Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Jacques-Yves Cousteau, a man who taught an era of people about the wonders of the sea depths. He used his eighty-seven years of life to teach the world as much as he could about the wonders that hid in the water. He invented the aqua-lung to make adventures into the deep easier and easy to use for people who have never done such a thing. He was interested in the ocean at a young age, and working in the Navy only furthered his love for the water.

Jacques Cousteau’s teachings and discoveries of the sea depths influenced thousands to try and follow in his footsteps. Cousteau showed everyday people the wonders of the water and how pollution would slowly ruin all of these phenomenons. He started the Cousteau Society for the Protection of Ocean Life, which now has more than three hundred thousand members. Cousteau made nearly one hundred and twenty documentaries about the ocean and had a television show that aired weekly.

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These documentaries and television shows not only showed people what lived in the waters, they also raised awareness of the many problems that our marine environments face due to human intrusion. His influence on people was really expressed in October of 1960, when a large amount a radioactive waste was going to be dumped into a sea. Cousteau displayed his outrage about what was going to happen publicly. To his surprise, thousands of men, women, and children, risked their lives by standing on the train tracks in order to stop the train that was carrying the waste.

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The disaster was averted due to Jacques influence on people.

Cousteau had a great passion for the sea and all its inhabitants. At the age of eighty-seven he never lost his passion for the sea. Jacques Cousteau wanted to share his passion for the sea with everyone else, in hopes that the world would share the same passion he had. Cousteau thought that if the world shared the same amount of passion, they would also care for the water and treat our bodies of water well. Sure enough, his passion spread to many others. Many people became very passionate for the sea and its inhabitants. This spawned many protests by people who did not like what many companies were doing to the air and water.

Jacques Cousteau was a man of intelligence and used his wits to better aid the world. Jacques invented the aqua-lung, a breathing device used for underwater which was way more lightweight that the traditional underwater breathing apparatus of the time. Cousteau also created a more high-quality water resistant camera used for his underwater adventures. Cousteau stated that he created these item in order to better display the underwater world.

The aqua-lung removed much of the weight that traditional diving suits had and made divers feel as though they were floating. Cousteau was often worried about the state of the earth, whether it was about overpopulation or global warming, he always had his say. Because of his opinions, he became a regular consultant for the UN. Jacques Cousteau was always thinking up of a new invention to help better man. He even did the work to see if it were possible for a civilization to live underwater.

Jacques Cousteau helped the world in so many ways and is a hero in the eyes of many. He helped preserve our oceans and seas and showed thousands of people a whole new world. His eighty seven years of life were used wisely to teach and discover. He introduced people to more of the world than just what they see on the ground.

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