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My Perfect Vacation

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A perfect vacation, in my opinion, would consist of a ocean nearby a lavish, roomy beach house, under a sunny blue sky. To add to this fantasy, a nice breeze would be perfect to make the palm tree leaves wave hello to me, as my hair sways in it’s subtle winds.

A beach that is nearby is fundamental for so many reasons. One activity a person could do while walking along the shore is looking for sea shells, which are embedded into the damp, soft sand.

I could attach the beautiful sea shells to a necklace or even start a dazzling collection with them. Furthermore, the sparkling blue waters of the ocean completely surrounding me would be quiet refreshing along with the calming sound of rolling waves crashing gently onto the shore. Seagulls argue together in the morning hours.

In addition to vacationing near the coast, a spacious, grand house to stay at would be truly impressive and wonderful. The breathtaking lodging would be convenient for those of us who like to take the whole house with us.

There is a walk in closet and tons of room to organize my colorful vacation wardrobe. Apart from that, this place would be amazing for parties. A stereo that blasts the latest hits shakes every wall of the place. There’s room for everybody. At midnight, the moon shines through the large windows creating a perfect lighting. This is a mood for the best party ever!

Everyday there, I can picture the sun glaring off of the water.

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The ocean currents are continuously moving and the breeze is always in motion. Gazing out the window , I would be able to take in the gorgeous scenery which would include little, white, and puffy clouds scattered among baby blue sky; but the clouds wouldn’t cover up the scintillating sun. The palm trees would dance in the mellow wind, and one could hear the soft rustling sound of the large green leaves that produced a perfect amount of shade for anyone seeking it. The golden sand would seep in between your toes as you walked in it. Enjoying a party with close friends, which will include swimming, playing games on the beach, and perhaps an open fire, can only be better with sunny, warm weather.

As I’m here in Pittsburgh, typing away, I can feel the fall season creeping in. Winter is following. That awesome, spacious beach house is waiting somewhere with the wide open ocean only a walks away from the front door. The unending warmth of a reliable sun inside an unchanging blue sky keeps me anticipating the day I can enjoy a wonderful vacation.

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My Perfect Vacation
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