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Admission requirements for Graduate School and for bachelor

For students seeking acceptance at LMU, knowing the requirements for joining the college is necessary. LMU considers GPA a very important part academic factor.

  • GPA requirements: To get into LMU you need to be near the top of your class and well above average. The school average GPA is 3.81, meaning you will need mostly A’s with several AP or IB classes.
  • For college acceptance where the school is moderately selective, strong academic performance will guarantee you admission. Scoring an SAT score of 1296 or above.

The SAT breakdown is as follows:

  • Math — 650
  • Reading and Writing — 646

This totals to the required 1296 score. Apart from this an ACT score of between 27 and 31 is also acceptable.

For university admissions at LMU, which is more selective, you need to know more of the requirements now that you know the GPA, SAT and ACT scores required.

Graduate School requirements

The following are required for all graduate programs:

  • Online application
  • Application fee
  • Official transcripts of colleges or universities previously attended (electronic transcripts preferred)
  • Cover letter essay

Different graduate programs have different requirements.

Scholarships requirements

Similar to grants, scholarships require no pay. Equal opportunities are provided for all freshman applicants for scholarship consideration based on their academic abilities without bias based on race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability, and national origin.

LMU-sponsored scholarships awards are considered alongside applications for admission, though others require separate applications.

Bachelor’s degree requirements

The University makes selective decisions and the academic record is the primary consideration.

  • Common application form to be filled out online.
  • Official transcripts from last high school or college attended.
  • An admission essay
  • SAT or ACT scores to be sent to the director of admissions.
  • Master’s degree requirements

To get admission into the MSL program at LMU, you must have completed at least a 90-semester unit from an accredited undergraduate institution.

  • An online application form needs to be filled
  • Applicants should upload a personal statement letter
  • Current resume to be uploaded
  • Copy of TOEFL/IELTS scores
  • Unofficial transcripts to be submitted online
  • Letters of recommendation to be delivered or emailed directly from your recommender.

Now that we know about the requirements for application, the next thing we need to look at is the Loyola Marymount University supplemental essay.

Why Loyola Marymount University Essay

For students applying at LMU, they are allowed to express themselves and why they want to join the college. This is an opportunity for the applicants to shine and demonstrate their value and worth and how they are not only going to benefit from joining the University but how the University itself is going to benefit from having them as students.

Pointers when writing LMU supplemental essays

1. Create a sense of openness

The most impressive introduction essays are those that shed more light on who you are, your thoughts, your personality, and most importantly your priorities. LMU essay examples that had a certain level of openness by the applicants had a higher acceptance rate, being vulnerable to a certain level does no harm.

2. Be short and precise

A long essay doesn’t mean perfection, a 500-600 word essay that is clear and precise will be more appealing to the admissions board. Bear in mind that the officials will be going over 1000 applications at the time so even though you can write up to 1000 words, choose to keep it short. At the end of the day, it is the quality that matters more than the quantity.

3. Do your research

Knowing and understanding what the LMU essay prompts are asking you will help you write an outstanding entrance letter. The most important thing is to think it through and do a lot of research before writing the essay. Reading and re-reading the prompts till you get what is required of you is no waste of time, getting your thoughts together will ensure the execution is as it should be.

4. Explain any academic breaks

If you have taken any breaks in your academic history, it is important to mention and outline the reason. This, however, does not call for overthinking, you should be justifying why the time off was necessary for you at that particular time, it might be due to an illness or maybe you took a gap year to volunteer or for internship. Not explaining any gaps in your academic years is going to leave the admission officials with more questions than answers, so it is good to anticipate their curiosity and simply justify the break.

5. Proofreading

Before submitting your essay, it would be best to go through it for any grammatical errors, formatting, logical flow, proper punctuation and capitalization, and also the word count. Once you hit the submit button, there’s no going back; that is why it is crucial to re-read the essay as many times as possible and request your parents, teachers, or peers to proofread it for you so you can be 100% sure that the work you’re submitting is quality.

Writing a Loyola Marymount supplemental essay can prove to be a daunting task to many applicants but that’s why we are here, we have LMU essay examples on our website and you also have access to our excellent writing services, our writers will make your work easier by writing the applications for you at a cheap rate.

LMU Essay prompts

The University eases applicants into their supplement essays with prompts that are opportunities for you to show off your critical and creative thinking.

  • Briefly state your reason why you wish to attend LMU, let it be specific and unique to you. Do some detailed research on the University before you get started, think and express what exactly draws you to the college and not any other college in the country. If it’s the values, resources, programs, school life, or even the opportunity to play your favorite sports there, make sure you express it in your LMU supplement essay.
  • Write about the major you want to pursue and why you are passionate about it. The purpose of the Loyola Marymount University supplemental essay is to let students express their goals, dreams, and ambitions to the admission board. While focusing on your major, mention how you developed an interest in that particular field, how your choice will help you achieve your goals and the impact you intend to have in the world after college.
  • Read all statements that relate to LMU’s mission and values and choose one that you resonates with you in a thought-provoking way and display how it aligns with your values. Your worldview is just as important and being able to incorporate that into the University’s values will help you blend in well.

Different samples of LMU essays can be found on our site that will help you stand out. Loyola Marymount University asks for the main common application personal statement letter and three supplemental essay prompts where you get to pick the best one for you.

Various faculties at the University

It is very important to know the different faculties at the University so you can know where you fit in. the different faculties at LMU are:

  1. LMU Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
  2. LMU College of Business Administration
  3. LMU College of Communication and Fine Arts

For professor information, you can view the faculties’ profiles on the LMU website. The names, accreditation, their education background, areas of expertise, affiliations, languages spoken, articles they have written, and finally the courses they teach.

The average undergraduate class size is 20 students, graduate class size is 16, making the student-to-faculty ratio 11:1.

The most common majors are:

  • Business
  • Management
  • Marketing and Related Support Services
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Social Sciences

University History

Having been founded in 1911, Loyola Marymount University is the largest Catholic University on the west coast. The University has notable alumni in the TV and Films industry, lawyers and civil activists, writers and novelists, sports personalities, politicians, and business people, for example, Tyra Banks (Tv host and business person), Kristin Cavallari (Actress), Luis Aguilar (Author), Robert Shapiro (Lawyer in the O.J Simpson case) and Helen Singleton (Civil rights activist and Freedom Rider).

The University ranks 66th among National Universities, 38th in Best Colleges for Veterans, 31st in Best Undergraduate Teaching, 98th in Best Value Schools, and 26th in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs, according to the US News & World Reports 2021.

With such rankings, Loyola Marymount University admissions are more selective, with an acceptance rate of 50% and an early acceptance rate of 62%. The University offers 60 major and 56 minor undergraduate degrees and programs, 41 master’s degree programs, 12 credential programs, one educational doctorate, one Juris doctorate, and one doctorate in juridical science.
Being a university rooted in Catholic traditions, Loyola Marymount University is committed to fostering a diverse academic community while providing opportunities for students to thrive in the real world.

The University has three campuses rooted in the heart of Los Angeles, the epicenter of arts and entertainment, innovation and technology, business and entrepreneurship.

For internship, over 90% of incoming freshmen into LMU intend to complete at least one internship as part of their educational experience. For career development, the University strongly believes that internships provide invaluable opportunities for skills development.

The application process is very important and requires dedication and perfection. This can prove very challenging for some applicants and that is why we are here to give you the motivation you need. To write the best application letter. Remember to express yourself on a personal level avoiding clichés and anything that mins sound generic since the admission officials will clearly see through them.

Remember to check our website for more LMU essay examples, we also offer other services such as writing papers, as you’ll see on the site. All the best with your application!

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