Cats vs Dogs: The Ultimate Pet Showdown

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Many owners either adopt or purchase cats and dogs to own as loyal companions. People tend to own pets for many reasons; cats and dogs have been the most popular owned domestic animals. Both animals are known to be very loyal to their owners. Depending on the owner's daily habits, a dog may be a better choice, or a cat might be better than a dog for some owners. For someone making the decision on owning and investing in a cat or dog, It really comes down to factoring cost, time, and attention for owning these two types of pets.

When deciding on a dog or cat, it does cost money and can become an investment. Adopting a dog, the cost is generally more. Most of the adoptions include either spaying or neutering. That alone cuts the overall cost that would be necessary down the road. In comparison to cats, prices usually are less because of the overwhelming amounts of adoptions needed for cats.

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Some owners of these domestic animals do prefer breeds as well. People usually do have a breed in mind when it comes to purchasing a dog. The cost of purchasing a dog from a breeder becomes a more expensive investment because of the breed and how the puppy has been raised within a home before bought. Cats tend to have litters often, and in the local paper, you can see quite often that sellers just want them to go to good homes without fees involved.

In addition, dogs require vaccines as well as emergency funds if the dog gets sick.

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The sickness of a dog requires the owner to pay money for vet fees and medication fees for the pet to feel better. Cats do require vaccines as well, but only a few compared to a dog especially if the cat is an indoor cat. Another expense for owners would be traveling. Owners who travel a lot either for jobs or in general would also have to spend money on boarding a dog, which can be very expensive depending on the days an owner is away. Cats would be fine at home still without an owner for a short period of time if given multiple food water resources throughout the house. Dogs tend to eat twice a day; and the cost of quantity varies between breeds as well. Large dogs will require more food which in that case a large bag wouldn’t last as long as it would for a small dog. Cats normally don’t eat as much as dogs, but still, have the same eating habits of being fed twice a day. Pet dogs and cats both cost money to own and the cost can be different depending on the type of animal owned.

Along with the cost of owning a cat or dog, there is time that is necessary to spend with each pet throughout the owner's day. Both pets need time to be fed and as well as given water. Dogs require more time in order to live a healthy lifestyle. At least a few times a day, a dog is needed to be let outside every day to relieve themselves. Along with owning a cat, a cat box is needed. This saves the owner time from having to let them out. Cats can be litter trained and can be left with the responsibility to relieve themselves for multiple days. As well as having to be let outside, a dog requires physical actives every day. Dogs enjoy daily exercise as well as playing games like fetch with their owners to be happy. However cats do need social time with owners as well, but cats do not require as much time spent with as a dog would need to make them happy. Dogs cannot clean themselves, so if it's time for a bath, it is the owner's responsibility for washing the dog in order for the dog to be clean. Cats are known to be very clean animals. Bathing themselves throughout the day saves time for an owner having to worry about bathing.

Pet dogs and cats require only a certain level of attention from their owners. Dogs enjoy being included and a part of their owner's lives every day. Dogs enjoy exercise daily as well with their owners. Dogs have a hard time being left at home alone. They require affection and thrive off of how an owner reacts. Simple interactions with his or her dog by giving belly rubs or simply saying “good boy” would make a dog's day. It is known that dogs are very social with people as well as other animals. They will show the same love they receive from their owners.

It's known that cats enjoy being social as well as being played with but only to a certain extent. Cats tend to be very independent pets. They do not require as much attention as a dog would need. They enjoy being left alone and will still be happy to see their owners after they have been gone all day. Both pets need attention from their owners but in different amounts of time.

When purchasing or adopting a pet cat or dog, the owner should decide if their lifestyle would be more suitable for owning either a cat or dog. Each animal requires different cost, time, and attention. With just that, those can be the deciding factors on which would be a better suit as a pet to own. Both animals make great pets and will always be the most popular domestic owned pets, but one might be a better choice for an owner.

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Cats vs Dogs: The Ultimate Pet Showdown
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