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Nature has always been an inspiration for artists, poets, and philosophers. In his essay Nature Ralph Waldo Emerson attempts to describe the hidden beauty of nature and the influence it may have on human beings if their sensitive capacities are properly aligned and turned. Emerson suggests that nature can produce a special and very deep feeling of integrity in a person, when perceived in its entirety. Through involvement with nature in all its aspects, a person can experience a transcendent feeling of union with the universe and God.

Animal Cruelty and Abuse Issue
Words • 2170
Pages • 9
What is Animal abuse? Well, let me explain to you what it is. This is very sad because you see animals suffering in so many horrible ways. They beat up animals like human beings if they get mad the owners then take it out on the animal. For example, say if the owner got in an argument with their girlfriend they will take it out on the animal by beating it up or starving the dog. Also, they would use…...
AnimalAnimal Farm
Farm to Table Defined
Words • 1629
Pages • 7
Today, many restaurants use processed foods which make the public dissatisfied because of the bland flavor and because it is unhealthy. The reason why restaurants still continue using processed foods is because it is cheaper, more accessible and it comes from a steady source. In the early 1900’s, much of the food that people ate was from local sources, but as the industrial age came about, there were less farms and more processed food, so Americans’ diets changed for the…...
AnimalAnimal Farm
All about Farming Manager Career
Words • 553
Pages • 3
Dirty, long, sweat filled hours of labor for what? What I am about to explain is how farming makes the world what it is, and without it, we would have nothing. Farming isn’t for the weak minded individual, it is for the positive,driven, and one who wants and needs to provide for their family and community! What education do you need for this lifestyle/ career? Well let me start off by saying it is dependent on your circumstance. It is…...
AnimalAnimal Farm
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Purpose of Zoo and It`s Evaluation
Words • 1280
Pages • 6
Since their inception, the purpose of zoos has evolved from glorified menageries to centers for conservation, education, and preservation. Because most zoos are dependent on visitor dollars to keep their gates open, risking visitor alienation through exhibit messaging is not often done. Instead, majority of zoos focus on animal-related education that essentially transfers knowledge from the zoo to its visitors, rather than challenge visitors to reflect on the impacts humans have on the world (Esson & Moss, 2013). In a…...
Visit to the Animal Park
Words • 1070
Pages • 5
In the longest time, I never thought I would one day opt to go to the animal park. I had always thought wild animals were insignificant and so did not bother to know about them. One day, several years back, a friend of mine wanted to visit the zoo and so asked if I could accompany him. At first I was a bit resistant but then I later gave in to his idea because there was not much to lose.…...
AnimalAnimals Are Our Best Friends
Animal-Assisted Therapy in Stressful Situation
Words • 520
Pages • 3
Jeanine M. Miller Adams is the author of chapter thirty-two (32) on The Role of Animals and Animal-Assisted Therapy in Stressful Life Situations, in the book titled Handbook of Stressful Transitions Across the Lifespan edited by Tomas W. Miller. Adams describes animal-assisted therapy (AAT) as a beneficial therapy for both humans and animals, playing a significant role in the lives of people effected by strenuous stressful situations. In this chapter, there are three case examples provided by Adams that give…...
AnimalAnimals Are Our Best Friends
The Cruelty of Animal Testing
Words • 752
Pages • 4
These years have witnessed a large number of controversial opinions surrounding the idea that whether animals should continue being used in experiments. Many conservative organizations have raised their voice that the federal government had squandered millions of dollars on ineffective testing using animals for researches (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, n.d). From our perspective, however, animals are indispensable parts of the experimenting procedures and the utilization of these objects should be justified due to the following reasons. The very…...
AnimalAnimal Testing
Most Reliable Friend for People
Words • 1235
Pages • 5
Most people agree the greatest friend in life is your dog. Almost every household owns a dog and considers them to be a part of the family. They get a dog expecting to enjoy their company through the long journey of life. In the Chevy commercial, 'Maddie', it tells a story about a little girl whose best friend is a dog. Maddie goes everywhere the girl does all throughout her life. Over the whole commercial, you see them both bond…...
Animals Are Our Best FriendsFriendship
Impact of Earthquake on People`s Life
Words • 893
Pages • 4
There are many earthquakes in the world, and there are twice as many reports on what people felt when in an earthquake. People report what they felt during an earthquake some people also report what they smelt. There are different magnitudes of earthquakes the lowest that is felt is a 2.5 ranging all the way up to a 9.5. The only earthquake with a 9.5 magnitude recorded in history happened in Chile. The longest recorded earthquake lasted ten minutes which…...
EarthquakeEffects Of Earthquake
Natural Disasters in History: The Earthquake
Words • 912
Pages • 4
After a comet hits the earth, massive disaster arises like in the Great Earthquake of 1755; consequently, millions are killed and left homeless, billions are hungry and government has collapsed. So what next? Where does civilization go from here? After reading the novel Candide, by Voltaire, the world today has evolved and would manage a disaster much differently than in 1755. Rather than becoming extinct, mankind would rise to the occasion and not only survive, but prosper. The earthquake of…...
