through produce sales, strawberry festivals, and church socials, they raised $27,500, which was used to buy 18 acres of land. This public university finally opened its doors in 1876 and enrolled 155 students in its first year. In 1878, it graduated its first set of students (5 students).

There was a proposal in 1913 and another — the Zorn-MacPherson Bill in 1932, to merge the university with what is now Oregon State University. Both Bills failed. The campus is along the Willamette River and covers 295 acres of land in Eugene, Oregon. The grounds contain 80 buildings and a nursery consisting of over 3,000 trees from 500 different species.

Colleges and Schools at the University of Oregon

The U of O offers over 300 undergraduate and graduate degree programs across five colleges and seven schools.

The colleges are

  • Arts and Sciences
  • Business
  • Design
  • Education
  • Honors

The schools are

  • Accounting
  • Architecture and Environment
  • Arts and Design
  • Journalism and Communication
  • Law
  • Music and Dance
  • Planning, Public Policy, and Management.


The University of Oregon has students from the 50 states in the US and 89 countries around the globe. The school has a diverse and healthy community. People of all colors and creeds are well represented. There is a lengthy list of successful alumni, including the co-founder of Nike Inc, Philip Knight, who is worth over $50 billion.

Knight has donated over $1 billion to the school, with the largest chunk to the sports projects, which comes as no surprise. The University of Oregon has many prestigious alumni, including the co-founder of Nike Inc, Philip Knight, who has donated over $1billion to the school.

The U of R is truly a school worth its salt and has distinguished itself globally. If you need help writing your application letter, you can buy one on our platform. Hire any of our experienced writers to give you a perfectly crafted supplemental essay, and our services are cheap.

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