Dance Showdown Mechanics

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1. The contest is open for all Pagbilawins only.

2. Each group must consist of 6 to 10 members only regardless of age and gender.

3. Each group can choose their own dance piece. The routine must not less than the minimum of five minutes nor exceed the maximum of seven minutes. The excess of one second shall be considered as an additional one minute, thus there will be a deduction of 5 points per minute. Timing of begins when the first audible sound starts and ends with the last audible sound.

4. Each group can register within the day of the contest and must show their IDs and/or birth certificates as proofs of residency.

5. Each group must show up 30 minutes before the competition starts. Failure to do so may mean forfeiture of their entry.

6. There will be a registration fee of Php20.00 per member of a group.

7. Criteria for Judging are as follows:

Choreography 30%

Musicality 20%

Preparedness and Execution 25%

Showmanship and Appearance 10%

Audience Impact 15 %

TOTAL 100%

8. Prizes are as follows:

1st - Php6000
2nd - Php4000
3rd - Php2000

9. The decision of the judges is final and irrevocable.

Criteria for Judging

1. Choreography 30%

2. Musicality 20%

3. Preparedness and Execution 25%

4. Showmanship and Appearance 10%

5. Audience Impact (see Ticket Sales) 15%

TOTAL 100%

1. Choreography (30%) - This refers to the broad selection of dance moves used by the group from the Hip Hop style, without repetition or pattern. Blockings should also be observed, thus the group must be aware of the spacing and full utilization of the stage. The originality and creativity of the steps used is an important aspect of this criterion.

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2. Musicality (20%) - Timing between the steps and the music used is an important factor. In addition, the choice of music for the contemporary hip hop dance must be relevant to the steps and to the message of the song. Deductions will be made for timing errors.

3. Preparedness and Execution (25%) - Proper execution and mastery of the steps used by the group is a critical element in this criterion. Dance moves must be synchronized and/or unified.

4. Showmanship and Appearance (10%) - The group must establish a connection with the audience by expressing confidence by maintaining eye-contact and use of facial expressions. The group's clothing/costume appeal must be neat, appropriate and safe for the competition.

5. Audience Impact (15%)- The group must connect through the audience and evoke them with expressions of laughter, excitement, joy or any sense emotion relative to the style presented.

Updated: Jun 05, 2020
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