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College Application Autobiography Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (710 words)
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I suggest, I originated from this male’s dangly bits for Christ’s sake! As I look back now I recognize that I probably even provided my dead/dying daddy a kiss and informed him goodbye in his last minutes. And when I say I told him goodbye I do not mean farewell as in ‘I enjoy you Dad, rest in peace’, however farewell as in, ‘be right back Papa! Man I’m hungry!’ as I ventured off looking for the health center lunchroom in order to get some food ideal adequate to be called breakfast.

Truthfully I couldn’t even inform you how the ride on the elevator with my younger sister and auntie went. I don’t even keep in mind. It’s almost as though if something huge occurs to you, you just keep in mind the really juicy, important information but hope to God no one asks you about what color your shoes were or what you ate for breakfast since you would not be able to remember.

Believe me. However if you forced me, I mean truly forced me to bear in mind all that I could about the elevator ride I ‘d tell you that I knew something was off. It was my auntie. Something about her smile simply wasn’t right. Even as a youngster I was sharp and I could tell something was off about the way her smile looked. But I had just chalked it up to pity clouding her smile much like it clouded everyone else’s.

But you do not always remember the so called “little stuff”. Take me for instance. I kiss my daddy bye-bye, leave his space with my sis and aunt in tow, locate the misleading cafeteria and sit down and eat something. Eat something. I don’t understand why my absence of remembrance regarding what it specifically was that I ate that day bothers me so much however I seem like I ought to keep in mind everything. And I don’t understand why but I actually desire to state it was eggs that I consumed that day in the snack bar … or something in a little bundle. The longer I sit here and attempt to bear in mind the more the image of the food on my plate that day changes. Now I think it was fruits.

Yes, fruits. It definitely might have been fruits. I think if I remembered what I ate that day it would give me something to hate. Something that I could to direct all of my limitless fury to because I can’t blame myself for leaving my father that day to go to the cafeteria. I’m too conceited to place all of my blame upon myself and I can’t even place the blame on my mother for telling my aunt to take my sister and I down to the cafeteria because I was all for the idea of stuffing my face at the time. Maybe if it was eggs that I ate that day I would have sworn off eggs for the rest of my life because in my father’s last moments I left him for eggs. Doesn’t that just sound awful?

But I guess whatever it was that I ate doesn’t really matter because when we returned to the room my mother was sitting on the same window ledge where we had left her but she immediately told us to tell Dad goodbye. I think I would actually rather be hit with a ten ton elephant than have to go through that again. I think I’d rather take that absurd hit because getting walloped by an obese elephant is what it felt like had happened to me anyway. It was one of those moments that don’t actually happen to you in real life but you read about in books. That moment where your breath leaves you in one big gush and everything else around you fades because your brain has just short circuited and you’re waiting for it to right itself so that you can use it to properly grasp what is occurring around you. I remember that I had another ‘what I ate for breakfast moment’ here because when your brain is refusing to work like God intended it to it’s quite difficult to remember things. Trust me.

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