Faculty Evaluation System Essay

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Faculty Evaluation System

A faculty evaluation system which is installed in our college is of great use to evaluate the faculty performance and their self development in the process. The value added system installed in place takes input of various feedbacks given not only by the students but also by the other faculties. The various feedbacks and advises are capitalized upon for deciding merit of the faculty. It overall encourages the faculties and ensures better focus towards research and development. The faculty evaluation system takes into account the following:

1. It evaluates the faculties on their performance, their integrity, their adherence to rules and regulations, their publication of journals and contribution towards research papers. 2. The feedbacks are in various forms, more likely in areas syllabus coverage, innovation, analysis, case study approaches, behavior and attitude (Bowers, 2005). 3. The various suggestions and feedbacks would ensure a change in the trait of the person for the betterment of the individual and the society at large.

The astonishing fact is the acceptance of the system in the college as it not only fosters development but ensures innovation and making of a leader in every being. The analysis of the feedbacks is evaluated to a large extent by the system and the data evaluation is done quite well. The special feature is the trend analysis for the performance of the faculty and the very graph of performance is taken up.

The system is designed in a very well coordinated manner for fetching large scale analysis of the various developments and ensures that right tracking is made possible (Arreola, 2003).


Arreola, A Raoul (2003). Developing a Comprehensive Faculty Evaluation System, Educational Psychology from Arizona State University. Bowers K. John (2005). Issues in Developing a Faculty Evaluation System. Retrieved 16, January 2009 from http://www. springerlink. com/index/X712557731J2WN54. pdf.

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