Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats

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With great disappointment, it is obvious throughout Ancient Egyptian History the saying a man’s best friend is a dog’ was unheard of because like the average cat lady today the Egyptians worshiped a cat far less superior to that of a dog. Can a cat protect its owner as a dog can? Does a cat increase exercise for its overall owner’s health like a dog can? Can a cat be trained for various services like helping a person with a disability? Dogs are better than cats because they protect their owner, give their owner a reason to be more active, and can be trained to provide services to those in need.

Dogs weren’t just given the title ‘a man’s best friend’ for no reason. That title came from the millions of owners who understood the bond and companionship a dog can bring into a person’s life. Unlike cats, dogs look up to their owner and will protect their owner without hesitation.

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In the face of trouble, cats are more likely to run away and hide. A dog will simply protect its owner out of love and friendship. A primary example of a heroic dog is a pit bull named Layla who saved her owner Kelsey from a home invasion. In Louisville, Kentucky, a man broke into Kelsey’s home late at night. At the time of the incident, Kelsey was watching television in her living room when Layla the pit bull began growling and barking. When Kelsey went to go investigate what Layla was barking at, she noticed a man in her home.

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Within a split second the man tackled her to the ground and began to beat her. Immediately, Layla, the pit attacked the man hurting her owner by biting him several times in the legs and arms to get the man off her owner. Because of Layla, Kelsey was able to break free from the attacker and call 911. If it wasn’t for Layla, Kelsey could have been seriously injured (Crawford).

Two additional bonuses of having a dog are unlike cats, dogs don’t need a litter box, and dogs increase an owner’s overall health/physical health. Dogs are house-trained pets that can stick to a regular bathroom schedule. Cats on the other hand require a litter box to dispose of their waste. Not to mention, litter boxes must be cleaned out twice a week because it gives off such a strong odor and cat owners must clean up both a cat’s pee and poop. While having to pick up a dog’s poop sometimes might suck, at least it’s less maintenance than that of a cat plus on the bright side dogs increase overall good health. According to researchers at Michigan State University, statistics show “dog owners are 34 percent more likely to fit in 150 minutes of walking per week than that of a non-dog owner.” Researchers even found “that just by owning a dog dogs promote health and fitness even after taking a dog for a walk. Physical activity goes up by 69%.” Not only are dog walkers getting more exercise but getting more out of it like improving the speed at which a person walks and covering more mileage/ground on daily walks. According to Exercise Scientist Cindy Lentino, “dog owners who walk their dogs regularly have one-third the risk of diabetes than those who don’t own a dog.” A study also shows dogs can potentially help prevent autoimmune diseases and allergies. At the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, researchers have found if kids whose parents have a history of allergies grow up with a dog since birth, they are less likely to develop the same allergies as their parents. This goes with the saying that the more germs someone is exposed to at a young age the less likely it is to be harmful over the years because our bodies build up immunities. In other cases, study shows just petting a dog alone can decrease blood pressure. That’s not all dogs can do, however. Dogs can also be trained to provide services for those in need.

Finally, there are three types of assistance dogs Therapy dogs, Service dogs, and Emotional Support Dogs. A Therapy dog provides comfort and affection to people in long-term care. Therapy dogs work with both people of disability and non-disability. The goal of a Therapy dog is to provide animal contact in stressful environments like hospitals, schools, retirement homes, and mental health institutions. A service dog is a highly skilled dog specialized to work with many types of disabilities. Service dogs can work with people who have PTSD, psychological disorders, autism, mobility impairment, hearing impairment, epilepsy, diabetes detection, medical alert and so much more. A Service dog typically works with one person providing its services in the hopes of helping to rehabilitate that person. A service dog may enter any public place but cannot enter a place of worship like a church. However, a Service dog will do what’s necessary when its owner is faced with an issue even if that means entering a place of worship. Lastly, an Emotional Support dog provides therapeutic support to anyone with a disability, mental illness, or regular everyday people. Emotional Support dogs are to provide companionship and bring about a more positive aspect to someone’s life. These beautiful intelligent animals do so much for humans and yet some people think cats are better.

Updated: Feb 25, 2024
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