A successful start guarantees the successful performance of the work by almost 100 percent. And it’s important not to make a mistake at the initial stage otherwise all work will be a failure.  The main mistake in writing a composition is the substitution of the topic or its incomplete disclosure. As a rule, there are two reasons, and it can be an incorrect perception or insufficient knowledge. To avoid the erroneous understanding of the topic, you need to read it several times, highlight the keywords and build your narrative according to them.

One of the advantageous ways how to start an introduction is to use an epigraph. A quote from a writer, critic or just a well-known person on this topic will show the teacher/examiner the breadth of your horizons and allow you to qualify for a high score.

It is necessary to start each new thought with a new paragraph. This technique testifies to your developed logic, and also facilitates verification of the teacher. Thus, answering a question what should a college essay look like, it should be said that it should be consistent, literate, laconic narrative divided into logical, structured parts, each of which performs its function.

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Your essay should also contain quotations regardless of the subject you are writing about. Your thoughts and opinions must be confirmed by a quotation from a reliable source.

Essay Structure and Volume

The introduction should be about 25% of the volume of the entire work. In it, you can include the history of the question, a brief description of the topic of the essay, information from the biography of the author. It is recommended to write in in more than 100 words since this part should reasonably relate to the total volume of words.

The main part should reveal the theme of the work and constitute 50% of the total volume. In the conclusion of your essay, you can sum up all that has been said, make a brief excerpt or repeat your outcome. Also, you can write your opinion and attitude to the problem or an alternative point of view. The final part should be approximately equal to the introduction and be 25% of the total.

Talking about how long should a college essay be, the total volume can vary from 250 to 1000 words or even more. This factor depends on the level of education of a student, studied subject, the level of topic development and requirements of a teacher to this type of work.

Writing a Personal Essay for College

Importance of a College Education Essay

The world does not stand still. It is developing and at a very rapid pace. And the faster the changes in the modern world occur, the better people realize the importance of modern education and knowledge of relevant technologies. In today’s civilized world, education, and, most importantly, knowledge acquired in the process of learning, has turned into both the main source of human income and capital. It does not matter what you knew yesterday. The important thing is how useful your knowledge will be tomorrow.

Even those young people who used to look contemptuously at the documents attesting to the acquisition of a specialty now think about it. All this happens because in our time education is a force by which you can achieve success and provide yourself and your family with a decent life. That is why most modern young boys and girls are already seriously thinking about entering college, and also about the financial side of this issue.

Young people have to get an education because life will be very difficult without it. The graduation of the college in our time is not the limit for young professionals. Many of them want to graduate from higher education and get a master’s degree. This is fine when young people want to learn, and this desire should be encouraged. In connection with the development of international relations, many young people study various sciences in colleges, institutes, and universities abroad, which indicate the desire of young people to secure a decent standard of living. And, of course, this is a great trend.

Nowadays, any person, if he wants to get an education, can choose the educational institution most suitable for him in the form of training, payment, specialization, etc. It’s never too late to study, but if possible, do not delay this process.

College Essay Examples

Different universities in different countries allow different degrees of informality in writing essays. Somewhere the rules are stricter, and somewhere, on the contrary, students are required to show their unusual style. However, all of them require following college essay format.

Education in college is already a certain level, so the professor expects that you will sound like a budding academician. If we are talking about the entrance examination, then you need to read the guide to the style and design of the essay that is accepted at this educational institution. In this case, your essay should be dedicated to the specific course where you want to study, and a college itself. Plan your text so that it tells you about your achievements, scientific knowledge and skills, and further research plans in order your paper to be among essays that worked.

Your entrance essay should be perfect not only in terms of content but also in terms of grammar, design, spelling, and style. It should also correspond to the standard essay template.