EarthquakeEffects Of Earthquake
Earthquakes in Japan: Kobe Disaster
Words • 652
Pages • 3
For centuries, mother nature’s cycle has been a mixture of prosperity and destruction. From wildfires to rainstorms on deserts, humans have witnessed the varying degrees of nature’s course. Despite what is depicted in the media, natural disasters are more likely to destroy the Earth than Man-made disasters. Man-made disasters typically affect people from a societal aspect. Natural disasters could cost up to 5 billion dollars in repairing damages to homes, streets, working facilities, and schools(Howard, Lisa S., John jennings). Depending…...
EarthquakeJapan Country
Experience in Ecuadorian Paradise Montañita
Words • 548
Pages • 3
A bohemian vibe, exotic meals, surfing, and an exciting nightlife are some of the things that Montañita is known for, including beaches. However, this is just a tip of the glorious Ecuadorian paradise that welcomes one and all with open arms and varied, exciting experiences. If you’re the lazy type, lounging by the beaches all day helps you do nothing in the best way possible. Active travelers also get a fill for their curiosity as tours, sports and activities are…...
BeachLife experience
South Park’s Satire
Words • 699
Pages • 3
Paper Type:Satire essays
South Park, a widely popular animated television series developed by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, debuted August 13, 1997 on Comedy Central. Intended for fully grown audiences, the program has ended up being infamous for its crude, surreal, satirical, and dark humor that covers a wide variety of topics. This type of comedy is extensively successful throughout a variety of shows, due in part to societies conformation to social archetypes, which restricts unacceptable behavior. These shows show characters who have…...
ComedyParkSatireSouth Park
Is nuclear energy safe?
Words • 503
Pages • 3
Low pollution Nuclear power releases the least amount of greenhouse gases compared to other types of energy. It has been determined that the number of greenhouse gases has decreased by almost half because of the prevalence in the utilization of nuclear power. Nuclear energy has the least effect on nature since it does not discharge any gases like methane and carbon dioxide, also known as the primary greenhouse gases. In addition, it does not impact water, land, or any other…...
Natural GasNatureNuclear EnergyNuclear Power
Alternatives to Fossil Fuels
Words • 1475
Pages • 6
The conventional source of energy like coal, the petroleum, etc, will probably be exhausted up within a time that the humanity might foresee. In addition, according to Hordeski (2002), fossil fuels such as petroleum, natural gas, coal must be discovered and extracted before they can be conducive to mankind. This is a costly and time-consuming job. Meanwhile, the quantity of these fuels is limited. Therefore, it is proved that the global resources consumption is undue. Their supply is virtually unlimited…...
EnergyEnvironmentFossil fuelsGreen solutionsNatureNuclear Energy
Freedom and Love in “The Storm” by Kate Chopin
Words • 1284
Pages • 6
The Storm by Kate Chopin uses imagery, language and symbolism to portray the complicative aspect of marriage that we do not see, a woman’s freedom to love, freedom and equity. Wan noted that (woman) “ suffers and assumes sole responsibility for her life, which then depends on her own efforts, freedom becomes a negative condition and she herself is indeed a solitary soul” (Wan Xuemei, Pg 2). Marriage is a beautiful union but its more beautiful when you get married…...
Kate ChopinStorm
How Good Can Come From Bad in “The Storm” by Kate Chopin
Words • 453
Pages • 2
Prince once said, “There is always a rainbow at the end of every storm.” “The Storm” by Kate Chopin, written before it’s time, demonstrates how good can come from bad. In the story, there are two main characters, Calixta and Alcee, who are not supposed to be together but find a way to be. Kate Chopin shows the reader through her Creole background how a love affair can be okay between the Creole and the Arcadian. “The Storm” takes place…...
Kate ChopinStorm
Theme of Marriage in “The Storm” Kate Chopin
Words • 907
Pages • 4
Kate Chopin is a short story writer from the early 1900s, whose short stories portrayed the lives of sensitive women exploring their daring nature. The author is recognized for the way she develops complex characters and how she approaches controversial topics. Marriage is a common theme among her stories, as becoming someone’s “wife” was the desired goal among many young women of the 1900s. However, she does not always depict marriage as the romantic “love at first sight” fairytales you…...
Kate ChopinStorm
The Voice of Woman in “The Storm” by Kate Chopin
Words • 1020
Pages • 5
Looking back in time to when Kate Chopin first began publishing her short stories they inevitably already showed how bold of a writer and a person she was. Chopin defied the social norms of what a woman was supposed to be like especially in a time where woman had to follow a certain role. The short story, The Storm, takes place in the southern part of the United States in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Chopin wrote with…...
Kate ChopinStorm
Symbolism in “The Storm” by Kate Chopin
Words • 1529
Pages • 7
The short story 'The Storm', by Kate Chopin has involved the use of different literary styles and techniques such as the plot, imagery, and symbolism for the presentation of her main ideas. From the short story, Kate Chopin presents different themes, such as marriage and infidelity, sex and nature, marriage and fulfillment as well as sex, gender, and liberation. Additionally, the title of the short story, that is 'The Storm' is one of the most important allusions, which helps learners…...
Kate ChopinStorm
