Faculty Evaluation System

Colleges and universities dreams to integrate the use of technology on facilities and services to provide convenient working environment, quality service and learning environment. The researchers know that in many Colleges and Universities, students are required to have an evaluation of the faculty performance in delivering the teaching of courses completed at the end of each academic term. The researchers came up with this study in order to analyze the effectiveness of the faculty evaluation system of the Lyceum of the Philippines-Batangas.

Lyceum of the Philippines University- Batangas aims to have employees who are competent and well-trained. The University believes that improving the employees’ knowledge, skills, attitudes or behavior will not only lead to personal enhancement but also to achieve the organizational goal. Hence the University established a Faculty Evaluation System to be the basis of Faculty’s performance. This FES is to measure or rate the effectiveness of the performance of the faculty’s teaching from students’ point of view.

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On the recent years, LPU uses manual procedure on evaluating its faculty but due to unavoidable errors on conducting and tallying the records they come up on improving its Faculty evaluation system by using LAN-based Faculty evaluation system. LAN-based Faculty evaluation system is designed for more effective way to improve the evaluation for human resource department from manual procedure to automated system. The system is about how the students will evaluate their professor using the computer.

All the information given by the students will be confidential and only the evaluator will have the access.

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The study intends to assess the effectiveness of the Faculty Evaluation of Lyceum of the Philippines University- Batangas using the automated system or the LAN-based Faculty evaluation system. Objectives of the study The emphasis of this study is to know how the students evaluate their professor using the automated system. Another emphasis is to know its’ benefits to the human resource department rather than using the manual procedure.

This study intends to assess the effectiveness of the LPU Automated Evaluation System to know its weaknesses to improve the performance of the system. Another objective is to know its level of effectiveness in terms of functionality, reliability, acceptability and timeliness of output. The researchers also aim to know the procedure of the Faculty Evaluation System and how it is conducted. The problems encountered by the human resource are also one of the focuses of this study and how will they manage this problems.

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Faculty Evaluation System

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