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What should happen to Happisburgh?
Words • 417
Pages • 2
Happisburgh is a village on the east coast of England in Norfolk. The short stretch of coastline is being vigorously eroded by the sea. This is primarily because of the geology of the area - the rocks are soft and so are easily worn away by erosion and sub-aerial processes. The rate and amount of erosion is believed to be made worse by people in the area, and on a larger scale. Residents of Happisburgh have tried to stop erosion…...
Vegetation Succession in sand dunes at Murlough Reserve – AS Geography
Words • 548
Pages • 2
My chosen succession is a psammosere (sand dune succession). The sand dune system is located in Murlough Reserve, near Newcastle in County Down. The sand dune system is over 5000 years old, containing part of the remaining 20% of sand dune systems left in Northern Ireland. To begin with, we may start at seral stage one, known more familiarly as the ‘embryo dune’. Here the pioneer species, sea couch grass being a prime example, can withstand harsh environments, although many…...
Tourism has impacted along the Hengistbury Head and Mudefort Split area
Words • 3857
Pages • 15
The hypothesis that my group have chosen to investigate is: "Tourism has impacted along the Hengistbury Head and Mudeford Spit area. This has resulted In more coastal problems." Throughout this piece of coursework, I will gather information from sources to either agree, or disagree with my chosen hypothesis. These are the areas that I will be investigating: * Tourist Facilities * Reasons why tourist facilities are needed * The coastal defences * Damage done to the coast - natural and…...
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The Red Sea
Words • 637
Pages • 3
This fluid elemental substance figures so early and so prominently, it makes one suspect that the Creator is setting the stage for it to be a foundational and pervasive thematic metaphor throughout the story of Himself and His people. the Great Flood There are several stories throughout the Old Testament in which water plays a prominent role. After creation, the next story is that of Noah and the flood. Here, water becomes a means for God to destroy the inhabitants…...
“The Sea Raiders” and “The Fog Horn”
Words • 1029
Pages • 4
Introduction The narratives "The Sea Raiders" (by H. G. Wells), and "The Fog Horn" (by Ray Bradbury) focus on similar issues, events, and feelings. They incorporate similar ideas and themes throughout, such as nature triumphing over machinery and the manmade. The monster triumphs over the foghorn, and the sea creatures over mankind. Also, there are the strange and undiscovered monsters from the sea venturing out to land and into humanity in "The Sea Raiders". However, the sentence structures and styles…...
LighthouseMonsterRay BradburySea
My Sky Rains Inspiration
Words • 1502
Pages • 6
I’m cuddling close to my blankets and sheets as a chill passes over me. My toes and fingers are cold as ice, and even in my blurry frame of mind, I can tell that it’s about six in the morning. My biological alarm clock is cruel and hardly ever lets me sleep past 7:30. I groan and rub the sleep from my eyes as I realize that I’m fully awake and there’s no going back to sleep after this. Though…...
Seashells for Sealants
Words • 844
Pages • 4
School Year 2011-2012 A REQUIREMENT FOR SCIENCE IV: PHYSICS “Oyster Shells for Sealants” 1. Introduction Leak are one of houses major problem. It won’t let you sleep when rain is pouring so hard and your roof has holes. Your water bills will be high because your water pipe has a leak. These are just some of the problems we encounter in our houses,Primary cure to this problems are sealants. Oyster isn’t just any seafood its shells has avery useful usage.…...
Calcium carbonateChemistryConstructionMaterialsSea
Seamus Perry
Words • 861
Pages • 4
In this essay I am attempting to show the way in which natural imagery is used by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in five of his poems; Kubla Khan, Christabel, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Frost at Midnight and This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison. Natural imagery is when a poet uses language to paint pictures in the readers mind of nature in certain ways, nature can seem so different in many different ways and the language a poet uses can change…...
Sealed Bids vs. Competitive Proposals
Words • 614
Pages • 3
When the government determines a requirement is needed and must be procured, they will begin processing a solicitation. The solicitation will identify the service or product it wishes to procure, provide a statement of work of the service or product, includes the date and time submission are due, and, depending on the solicitation method, could contain instructions for additional information to be included in submission. Government will then decide which solicitation method they will use to obtain fair and reasonable…...
