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Geographic information

...Bus stop occupies a little portion of the main road and creates chaos and problems for the commuters and decreases the smooth flow of traffic. Most of the roads around this junction are not fully constructed which forces the commuters to take a particular road which increases the traffic at Perungalathur and Urappakam. There are a lot of pot holes in the roads which decreases the efficiency of movement of traffic flow. Also there are a lot of commercial areas around Vandalur and Guduvancheri; th...

United States-United Kingdom Negotiations Negotiation Analysis

...Parties aim to gain an edge by making the first offer and anchoring the discussion in their favor. The Lockerbie negotiations is an apt example of successful anchoring. In this case, US was able to gain all its demands by anchoring effectively. Through Raiffa's lens, anchoring worked in this situation because US interests remained the same throughout the trial. The tactic was also successful because Libya was unable to defuse the anchor diplomatically or by force. The "resolution trap" though fr...

Samples collection According to 154 with some modification in

...All primers were supplied by IDT Company, these Primers (lyophilized product of different picomols concentrations) were resolved according to the instructions of the manufacturer, where resuspension using deionized water to Primer’s tube, then placed in microcentrifuge with speed 8,000rpm for 1mintues for obtaining on stock solution with concentration 100 picomols, then was taken 10 µ² from stock solution in Eppendorf tube( 1.5 ml ) and 90µ² of deionized water was added for obtaining a wor...

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Unit Trust Funds in Malaysia

...Meanwhile, Public Dividend Select Fund provides you with the opportunity to participate in a diversified portfolio of stocks which distribute or have the potential to distribute reasonably attractive dividends. The investment strategy of Public Dividend Select Fund is to achieve its goal of providing steady recurring income by investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks that offer or have the potential to offer attractive dividend yields. Meanwhile Public Index Fund, The fund invests a minimu...

Threats of Cyber Security and Challenges for Pakistan

...These days, the proportion of digital assaults is expanding quickly. Gifted digital fear based oppressors might almost certainly make an honesty, accessibility or classification assault on the system or administrations of NADRA, E-government and capital markets of Pakistan. This sort of digital exercises may harm or stop the fundamental ICT administrations including NADRA, E-Government sites, Stock trades, Mobile banking and cash exchange administrations which will have genuine effect on the exe...

Introduction Qatar is in an ongoing development phase to get to

...Eventive wedding consultant will afford the best services regarding any occasion. That will meet the financial demand of many people. We will offer the best with less cost. As we grow more our collaborations will spread more and our collaborators will be better. Our target plan will focus on Salam stores, Fifty-One East. Eventive will also collaborate with 5-star hotels such as Sheraton, Saint Regis and others where there is a high demand on the ballrooms, luxurious beauty centers Plaza Hollandi...

Your Ultimate Guide To Sleep Training Your Baby

...The ideal time for you and your baby is when there are not too many changes happening, and a regular routine is established (more about routines later). From the table above, you will get an added advantage by sleep training in the 4-7 month window and the 11- 16 month window. The first window is because, they are now getting into the rhythm of day and night time, are still young that no hard habits have been formed, and can’t climb out of their crib yet. The second window is because sleep reg...


...Thus project will be updated with several advanced technologies like flood disaster prediction occur by heavy rain fall. Floods are the natural disasters that cause catastrophic destruction and devastation of natural life, agriculture, property and infrastructure every year. Flooding is influenced by various hydrological & meteorological factors. A number of researches have been done in flood disaster management and food prediction systems. However, it has now become significant to shift fro...


...S Venkata ramana etal [10] introduced and studied the notion of reverse edge-magic graphs with a different name, i.e., graphs with reverse magic valuations, while the term of reverse super edge-magic graphs was firstly introduced by them. They showed that a star Sn+1 = K1, n is the only complete bipartite graph which is reverse super edge-magic total. They also showed that any odd cycle is reverse super edge-magic, but every wheel is not. Since then, some of authors have studied reverse(super) e...

Virtual Work vs. Office

...Based on management theories, the essay has covered three advantages which are lower cost for the company, having access to a global pool of talents, increased efficiency and benefits for employees’ health and the environment as well as drawbacks such as lack of trust, cultural difference and social isolation. Organizing regular physical meetings and creating a team profile and rules are also mentioned so that companies can make use of to overcome current issues and improve their performances....

15 Most Popular Dog-Friendly Places in the World


Alcohol Effect on Brain: Ethanol Content of Beer

...In second experiment, 20 people were tested before and after consuming the Pilsner beer for a period of 4 hours to check out the reaction time of individuals before and after consuming the alcohol. The person being tested looked at a coloured block on a computer screen.as soon as the colour changed, they pressed a button. The time taken to press the button was recorded by the computer before and after consumption of alcohol. The data obtained was recorded on the excel programme and analysed usin...

Foodie Tale Inc mobile application analysis

...Foodie Tale Inc. will publish a monthly email newsletter to its customers shedding details about the latest trends in food and offer other articles and columns of interest to them. Email addresses will be gathered from users who opt-in when using the website or app and the email newsletters will support the brand of the site as an expert in food-related recommendations. In addition, emails presenting exciting new offers or products may be sent as often as once a week to customers who have opted-...

15 Most Popular Dog-Friendly Places in the World


Safran in the propulsion & aerospace equipment

...The initial idea of penetrating the Filipino market through a partnership was a good one. However, the execution (partner selection and partnership management) was poor and it has been translated by 0% penetration rate all along the partnership. Based on the market context and needs as well as the (bad) weight of the existing partnership, it is better for Safran to go for a new partner, building on the learnings of the previous experience. The partner should not only be at the top in terms of it...

