Subject: Winter and Spring Marketing Plan Essay

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Subject: Winter and Spring Marketing Plan

Marketing research and analysis for our designer women’s clothing line indicates that change is necessary in our marketing strategy. Research shows significant concentration should be placed on two key demographic and psychographic areas. The key demographics that must be directly targeted are advertising aimed at capturing a specific age group and the location of advertisement based on population of our age group targeted. The key psychographics that were heavily researched were the buyer’s motive regarding demand and the interest involving our brand. After conducting research on the demographics and psychographics we found that our advertising methods were outdated and flawed and specifically were not focused on the proper grouping.

The way we as a designer line market our products needs to be individually directed at each customer so that they as a customer feel we are directly speaking to them. In order to achieve our advertising goal a focused and unique advertising plan need to be applied to every aspect of our marketing strategy. Our products cross over every racial boundary, however, we developed an age-concentrated approach that must be functional for our product to effectively target our age audience.

Age Advertising

The point of emphasis for our advertising campaign should be engaged and geared specially on age and the proper communication of our product line to aim at that age demographic. Today’s consumer market changes constantly and so should our marketing strategies. To adjust these strategies properly the age on the targeted consumer need to be taken into account. Female customers between the ages of 24-35 tend to shop online more. 14.55% of social media women say that make purchases based on recommendations from friends on social media or blog sites. For our young ladies line shopping malls should be ground zero for targeting the 18-24 year old age range. The 35 to 55 year old range is a more traditional group to advertise to and general marketing strategies such as day time television and magazines ads should be a primary focus.

Location Advertising

The internet has become an extremely effective tool for online shopping and understanding the proper marketing strategy for online marketing will work to our fashion line’s advantage. When used properly we are not restricted to local advertisement. In order to capture the age demographic of 24-35 we will use several different advertising paths such as blogs, a well maintained Facebook page, free advertisement and immediate feedback of product whether good or bad in order to ultimately build an extremely large fan base and create a demand for our product.

Properly placed television ads help our marketing strategy to capture a larger group during the prescribed time slot of shows catering to our age demographic but may be a little pricy. Although online could help extend our brand we must not abandon common shopping areas such as malls, town centers and other frequently visited shopping areas. Celebrity endorsement (also pricey) would be a huge jolt in sales, brand recognition and a flagship for new trends set by ToyLeen.

Buying Motives

Our company has been at the fore front of fashion and with our brand continuing to grow we identify the motives our consumers use to purchase. With the identity of this motive we could implant our product to fulfill those needs. Most female shoppers buy clothes for work or a night on the town. Clothing for work we could advertise as fashionable and comfortable. The night life attire an emphasis would be placed on classy, elegant and sexy. Placing a few hired models in the local night clubs wearing our clothing would allow our product to be seen in the correct setting but also generate conversations on the material, feel, look and location of purchase. While our older and younger customer may not take part in this effort. The same tactics could be place in other areas frequented by these two groups like mall, bingo halls, movies restaurant and other places.


Our clothing should generate interest. From a marketing stand point our product should draw the consumer in. Are consumers interested in our product? Why or why not? What draws interest? Does texture, material, color, celebrity endorsements or price matter? These questions can be answered with all of the above. Texture and material means longevity of product, color schemes coincide with seasonal changes, celebrity endorsements has been proven through various research to draw attention to products, and the right price could be tricky from a company stand point profit is always the goal but pricing should be thought of from consumer stand point. If the product pricing is too low the merchandise could be seen and cheap inferior, too high and it becomes unaffordable to many consumers.


Age would be the key demographic data with interest being the important psychographic information needed in order to increase sales and build a successful brand. We cannot market our women and young women line the same. The location of our advertisement is very important. If we have ads placed near a grocery store or in a fitness magazine neither would be in a location where the consumer would be in a mentality to shop for our clothing. Where are out ads placed? Is that location a location where consumers are thinking of buying our clothes?

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