Rachel Carson
Words • 3161
Pages • 12
Many people have helped planet Earth. There have been many environmentalists throughout history, each one contributing in their own unique way. For example, John Audubon painted beautiful pictures of most birds and mammals that exist (Strong 14). This helped greatly in the areas of animal identification. Erin Brockovich helped uncover the illegal dumping of chemicals in California. By doing this, she saved many people from cancer and other illnesses (Strong 13). Alan Chadwick introduced the French biodynamic systems of food…...
CarPollutionSeaSilent Spring
Old Man and the Sea “A Man Can Be Destroyed but Not Defeated”
Words • 608
Pages • 3
“A man can be destroyed but not defeated” In the Old man and the sea, Santiago says, “A man can be destroyed but not defeated. (Page 93)” The true statement can be referred to throughout the novel. Santiago is in the end physically destroyed, but mentally he is not defeated. Santiago’s courage and pride pushes him forward throughout the novel, even when it looks like hope is lost, but is never defeated. Destruction means to completely ruin or spoil. Santiago…...
Nelson MandelaOld ManSeaThe Old Man and The Sea
Offshore Production Facilities
Words • 2110
Pages • 8
Offshore FacilitiesIntroduction:For the most portion a installation ashore is portrays as `` onshore, '' while a installation at sea is depicted as `` offshore. '' The compressors utilized for offshore installations must be of smaller lineation and see simple constitution and convenient upkeep work. In the interim, they must maintain up high dependableness to vouch stable operation on an constitution that is persistently traveling. Facilities which concentrate oil and gas from the sea floor are known as `` offshore boring…...
Nature is Seen as Both Friend and Enemy How Far Do You Agree?
Words • 862
Pages • 4
Many people have different views about whether nature is a friend or an enemy. This is usually determined by how nature has treated them and what nature symbolises to that person. The following will discuss how different poets have used their poems to express their views about nature and find out whether nature is seen as friend or enemy. "Dover Beach" by Arnold is a poem about religious belief. Arnold used the coast at Dover to describe how a person's…...
Minehead: Coastal Management
Words • 221
Pages • 1
* In recent years, powerful sea currents have removed much of Minehead's beach and caused floods. No new material was being brought from the west by longshore drift as groynes built trapped material thus preventing the harbour from sitting up. Beach being lost by sea currents was therefore not being replaced by longshore drift. * 1/2 million holidaymakers each year create �90 million of tourist income and jobs. Flood Defence Scheme * Approved in 1996. Aims: 1. provide sea defences…...
Marine pollution is one of the greatest environmental problems
Words • 1279
Pages • 5
Marine pollution is one of the 21st centuries greatest environmental problems. In 1992 at the United Conference on Environmental and Development held in Rio de Janeiro it was concluded that land-based pollution was considered to be the major source of marine pollution. Marine pollution is defined as "direct or indirect introduction by man of substances or energy into the marine environment resulting in deleterious effects". A general presumption suggested marine pollution was not a problem because or the sheer size/volume…...
EnvironmentEnvironmental IssuesOil SpillPollutionSeaWater
Why is management needed at Barton on sea?
Words • 492
Pages • 2
My aim is to find out and explore why management is needed at Barton On Sea? To do this I will be examining these two questions: What is the evidence that erosion is a problem? What sort of management is needed for the people who visit the coast? This is a reasonable if not good topic to investigate because I will be finding out the problems that are arising at Barton and different ways to solve them. The geographical ideas…...
The Loss of the Aral Sea
Words • 2443
Pages • 9
There are two major environmental disasters in the recent history of the former Soviet Union; Chernobyl and the Aral Sea. In 1960 the Aral Sea was the world's fourth largest lake, but now due to irrigation demands the sea is only half its original size, it's predicted that by 2010 it will only be a third of its original size, also three times as salty. This has devastated millions and millions of people who have depended upon the lake for…...
