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How to Write your University of Richmond Supplemental Essays

Your essay is the most personal data you can give the admission officials as it contains details of who you are, your passions, skill sets, and plans. There are steps to follow if you must write a great application essay. These need to be clearly and easily understood in your essay.

Talk about yourself

The essay is the opportunity to cast the spotlight on you as a person. It is meant to provide an insight into who you’ve been and who you are at the moment. Your voice needs to be clear and reflective of deep introspection. Present all the information you feel would be important in deciding your suitability for the university of Richmond.

Write well

Your essay must be void of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. You need to sufficiently display your ability to write good essays, as university students would expect. Writing and communications are vital skills in the 21st century and important for college students. You can hire any of our writers to help you in this regard if you are not sure you can write your application statement well.

Word Count and Writing Format

Different essay formats and different schools may have different writing formats. Affirm if there is any particular format you would be required to follow. You also need to confirm the maximum word allowed for your essay. Most college application essays must have a word count of less than 650, and a few do not have limits.

Be Authentic

When you have to write to impress the reader, there can be some pressure, especially when college admission is at stake. However, refuse the urge to spice your essay with things that did not happen. Don’t state what did not occur as it did; rather, stick to the truth of what happened and be honest about how you handled yourself and the lessons you learned. Admission officials are mostly experienced at their job, and some of them can sniff lies from a lie. Being caught in a lie can be disastrous.

What can you contribute?

One of the goals of writing Richmond supplemental essays is to know what areas you can positively contribute to the school. Writing your skills and achievements is great, but not enough. There are likely other students who have unique skill sets and accomplishments. You need to write about how you can benefit the university community. You can use examples of your contributions in high school to reiterate your capacity and willingness to contribute.

University Of Richmond Admission Essay Prompts

The university has given prospective students an option of three essay prompts to choose from. You must answer only one of the University of Richmond supplemental essays 2022 as part of your application process. Your response should be between 350-650 words in length.

Option 1

Tell us about the most unusual talent you have and how you have made it useful.

This is a great essay prompt, as it gives you the flexibility to write about any skill set you choose. You are not restricted to an interpersonal or academic skills; you can write about absolutely any talent. It allows you to write about an important aspect of yourself that is not written anywhere else in your application. The central theme here is the useful unique talent you have. Note that they are not just interested in you gloating about this unique trait; they are much interested in its use, both for you and for the University of Richmond.

You can talk about the impact of the talent on you, your friends, and your family. If it is something you are not comfortable admitting in public due to social or racial bias, you can talk about how you handle the pressure and the lessons you have learned. Understand that there are no wrong answers here, and you are allowed to write about any talent you have, regardless of how common it may be. You may tend more to the insights you have gathered from your experiences rather than trying to make the talent look unusual.

Option 2

Spiders are essential to the ecosystem. How are you essential to your community, or will you be essential in your university community?

The ultimate goal of this supplemental essay is to describe how you will make the university of Richmond a better place just as you have made your community. It is important to note that community here does not necessarily mean your county, suburb, or city.

The word ‘community’ here could mean your circle of friends, high school classmates, club members, or any group of people you share common goals. The community here is not restricted to any particular geolocation. Having chosen the community you want to write about, you need to consider your role and the resulting impact. It is what can be replicated at the university under much different learning and housing conditions.

For example, suppose your role in your community was resolving electrical issues with appliances and gadgets. In that case, you need to consider if you would be able to continue doing the same in college without hampering your academics.

There is a general expectation that your role in the community is what you would be useful for in the university community, but you can switch things up and write about how you plan to contribute differently than your previous community when admitted to the University of Richmond. This is because contributions to your university may be a preparatory phase for your plans.

Option 3

Please share one idea for actions or policies that you think would begin to address an issue of racial or social injustice.

Do you know anyone who has suffered injustice in the past, or do you have first-hand experience of social injustice? If yes, this should be your choice of the Richmond supplemental essays.

Social injustices are ravaging society, and this is an opportunity to lend your voice to a solution. To begin with, you need to understand that social issues can revolve around age, gender, race, sexual orientation, climate change, and income equality. Social problems include unemployment, housing, malnutrition, overpopulation, etc.

It might be a good idea not to have an overly liberal or conservative stance but stick with the details of your actions or policies. Avoid any extreme context. This is because the University of Richmond is a liberal college in the South. If you find this difficult, you might rather opt for another essay prompt. Write about social injustice and share your thoughts on how to address it. Stick to only one action or policy.

Explain how the injustice came to matter to you, giving details about yourself. Don’t just discuss injustice in a broad, third-party language. After all, the goal of this prompt is to know how you respond to adversity or harsh conditions.

University of Richmond Application Checklist

  1. Get all the required papers (Letters of recommendation, Test scores sent, High school transcript, Application Essays )
  2. Proofread your entire application forms, cover letters, and application essays.
  3. Get your application fees ready or confirm if you are eligible for a waiver
  4. Submit early, typically a few days before the deadline.

About the University Of Richmond

On January 2, 1843, Richmond college opened its doors to the public. It started with a total of 68 students, 3 teachers, a small endowment, and assets valued at $20,000. The salaries of the 3 teachers were $900 for the president and $600 and $500 respectively for the other two teachers. It was the story of a humble beginning, but things still took a nosedive. The school was heavily involved in the Confederate war.

The entirety of the students formed a regiment and joined the confederate army during the American civil war. The college’s building soon became a hospital for Confederate troops and then a barracks for the Union soldiers. The college’s doors shut after it went bankrupt, having invested all of its funds in the Confederate war bonds. James Thomas came to the rescue with a donation of $5,000, and the college opened again in 1866.

Dr. Frederic W. Boatwright got elected as president in 1894 and became perhaps the most influential president of the school, serving for 51 years. By 1914, Boatwright had raised funds required to move the college from its initial location downtown to the new 350-acre campus in the modern-day Westhampton area of Richmond. The school was officially renamed the University of Richmond in 1920.


We know it can be a Herculean task when applying for bachelor’s programs. It is normal to have some doubts when you have to write a college grade paper as a high school student. When you consider that the University of Richmond was ranked by Kiplinger in 2018 as the 18th best private college in the United States and ranked 22nd overall among national liberal arts colleges by U.S. News & World Report in 2021, you realize the stakes are high.

Do not fret. We have admission experts that can write an application essay that would get you into the university of Richmond; all you need to do is hire anyone of them. There are also thousands of sample essays available on our online platform that can be used for bachelor’s and graduate school applications.

The University of Richmond has more than 100 majors and minors available for undergraduates, the bulk of which is concentrated in the School of Arts and Sciences, the Jepson School of Leadership Studies, and the Robins School of Business.

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