I write to you as a college student from Texas Southmost College

I write to you as a college student from Texas Southmost College. I am concerned about how climate change will affect my family, community, and our country. As a concern citizen, I would like to urge you to work with others in Congress to discuss the reduction of emissions and to improve our economy.

There have been many debates of how we should handle the climate change in the nation and how it affects the way we live. If we look at pictures of China, we can see that the air is highly polluted and does not seem that healthy compared to the cities here in our country.

I know that some in Congress do not think that climate change is an issue that needs to be address at the moment but it is something that should be a priority in the nations interest, and I would like to believe that you are the type of person that would look into this issue more in-depth and have a bill passed to get thing going up in Congress.

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To help with the economic side of this issue the implementation of placing a price on carbon pollution and reinvestment of clean energy technologies would help the economy grow and increase jobs. For instance, currently in 29 states and the District of Columbia have mandatory Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) in planned investments on hydropower upgrades (Fleten, p.1). We need to apply clean energy that does not threaten human health or the environment. The investment in clean energy technologies is important because it would increase jobs, giving back to the people.

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This way our poorer communities can have a stable income and the tech would lower the pollution in the air and the surrounding environment. An example of clean energy technologies would be Tesla and their electric car. Yes, these cars are expensive, but they do help with the integration of cleaner energy. There are also other way to have clean energy, like placing solar farms in areas in need of a better solution to gain energy.

To secure a future for the nation and our children now would be the time to look for a new national energy policy. A policy which would lead away from fossil-based fuels and to a cleaner and healthier energy source. A new policy in California, the Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS), is designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by applying standards to all motor fuel productions (Huseynov, p.1). There are some in Congress that do not believe in man-made climate change and simply believe it is a heating stage on earth.

Senator Cruz it would be agreeable that Congress should apply the full force of the Clean Air Act, by setting strict deadlines and providing efficient funding to the EPA to carry out the duties necessary to complete the task at hand. Something like implementing the reduction of greenhouse pollution for the different types of vehicle would be effective. The poor air quality is also harmful for people who have heart and lung conditions, like for older adults in poor air quality environments the air worsens their problems. People in these conditions tend to end up in the emergency rooms or hospitals. This fact puts a stain on them because it lowers work productivity, they would miss out in school or their jobs. The cost of being in the hospital would be too high. Death is also a great concern in these poor air quality areas.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter about an issue that I am passionate about. I do hope you will keep the views of your constituents in mind and support that this issue needs to be addressed. If possible, I would appreciate a response to my concerns.

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I write to you as a college student from Texas Southmost College
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