Yann Martel’s Life of Pi: a credible sea story
Words • 845
Pages • 4
Yann Martel’s Life of Pi: Which sea story is more credible? Yann Martel once said, “Reality is how we interpret it. Imagination and volition play a part in that interpretation which means that all reality is to some extent a fiction”. The protagonist Pi Patel in Yann Martel’s Life of Pi narrates two versions of his sea story: one being his castaway journey with Richard Parker, a hyena, an orangutan and a zebra, while the other version is a variation…...
Life of PiLife of PiSeaSea Life
Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Words • 603
Pages • 3
Jacques-Yves Cousteau, a man who taught an era of people about the wonders of the sea depths. He used his eighty-seven years of life to teach the world as much as he could about the wonders that hid in the water. He invented the aqua-lung to make adventures into the deep easier and easy to use for people who have never done such a thing. He was interested in the ocean at a young age, and working in the Navy…...
Famous PersonScienceScientific methodSea
Is Environmental Protection Worth Fighting For Environmental Sciences Essay
Words • 1206
Pages • 5
In recent decennaries, many environmental jobs have increased as the consequence of human activities and unplanned direction of the technological development those intervention ecosystems. Therefore, a difference between the importance of preservation and saving of ecosystems to protect environment and the necessity to fulfill human desire by giving the environment has been arise across the universe. Harmonizing to Glossary of Environment Statistics the term `` environmental protection '' can be defined as the bar to conserve and continue the criterion…...
Air PollutionEnvironmentNatureScienceSea
An investigation into whether the height of sea wrack changes as the depth of seawater increases down the seashore
Words • 1782
Pages • 7
The wrack family has the most common type of brown seaweed found on the British shore. (1)"Wracks are still widely used as manure" and farmers cut the wrack form shores. My investigation explores how the average height of the wrack family combined changes as I descend the seashore, presuming that the depth of water is proportional to the distance moved down. In the experiment a transect line is run down the shore measuring from 0 metres. At similar intervals, a…...
Interpretation of Shadow, Silence and the Sea by A. C. Swinburne
Words • 915
Pages • 4
From what we know about Swinburne's creativity, his poetry is a colourful mixture of philosophical statements, artistically painted images and ubiquitous alliteration. His principal theme in lyric is nature, which is used both as a material for the whole poem and as a detail to introduce other themes and images. Analyzing Shadow, Silence and the Sea, we first see the description of landscape. Swinburne is known to have been fascinated with landscapes, especially water scenes. The poet himself confesses of…...
DreamPoetryRomanticismSeaStarry Night
Informative Speech Outline Global Warming
Words • 785
Pages • 3
Paper Type:Informative essays
Title: Global Warming Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about three issues of how global warming is affecting our weather, animals, and our future. Thesis: According to National Geographic Average temperatures have climbed 1. 4 degrees Fahrenheit around the world since 1880 and by 2050, rising temperatures could send more than a million of Earth's land-dwelling plants and animals down the road to extinction. Introduction I. Open with Impact: Is the climate warming? The impacts of global warming will be…...
Climate ChangeDroughtExtinctionGlobal WarmingNatureSea
“Going After Cacciato” Critical Argument
Words • 752
Pages • 3
Water is the most important symbol in Tim O’Brien’s novel Going After Cacciato. For the main character, Paul Berlin, water had always been a positive constant in his life. He grew up along the Des Moines River and for him water represented peace, calm and safety. But, in Vietnam water begins to take on a new meaning. Although Berlin desperately clings to his idea of water as a constructive force, in Vietnam his world is upended and water is no…...
Both the film ‘Snow Falling on Cedars’ and the novel ‘The Sea and Poison’ embody and expose issues of racism
Words • 2128
Pages • 8
Both the film 'Snow Falling on Cedars' directed by Scott Hicks and the novel 'The Sea and Poison' written by Shusaku Endo embody and expose issues of racism and give the reader or audience a sense of the consequences of such hatred in different ways. Hick's film is about a trial that reveals the prejudice that people have towards Japanese-Americans. A community that concentrated a variety of ethnicity, among them was both Whites and Japanese. As a result of the…...