Theme of Relationship in “The Storm” by Kate Chopin
Words • 1013
Pages • 5
The Storm is a short story by Kate Chopin which depicts the record of one relationship. Chopin in this short story explores the subject of traitorousness and attempts to show that unfaithfulness isn't generally something wrongly and hazardous. In her story inappropriate behavior does not achieve any stunning results and each and every one of the characters is happy toward the aggregate of the story. The story is set in the 1900s. Two essential characters – Calixta and Alcee are…...
Kate ChopinStorm
Analysis of “The Storm” by Kate Chopin
Words • 417
Pages • 2
In the short story, “The Storm,” author Kate Chopin sets the story in the 19th century, in the backlands in southern Louisiana, where many storms pass through. Chopin uses the title of the short story to set the tone and setting between two of the main characters Calixta and Alcee who share a passionate encounter during a storm that is about to hit in their local area. The storm can be perceived in many ways. For Calixta and Alcee, their…...
Kate ChopinStorm
Realism in “The Storm” by Kate Chopin
Words • 886
Pages • 4
First of all, Kate Chopin was one of the most significant writers during the Realist Movement. Chopin is a woman who violates the domestic ideals, in order to portray a realistic approach to the lives of women. Chopin’s short story, “The Storm,” reflects realism by portraying the characters as they are, portraying the events and plot realistically, portraying emotions and feelings that are realistic, substantially and accurately portraying human existence and morality, and portraying the limitations of the characters, which…...
Kate ChopinStorm
Role of Woman in “The Awakening” and “The Storm” by Kate Chopin
Words • 512
Pages • 3
Edna from the awakening-“but whatever came, she had resolved never again to belong to another than herself” Bobinôt's from the storm - “Bobinôt's explanations and apologies which he had been composing all along the way, died on his lips as Calixta felt him to see if he were dry, and seemed to express nothing but satisfaction at their safe return”. Chopin base the awakening in the 1800’s now in the 1800’s you listened to your husband and what they told…...
Kate ChopinStormThe Awakening
“The Storm” and the Use of Setting
Words • 601
Pages • 3
“The Storm” provides a look into the psyche of the common woman who lived in the deep, American south during the 19th century. Chopin offers a controversial perspective for the time, alluding to themes of women having freedom and independence over their own sexuality. It is clear that Chopin approves of the adulterous relationship she depicts between Calixta and Alcée. The author uses the environment and atmosphere to represent the inner emotions and secret actions of the two main characters.…...
Kate ChopinStorm
Sustainability Strategies in Mining
Words • 992
Pages • 4
Sustainability has been a huge controversy when it comes to mining. Sustainability has always been a key consideration in the mining industry and will continue to shape activity today and beyond. (, 2017) Mining is essential to the modernity of life, with minerals and supplies mined around the world having a major role wherein productions and trades function. As in any industry that provides integrated products and services, attention is sited on its processes and their effect on both economic…...
Mining IndustryNaturePollutionPriceSustainability
Sustainable Transportation
Words • 440
Pages • 2
Most Canadians live in urban areas, living with reliable public transit. Almost all of Canada’s transportation accounts for Canada’s carbon emissions. We must be more sustainable with transportation. Problems With Transportation Transportation creates greenhouse gas emissions. Gasoline and diesel release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The increase in carbon and other greenhouse gases like methane, nitrous oxide, and hydrofluorocarbons are what's causing the Earth's atmosphere to warm, resulting in climate change. It also affects the environment through the loss of…...
CarNatural GasNaturePollutionSustainabilityTransport
Introduction To Sustainable Tourism
Words • 1667
Pages • 7
Understanding What Sustainable Tourism Is It is commonly understood where the term ‘sustainable’, as to being ‘eco-friendly’, where it is true that a part of being sustainable would be by being environment friendly, but, an attraction or a destination could be ‘green’ as it is but still not sustainable. When understanding what sustainable tourism is, there are three major pillars that are commonly highlighted; environmental, economic, and socio-cultural factors where tourism has to favor all these three areas in order…...
NatureRenewable EnergySustainabilityTourismWater
Anti Nuclear Power Movements
Words • 1129
Pages • 5
During and after World War II Australia began supplying uranium for the US and UK's weapons programs, and this is how Australia got involved. British weapons tests in South Australia and Western Australia 1952-63 left a long line of health problems for Aborigines and armed service personnel, as well as significant environmental damage. Let's face it. We don't want safe nuclear power plants. We want NO nuclear power plants —A spokesman for the Government Accountability Project, an offshoot of the…...
NatureNuclear EnergyNuclear PowerPower
The Concept of Sustainability in Engineering
Words • 2617
Pages • 11
Introduction Human society is fulfilled with lots of discoveries and developments. Sustainability is the concept to the relationships between human and nature. Sustainability is the study that analyzes how natural systems are different and produce everything they need to be balanced with the environment. It admits that human civilization will take resources to uphold our modern life. There are numerous examples of human history, where a civilization has damaged its own environment and seriously affected its own variations. Sustainability helps…...
