Is Environmental Protection Worth Fighting For Environmental Sciences Essay

In recent decennaries, many environmental jobs have increased as the consequence of human activities and unplanned direction of the technological development those intervention ecosystems. Therefore, a difference between the importance of preservation and saving of ecosystems to protect environment and the necessity to fulfill human desire by giving the environment has been arise across the universe. Harmonizing to Glossary of Environment Statistics the term `` environmental protection '' can be defined as the bar to conserve and continue the criterion healthy degree of environmental media by cut downing the production of pollutants or fouling substances in environmental media ( 1997, cyberspace ) .

Various human activities have induce many unwanted effects to the environment which can be endangering human wellness, economic, natural resources and cistron pool of ecosystems such as pollutions, nursery consequence, planetary heating and dirt eroding. In this essay, it is arguable that the environmental protection is deserving for battle due to the several grounds. First, the environmental pollution is one of the chief grounds why we should contend to protect environment.

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Besides, planetary heating is besides another ground caused by the deforestation. Furthermore, warm clime alteration and inundation besides increase the chance of spread out plagues and vector diseases.

Pollution can be divided into four types ; H2O pollution, air pollution, thermic pollution and sound pollution. Fossils fuels used in most mills, crude oil and gas use for vehicle is the major cause of air pollution. Environment pollution can besides be an add-on harmful substance that could impact human wellness and human life ( Gan, 2006, 311 ) .

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Given the above, conservationist should contend for a better environment because pollutions caused by combustion of fossil fuels will consequences in terrible environmental jobs such as the happening of acid rain due to the production of sulfur dioxide ( SO2 ) and nitrogen monoxide ( NO ) . Casiday and Frey mentioned that burning procedure non merely increases the concentration of C dioxide ( CO2 ) in the ambiance but it is besides the chief beginning in bring forthing high degree of nitrogen monoxide ( NO ) and sulphur dioxide ( SO2 ) . These are the two major reactants that cause the formation of acerb rain. Acidity of acid rain changes the pH of the river H2O and lakes which so disrupt the nature home ground of aquatic beings and cut down the opportunity of endurance of aquatic beings, for illustration fishes can non last due to miss of O. In add-on, the indissoluble aluminium ions added to the H2O can do H2O to go toxicant which can besides be known as H2O pollution ( 1998, cyberspace ) . For illustration, Norway has blamed that the sea and lakes are poisoned by the formation of acid rain for many old ages due to the dirty air pollution that comes from Britian 's power Stationss ( Nova Science In The News, 1997, cyberspace ) .

Since the planetary concentration of C dioxides have increased given the grounds of burning of fossil fuels and besides human activities such as deforestation. The grounds for deforestation are normally resulted from cutting down the woods for timber logging and besides for constructing a new agriculture for animate being. Forest can besides be known as `` C sink '' because trees can be used as an absorber of C dioxide in the environment and in returns let go of some O to the ambiance. However, unplanned deforestation activities have significantly reduced the concentration of O ( O2 ) and caused the rise in temperature of the Earth. Christopher Monckton besides emphasises that every duplicating the concentration of C dioxide in the ambiance is sufficient to lift the planetary surface temperature by 3.26 A°C ( 2008, 3 ) . Rise in planetary temperature will significantly caused ice thaw, for case, harmonizing to the My Eco Project Organization, the studies of ice runing at Arctic Retreat prepares in the late summer 2007 surprised the experts that every hebdomad, the Arctic sea ice is continuously runing and the sum of liquid ice can make full up to every bit big as two Britain state ( 2009, cyberspace ) . Meanwhile, the effect of ice runing at Arctic has increased the sea H2O degrees. Harmonizing to the grounds gathered by Shepherd and his squad, they found that the sea H2O degree has increased by 2.6 % which has the same volume with 49 micrometers per twelvemonth spread across the oceans from over the universe due to the distinguishable value between the denseness and temperature of ice and sea H2O ( University Of Leeds, 2010, cyberspace ) . In add-on, the polar bear will besides confront extinction in the hereafter due to planetary heating. Based on the study from National Geographic News, several surveies that have been conducted by the U.S. authorities has show that runing of Arctic 's ice that caused by the planetary heating will jeopardize two-thirds of the universe 's polar bears and do them to confront extinction by 2050 ( Roach, 2007, 1 ) . Given the above fact, conservationist should contend for a better environment and salvage our Earth.

Furthermore, environmental protection should be implemented due to warm clime alterations and inundation which heighten the hazards of spread out plagues and vector diseases. Some infective diseases such as malaria, dandy fever, cholera and phrenitis can besides distribute out quickly throughout the whole country by mosquitoes, flies and other insects those normally adapt to populate in warm conditions part. As World Health Organization notes that taint of H2O resources due to the happening of inundation enlarge the opportunities of acquiring water-borne diseases and besides for mosquitoes to transport disease around the environment ( 2010, cyberspace ) . Malaria and dandy fever febrility have threaten the Southeast Asia and South Pacific island due to the clime alteration as increases the population of mosquitoes and migration of refugees ( Allianz Knowledge Partnership,2008.internet ) . Hence, it can be concluded that inundation and clime alteration will destruct our safety wellness environment. Furthermore, high temperature in the river will promote the growing of algal broom and causes the H2O pollution index to additions and diminish the sum of O supplied for the aquatic beings. Since the river H2O pollution additions dramatically, the degree of biochemical O demand which known as BOD degree besides will increases. The higher the biochemical O demand degree will ensue in the higher of the pollution degree. For case, big sum of bluish green algae lay waste to the nature of the cosmopolitan dissolver and endanger the public wellness by let go ofing toxins into the H2O. Diseases and infection that can do by the algae 's toxin are sore pharynxs, gastro-enteritis and tegument or eye-infections ( Department Of The Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water, 2010, cyberspace ) .

In decision, there are several factors described above that strongly supported the statement to contend for environmental protection and make a better environment. Some of the grounds include environmental air pollution which increases the concentration of C dioxide that caused the formation of acerb rain. Another ground is one of the side effects like planetary heating caused by the deforestation which increases the planetary temperature caused the happening of ice thaw. Furthermore, the planetary heating alteration the clime go heater and inundation encouraged the growing of the plagues and vectors like malaria and dandy fever febrility to distribute the disease out to the environment which increases the degree of biochemical O demand. Therefore, the environment should be protected for a better life in future.

Updated: May 21, 2021
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