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
Words • 2688
Pages • 10
On its route from Valdez, Alaska towards Los Angeles, California, an oil tanker named as Exxon Valdez on 24th march 1989 caused an oil spill. The oil spill disaster specifically took place in Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound, Alaska. Normal route of this tanker was changed in order to avoid ice. The tanker was carrying a large quantity of crude oil and as the historians have reported, approximately 53 million gallons of Prudhoe Bay crude oil was loaded on…...
Oil SpillSeaWater
To what extent should Walton-on-the-naze be protected from the sea?
Words • 4582
Pages • 17
In this piece of coursework I am studying Walton-on-the-naze. I will decide at the end of this piece of coursework to what extent Walton-on-the-naze should be protected from the sea. Walton-on-the-naze is a part of the east coast of England which is situated in Essex. It sticks out and faces the North Sea. The title of this project is about what extent Walton-on-the-naze should be protected from the sea. The title is basically asking for me to take a side,…...
Enjoy the sea adventure
Words • 527
Pages • 2
is most popular and famous among the people of the world and they visit this place again and again when they come to optimize their vacation trip this is really a stress free place for them they feel very comfortable in this place and find it most budget inn. The first attraction of this hotel is that it is situated close to the marine aquarium, Ruth Eckerd hall, sand Key Park, celebration station and Tampa bay grand prix. You will…...
Coastal management
Words • 709
Pages • 3
Some parts of the UK coastline have long attracted people; they have also attracted human interference. The only reason that coastal erosion becomes a problem is when human development is involved. Farmland is seen to be worthless in the eyes of the government, even though people's livelihoods depend upon it. Farmers on the Holderness coast receive no compensation for the loss of farmland due to coastal management further up the coastline. The land is less valuable and the cost of management…...
How and Why ChristChurch Bay is Manged?
Words • 3104
Pages • 12
To help me investigate, I will be visiting Christchurch bay, the location of all three sites lies at the South Coast of England. There will be three main sites along the coast between Hengistbury Head and Hurst Castle Spit. The first site will be Hurst Castle Spit. Hurst Castle spit lies at the eastern end of Christchurch Bay, Hurst Castle is situated at the seaward end of the shingle spit that extends 11/2 mile from Milford-On-Sea. The end of the…...
Chief Seattle’s ‘Environmental Statement’
Words • 242
Pages • 1
This paper discusses the famous "Environmental Statement" by Chief Seattle that describes the vastly different way his people sees nature from the way that the white men see it.In his "Environmental Statement", Chief Seattle describes the vastly different way his people see nature from the way that the white men see it. He warns that the white men attempting to buy the land his people live on do not know the importance of what they ask for. He explains that…...
Mother natureSeaState
Protection British Isles Coastal Areas Ecology
Words • 1187
Pages • 5
In the British Isles coastal areas have always attracted settlement. People come for a holiday or they might have a second home by the sea. Many retired people also live near the sea, seeking a quiet and refreshing place to spend the rest of their lives. Tourism has also spread up the coastline bringing more people and so more resources have been set up to accommodate them. Pathways have been built along the coast to bring easy access to the…...
Food Scarcity
Words • 707
Pages • 3
Scarcity means limited accessibility of a commodity which may be in demand in the market or by the commons. Scarcity also comprises of an individual's lack of resources to purchase products. The opposite of scarcity is abundance. Scarcity refers to the gap between the limited resources and the limitless wants of the consumer. The thought of scarcity is that there are never enough resources to satisfy all needs of the consumer even at advanced states of human innovation. Scarcity means…...
Climate ChangeFloodFoodSeaWater
Migration and Climate Change
Words • 2977
Pages • 11
Introduction Man, from the beginning has been moving from one place to another. He is known to change his habitat according to his needs and conveniences. Migration therefore, is phenomenon synonymous with living things. An individual seeking to flee a cataclysmic event such as the volcanic eruption in Monstserrat that began in1995, or central America' Hurricane Mitch in1998, or the 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince, is in a different postion than a secon individual seeking to escape an ecosystem in decline…...
