Wearing a seatbelt is the most important lesson that I have learned

Wearing a seatbelt is the most important lesson that I have learned in life. I have witnessed accidents and the devastation that has resulted from seat belts not being utilized. My life experience and career as a police officer for 20 years has taught me that this lesson is the single most important one in life. It is an essential component when it comes to saving a life. Wearing a seat belt in a vehicle, regardless of the distance being traveled, can not only save lives, but reduce monetary loss, prevent injuries and avoid traffic citations.

Wearing your seat belt will spare you from having to pay the ticket for this violation. Think about what you could do with that money (? how much) instead of paying the ticket and incurring court costs. I would certainly rather save my money for a nice vacation than paying a ticket for not wearing my seat belt. The cost of traffic tickets can be enormous and these violations can also increase the cost of your auto insurance premium.

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I have had many close encounters with wildlife while driving. I was driving alone on a high-speed highway going to visit family out of state. I was in a collision with the wooden posts along the highway as I attempted to avoid hitting a very large raccoon. My car was unrecognizable from the impact with this creature and was not drivable. Not only did it have to towed but I received a bill from the state to have the highway repaired.

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I was not injured in this impact but had I not had on my seatbelt the outcome might have been very different. The chance of being ejected or hitting the windshield increases dramatically when your seat belt is not in place.

Wild life, especially deer, are unpredictable and seem to make their appearance when you least expect it. While driving in downtown Atlanta with my family on our way home from vacation we had a very unlikely encounter with the largest deer I have ever seen. It was an eight-lane highway that was very well lite. A massive deer crossed the eight lanes of traffic while cars from both directions veered to avoid a dreadful impact. That moment seemed to be in slow-motion as the car swerved and lurched forward. I attempted to lower speed to avoid the catastrophe which ensued with the cars around us. Our seat belts were the best protection in that moment and I would consider us lucky for others around us were not.

Just recently while driving home an ambulance sped through a red light just down the street from my house. As I braked to avoid a collision all of my personal belongings and the dinner/drinks I was bringing home was now all over the front and floor of my vehicle. I do not know why the emergency vehicles lights did not switch the traffic lights, but This second could have changed my life dramatically had my truck impacted with the ambulance and I was not wearing my seat belt. These ‘close call’ incidents only reaffirm my belief that something devastating can happen when you least expect it just steps from home.

We have all experienced ‘close calls’ or have seen something happen from afar. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened had I left the house five minutes sooner or five minutes later. We never know what the actions of others on the road may be so the best way to protect yourself is to wear your seat belt while driving. Whether driving a short distance that I drive every day to work or a long distance to visit family that live far away wearing seat belts are vital for the safety everyone in the car.

This preventative measure can be lifesaving in the event of an accident with another vehicle, person, or creature of nature.


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Wearing a seatbelt is the most important lesson that I have learned

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