Autobiography Of A College Student

My name is Gelliza Z. Quiambao, and I am currently in college studying education. I was born on 12th of September year 1996, four o’clock in the afternoon, in Jose Payumo Memorial Hospital. My parents are Gilbert and Josephine and I have two brothers who are Gil Joseph and Gianni.

I started studying when I was three. My grandparents are the ones who served as my babysitter since my parents weren’t home for work, so my granddad enrolled me in a Daycare Center.

You may not believe this but my grandma told me that I always sleep and cry in school.

After that, my parents enrolled me in Kindergarten then to Elementary. I was only five years old when I was on the first grade. Had to say, I was the youngest but I’m subsequent.  My elementary days are incredibly awesome. I gained many friends; I achieved honors and awards, academic and sports, specifically chess. It’s been quite jaded studying six years on the same school but it’s totally fine with me because I have friends to laugh with, have fun with, and learn with.

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In 2008, I graduated from elementary and became a high school freshman in Bataan Peninsula State University. It’s great that I found true friends that same year, and it’s quite funny how I always wanted a sister and God gave me nine super cool and amazing friends that actually treated me like a sister. I had so much fun with them.

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We went hiking on a mountain. It’s really unforgettable because we took a ride on a horse.

It’s my sophomore year in 2009, and the best moment that I remembered back there is when we ditched class. Yeah, I know it’s not a really good thing to do but, best moments come from worst ideas, right? We cleaned the faculty room as our punishment. We did it for three months.

In 2010, I fell in love with music. It’s like, my world revolves around music. There’s something about the songs that I can somehow relate myself into the lyrics. I learned so much from it. Also this year is when I fell in love with a boy. Honestly, it wasn’t a pretty story. I fell deeply in love with him then when we broke up; it’s like my worst nightmare ever. But I learned that maybe we’re not really meant to be together. Then, I realized that the fact between ‘boy love’ and ‘boy hate’ is the belief that whatever happens, I’ll be fine.

Good friends, competitive teachers and one wonderful family are the ones who mold me for who I am today. Everything good I have inside of me, I get from them.  I experienced lots of challenges that test my skills and personality. All those challenges and problems that I’ve been through leaves a wonderful lesson. Good days gave me happiness, bad days gave me experiences, which are both essential to life. Success keeps me growing and failures make me humble.

Right now, I’m studying very well so if I finished college, I can have a good job in order for me to help my family and raise the style of living that we have now with God’s grace and guidance. Just always remember that, life is like a roller coaster. It has ups and downs. But it’s your choice to scream or just enjoy the ride.

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Autobiography Of A College Student

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