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How to Write Ezine Articles Faster

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Whether you are a professional writer or just a business person trying to promote your company through article marketing, it can be very beneficial for you to learn to write ezine articles faster. Have you ever sat by the computer, starting at a white screen with a total blank as to what to write?

You’re not alone as nearly everyone has been there before, even the professionals. However, there are some simple steps you can learn to follow every time which will help prevent you from getting lost, drawing a blank and not knowing what to write.

These very same tips will also help you to write each article faster.

This means you will have more articles written more quickly which translates into more free marketing for you. You may have heard the phrase quality over quantity in reference to writing and for the most part, this is true. However, when it comes to article marketing, it’s actually important to have a balance of both.

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Good quality will be important to your business image and also will increase the number of people who read your articles. However, having a higher number of articles also works well in your favor. Some people believe you need a database of around 200+ articles before you will really start generating great quality from them.

One thing is certain: the more articles you have, the more advertising you will generate. So here is the first step on how to write ezine articles faster: Write your action steps first.

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Don’t stress yourself out trying to think of a headline or attractive lead paragraph. Just jump to the real meat- the action steps. You can then fill in the rest later and it will be easier to write the headline and intro once you know what your article is really about.

Write your conclusions next. Sum up your article in a nice conclusion even if you haven’t finished the intro yet. So many people hit their word count and then just stop writing. This makes the article drop off suddenly and it leaves the reader hanging. Write your conclusions and then make sure your article actually contains everything your conclusion says it does.

Create a template for your ezine articles which includes the headline, intro, action steps and conclusion or summarizing paragraph. Don’t forget the quality author’s signature box and now you have a great system you can use each time you sit down to write an ezine article.

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