Environmental Issue: How to Reduce Fresh Water Scarcity in a Country?
Words • 1350
Pages • 6
Abstract In this report, I am going to investigate the reason why there is a water shortage existing in Japan. I am a Japanese hydrologist who are finding methods to reduce the shortage of fresh water. I did many researches about the fresh water in Japan. I find the background information about fresh water in Japan, including the precipitation in Japan. Fresh water is not enough for Japanese to use. By evaluating the data and the information I searched, I…...
Clean Drinking WaterEnvironmental IssuesWater
Importance of the Ocean and The Damage Being Done
Words • 1711
Pages • 7
I chose to do my I search paper on something that I have been very passionate about for most of my life: ocean conservation. This is a very hot topic in today’s society due to climate change and pollution affecting our earth and the creatures that live on it. I have always been fascinated by the ocean due to its vast variety of life and the fact that humans have only explored 5 percent of it. The ocean offers so…...
Environmental Legacy: The Dispute over the River Nile Water
Words • 2634
Pages • 11
Introduction With the water quality degrading or the quantity available having to meet the rising demands of the populations over time, competition among water users has intensified. This is nowhere more destabilizing than in river basins that cross political boundaries. They have mostly led to conflicts between the nations sharing the waters. However, these nations have value agreements over the disputed waters rather than war because they make international relations over water more stable and predictable. According to the United…...
Importance Of Saving WaterNile RiverWater
The Importance of a Nile River As a Water Source to Civilizations
Words • 1077
Pages • 5
Thesis: Human communities arise near sources of water because rivers and oceans provide essential food irrigation, trade opportunities, and important transportation. Early Mesopotamian city-states used the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in one of the earliest instances of civilizations discovering that transport of large, heavy, or numerous goods was far easier on the water than on land. The Nile river’s importance to Egyptian civilization extended far beyond fertilizing soil and transportation. The ancient Egyptians relied on one source of water that…...
Mesopotamian CivilizationNile RiverWater
5 Fascinating Reasons to Own a Water Filter
Words • 553
Pages • 3
Introduction Staying hydrated is vital to maintaining general health. Nonetheless, all water isn’t equal. Any person has to take water which is free from toxins, bacteria as well as bad flavour. It can only be achieved through purification. You can decide on make use of a filter for your tap or purchasing a water filter. Here are some fascinating reasons to purchase a water filter Minimise Risk of Disease Occurrence The amount of toxins as well as chemicals in unfiltered…...
Clean Drinking WaterWater
Love and Sacrifice Theme in The Nightingale and the Rose
Words • 575
Pages • 3
The tale highlights the selflessness and purity of true love and the futility of mere attraction. It asserts that to truly love one needs purity if heart and sincerity of emotions. The story begins inside a garden where a young boy is lost in his thoughts and remonstrating his poverty and poor luck. He is enamored with the daughter of his professor and yearns to take her to the upcoming dance. The girl wants a red rose to complement her…...
Importance of The Nile River
Words • 799
Pages • 4
We have the world filled with people, towns, cities, and tons more stuff, but what really covers two-thirds of the Earthś surface is water. When the world adds more populations in our world than our water sources increases. In our world, we have so many rivers and oceans, but the one river that is fresh and produces water the most is the Nile River. Information About the Nile River Located in Egypt is the world's longest river called the Nile…...
Nile RiverWater
Importance and Types of Storage Water Tanks
Words • 634
Pages • 3
Securing family, companions and workers from flame is significant. A fire-protection storage tank can have a significant effect when a flame breaks out. The simplicity of mind makes life somewhat simpler to live nowadays. That is why you ought to dissect fire-protection water putting away tank. These tanks are in serious intrigue due to assurance industry essentials and extended rules from the company. They can be utilized by organizations, private properties, districts or essentially as a reserve water supply for…...
ConservationImportance Of Saving WaterResources ConservationWater
What is Desalination of Water?
Words • 2611
Pages • 11
The global freshwater supply is being put under increasing pressure by sustained development, and in most areas there is no further borehole or surface water. Therefore, the desalination of seawater is viewed as an effective option. With reverse osmosis being one of most accepted ways of desalinating seawater, it is seen that desalination largely depends on the control of waste concentrate, possible negative environmental impacts, and the fact that it is expensive to implement. At the same time, desalination provides…...
Desalination Of WaterWater
Will Desalination Help to Deal With Water Crisis in Tamilnadu
Words • 1083
Pages • 5
Introduction Without the water, no one can live. Living with water is vital. We can't imagine human life without water. For one day, you can't even live without drinking water. Then believe of life if in this globe there is no water. It's going to be a big catastrophe for humanity. But we humans pollute the water in all possible respects, such as waste water, industrial waste. The Elixir of Life The earth is a watery region. we are encompassed…...
Desalination Of WaterWater
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Effects of Psychological and Physical Connection With Nature

