Blog Essay Topics

Gain credibility as a writer

Any writer who is looking to build a successful career must gain an authority within the writing/publishing industry. Credibility assures customers that a writer is an established and respected professional. If you are searching for ways to gain credibility as a writer, consider the following steps. The best way to become a credible writer is… View Article

Blogs and communication

Corporate blogging is a new method of communication in which employees of different firms and corporations are allowed to express themselves in the current trend in media communications. Several studies suggest that corporate blogs should be limited to only conveying of information beneficial for the company or firm, and thus there is the need to… View Article

Blog Critique

These days, it seems almost mandatory to create and maintain a presence on the Internet in order for any business or organization to gain access to a wide variety of potential customers or useful associates. One of the key elements of contemporary web-marketing and web-based promotion is the “blog,” which is an abbreviation for “web-log:”… View Article

Blog Entry: Adobe

With the constant effort by Adobe to practice corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability, it has provided new means to increase its role in synchronizing organizational objectives according to the standards provided by the U. S. Green Building Council (USBGC). In accordance to the tenets provided by the LEED Green Building Rating System, our company… View Article