ClimateClimate ChangeDroughtImmigrationMigrationNature
Tsunamis are a serious threat to humanity
Words • 683
Pages • 3
General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To inform the audience that tsunamis are a serious threat to humanity, and it's essential to take action and survive this natural disaster. Central Idea: The greatest defense to counter any tsunami is the initial warning that gives permission to people to seek higher ground. INTRODUCTION (Attention): a tsunami is a group of ocean waves that cast a rise of water, constantly reaching heights of over 100 feet. (Reveal Topic): These high waves can…...
GeologyHumanityNatureSeaTsunami A Natural DisasterWater
Mt Kanlaon is an active stratovolcano 2465 m above sea level making
Words • 1452
Pages • 6
Mt. Kanl-aon is an active stratovolcano 2,465 m above sea level, making it the highest point not only in the island of Negros, but in the whole Visayas region. It is one of the 2 protected areas, the other one being the North Negros Natural Park (NNNP), that constitutes the largest portion of the remaining terrestrial forest ecosystems in the island. Additionally, it also serves as a home for a significant amount of fauna and flora, endemic to their area…...
Natural resourcesNatureSeaVolcanoes
One could argue that Snorkelling with the seals do have an impactful
Words • 443
Pages • 2
One could argue that Snorkelling with the seals do have an impactful benefit to concerns such as education and increasing the well-being of humans, but there is a weakness to this as it does not compensate for the environmental impacts placed. During the early 21st century a number of seals were commercially harvested and now Montague Island contains the only remaining Australian fur seals along the New South Wale coast and the northern most colony of this marine mammal in…...
Wearing a seatbelt is the most important lesson that I have learned
Words • 649
Pages • 3
Wearing a seatbelt is the most important lesson that I have learned in life. I have witnessed accidents and the devastation that has resulted from seat belts not being utilized. My life experience and career as a police officer for 20 years has taught me that this lesson is the single most important one in life. It is an essential component when it comes to saving a life. Wearing a seat belt in a vehicle, regardless of the distance being…...
A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor
Words • 1948
Pages • 8
A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled sailor My dream was to play for Aberdeen Football Club first team; I was over half way there, I had been with Aberdeen Youth Football Club for six years. I loved the training sessions, the team spirit, the bond between all of us was unbreakable. I never thought this would have happened, never· a phone call which would change my life forever. I had just come home from training. My house was dead…...
Bryan O’Malley Lost at Sea
Words • 1479
Pages • 6
Has your soul ever been stolen? Has it ever been stolen by a cat? Well, Raleigh has had her soul stolen by a cat and is trying to find it. In Bryan O'Malley's Lost at Sea (2003), it is a coming of age novel about a girl named Raleigh, who is trying to find her place in the world. The character telling the story, Raleigh, goes on a trip with people who are just shy of being strangers, Stephanie, Ian,…...
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What should happen to Happisburgh?
...Move people away - moving people away from the area all together is an option. The population density is low and so not many people would be affected. Residents would be moved roughly ten miles away, so the land could continue to erode as it ha...
Nature is Seen as Both Friend and Enemy How Far Do You Agree?
...In conclusion, nature can be seen as good or bad depending on the viewpoint of the poet. If nature has been influential in a good way, for example, Clare found safety and freedom in nature; they will have only positive views of nature. However, those...
Why is management needed at Barton on sea?
...The reason for little sand at Barton on sea is due to what happened with Bournemouth. Bournemouth did not like the fact that longshore drift was taken their sand to Barton on sea. So they built a huge concrete wall to stop longshore drift because of ...
To what extent should Walton-on-the-naze be protected from the sea?
...Investing in further protection would mean that you save more wildlife and the English heritage that exists at Walton, but is it really worth splashing out so much money just to preserve a little piece of history. You have much more history in Britai...
How and Why ChristChurch Bay is Manged?
...Most of the aims of this coursework were met but I can't say confidentially that they were not able to a high standard. The methods were appropriate as they were easy to understand. The visited sites was huge advantage for me because it abled to see ...

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