Throughout history across cultures, well-being has been repeatedly recorded as having a direct relationship with one’s psychological and physical connection with nature. Though this philosophy has been carried on for a long time, there are many people who continue to disregard it. Not only psychological but physical. I say this because in America the percentage of people living in rich nature environments (rural) has diminished tremendously, and is not expected to stop.

People spend little to no time outside each day, apart from walking to their cars. Time spent outside as a whole has decreased for people of all ages, but our youth is our future. What children seem to be replacing outdoor time with is screen time. With so little interest in what’s going on outside the walls of their home, knowledge of even the most common species of nature is being forgotten. The worst part is, for people who spend so much time apart from nature, we are still the ones contributing to its environmental issues the most. It’s believed that people’s well-being is better off with good connectedness with nature, as well as nature’s with people. Evidence to support this claim is based on psychological benefits such as enhanced well-being and mental health.

There are two main parts of a person’s connection with nature, nature contact and nature connectedness. Natura contact is your physical presence and involvement with the nature around you. Nature connectedness is the psychological connection with the natural world around you. This part of a person’s connection with nature is defined as a state, that can change depending on the current situation. As expected, someone who spends a lot of time outdoors has a better connectedness with nature. The two parts are related seeing as an increased physical connection will lead to an increased psychological connection, vice versa. If you take the time to understand nature, you may find yourself spending time with it more often. But, what does all of this really lead to and why is it so important? Research has been done to answer this question and while even more can be done, some advantages have already been found.

There are 3 theories that address why nature has such a positive impact on our well-being. The first theory, the biophilia hypothesis, indicates that long ago connectedness with nature was a crucial part of survival and we should continue to carry out the tradition. The second theory, attention restoration theory, separates connectedness into two types of attention: direct and involuntary. Direct attention requires a lot of focus and depletes over time, making it limited. As it depletes, it also can cause negative emotions and mental states. Involuntary attention doesn’t require any effort at all and can actually bring about a positive mentality. Research on this theory has shown how nature is a way for people to get away and reduce stress. Because of this it increases involuntary attention and induces that positive mentality. This includes improved concentration, emotional functioning, and voluntary (directed) attention. The last theory, stress-reduction theory, says that exposure to the parts of nature that used to be crucial to survival can reduce stress. When a person is stressed, they are in an increased state of arousal; nature decreases arousal, which decreases stress. 

Emerson’s Idea of Understanding Nature 

The first component necessary for achieving the sense of union with nature and God according to Emerson is a special kind of solitude. As Emerson explains, this kind of solitude is produced when a person isolates oneself from society not only internally but also externally. Emerson writes “a man needs to retire as much from his chamber as from society” (1) and at the same time, he states “I am not solitary whilst I read and write, though nobody is with me” By this Emerson means that the kind of solitude he describes means not only isolation from people but also clarity and emptiness of mind. To be in solitary for Emerson to have no people outside and no thought inside, since he is not in this type of solitude when reading or writing.

To explain how this type of solitude is arisen by nature, Emerson bridges them with the explanation of the effect of stars. The stars produce this kind of thoughtless state by being always around and always unreachable. Emerson feels that the same kind of sense may be produced by nature since it is also always around, but is truly seen very rarely. Emerson states that only children, poets, and wise spirits can truly see nature because this special kind of seeing requires a certain competence or alignment of inner capacities.

Nature and Transcendent Feeling of Union with God 

The real experience of nature, that is possible only in a special kind of solitude, for Emerson means seeing nature in its entirety and complexity, it means being an essential part of it. According to Emerson, poets see nature this way; they are not focused on its particular aspects, but see a bigger picture. They do not intend to use or own it, they appreciate it in all its complexity. Emerson explains this point with an example. A field may be divided into multiple farms owned by different people. Yet when a poet sees the field, they see not farms or property, but a beautiful landscape that nobody can own. According to Emerson, the integrity and complexity of nature is the key to seeing it as a poet.

Emerson’s genius is manifested through his works. Using words, he describes a transcendent feeling of union with God that he gets when being in a state of special solitude in nature. By perceiving nature in its complexity and integrity, he is able to reach the state of complete thoughtlessness, in which he can dissolve one’s ego and merge with the Universe.

FAQ about Nature

How Good Can Come From Bad in “The Storm” by Kate Chopin
...The short story includes many rhetorical devices, such as simile, to give detail; an example of simile used by Chopin would be, “Her lips were as red and moist as pomegranate seed.” Another rhetorical device Chopin uses is imagery; an example of ...
Environmental Issue: How to Reduce Fresh Water Scarcity in a Country?
...Agricultural water consumption has not changed much in recent years, but domestic water consumption has increased year by year due to the development of miniaturization of households and the popularization of water-using equipment. Industrial water c...
What is Desalination of Water?
...Thiyagarajan, V., Harder, T. & Qian, P-Y. 2003. Combined effects of temperature and salinity on larval development and attachment of the subtidal barnacle Balanus trigonus Darwin. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 287: 223...

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