Meaning of Egocentrism

...Most western thought has been rooted by an anthropocentric viewpoint. Despite some progress on environmental fronts, it is still very apparently clear that an anthropocentric worldview will continue and it will result in our planet's natural environment will fade away. However, mining for fossil fuels, minerals, precious metals, and other valued resources will always take part in modern life. It will always be part of the economy. New modern technologies are being used to mitigate impacts. Tryin...

Internet of Things (IoT)

...One of the leading research and advisory company Gartner has estimated some 8.3 billion devices would be connected by the end of 2017, increasing to 11.2 billion by the end of 2018, then nearly doubling to 20.4 billion by 2020. Approximately two-thirds of these projected figures are apportioned to consumer applications. World’s highest tech regions Western Europe, North America, and Greater China are the first known drivers of IoT where the three combined represent more than 67% of the concept...

Short Story About My Grandmother

...She started the car, waved to her mother, and bounced us over the rain-pocked drive, patting my thigh for being her lover baby. Carolyn waved again. I looked back, waving, then gawking at a window screen, where there were now three kittens clawing and screaming to get in. Like Mexicans, I thought. I remembered the Molinas and how the cats clung to their screen— cats they shot down with squirt guns. On the highway, I felt happy, pleased by it all. I patted Carolyn’s thigh. Her people were lik...


...Grammatical forms information is most generally used in linguistic tasks. It is used to disambiguate sense which subsequently is used to coordinate component decision [5]. Researchers basically use adjective (adj) words and adverb as highlights to discover the opinion in content. Adjective (adj) words are most normally utilized as highlights among all grammatical features. There is a solid connection among's adj and subjectivity of content. Indeed, even every one of the grammatical features assu...

Best Wholesale Smart Wristbands Suppliers

...Of wholesale smart wristband suppliers in Australia, we single out for they have all that you are looking for. In their store, you can find a staggering 4403 designs ready to be shipped your way. This is an international platform, and their quality of products is unmatched. Some products are shipped for free, this means you will have the best value for your money. Another reason why you should consider shopping with this platform is the fact that you get a chance to purchase products from all ov...

Alibaba: Multinational Company in Australia

...Alibaba has implemented such an option on their portal as well rather than having cash on delivery. By having such an option on can easily pay or get refunded. One of the Australian ecommerce law allows the consumer to have a copy of transaction, order or acceptance they make. The Chinese MNC supports this law and provides an online copy to the consumer at the time of purchase and also provides a hard copy when he receives his item. State and Territory fair trading legislation makes it compulsor...

Reflection - Business Information Systems

...The academic support at AIHE is free one to one and group tutoring is also done to all students.The kind of supports and feedback, I received from my lecturer has motivated me into different path. I have improved a lot on my study.My attitude towards studying has been changed and now I spent more on reading and speaking than before. The faculty member,on the otherhand, provide an axtra set of eyes on their scholarly work with one of their professional tutors to the students in the major. I think...


...Present political environment suggests that Accor offers exceptional customer service by using 7 languages through digital and visuals and maps, offering value to reservation experience owing to a variety of social modifications. Demographic shifts like the increasing population and a boost in the female employee as the business think that both genders are at the heart of the strategy. The organization is concentrating on its employer and providing even more initiatives to develop and progress s...

Product Differentiation in Monopoly

...•Charging different prices based on geographic location. Some products may be cheaper to produce in different places and based on the cost of the good sold the monopolistic firm can charge different prices in order to maximize its profits. Placing restrictions or other "inferior" characteristics on the low-price good or service, so as to make it sufficiently less attractive to the high price segment •Establishing a schedule of "volume discounts" (“block pricing”) such that only large-vol...

Banyan Tree Gallery

...Our n-house design team, Architrave, and project services team are extremely involved in all phases of the development – master planning, designing, developing and coordinating, to ensure developers a timely delivery of their asset. Being experienced developers, we are able to ensure that efficiencies and economies of scale are maximized along with guest experiences. Bintan, the Maldives and Phuket where the Angsana resort is positioned next to a Banyan Tree resort with shared back of house fa...

Analysis and modeling of flooding in urban drainage systems

...These applications have been done to verify the most crucial model features of hydr aulic surface flow simulation and the interaction between surface flow and sewer flow under surcharge and flooding conditions. The simulation results of the real -case system Erzhuetten are shown the Fig. 10 in terms of water level distribution along the st reet surface at 15 and 25 min simulation time, respectively. In this system the surface elevation decreases from north -east (right) to south -west (left)...

Ecodesign and Green Marketing

...Aaker (1997, as cited in Vazifehdoost & Hamedani, 2016) undertakes a comprehensive and extensive study that categorizes brand personality dimensions by investigating the types of personalities people endow brands with. She finds that the "Big Five" personality dimensions (openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism) can be adapted to brand management. She found out that brands can be positioned on the basis of human qualities, such as sincerity (e.g., honest, down-t...


...MCB Rupee Travelers Cheque is that the best and safest alternate means of carrying money. It is usually utilized by travelers, businessmen or by the final public in meeting their day-after-day cash necessities whereas on the go. It’s a secure and secure thanks to build payments as a result of it offers the client security that although the cheque is definitely lost it can be refunded. Not like different varieties of funds/remittance transfer, which might solely be drawn at a selected branch an...


...Profitability measure an association's ability to make benefit related to arrangements, assets and esteem. These extents review the limit of an association to make pay, advantages and cash streams in regard to in regard to some estimation, routinely the proportion of money hypothesis. Profitability extents give a legitimate appraisal of the general ampleness of the officials reliant on the benefits made on arrangements and theory. Advantage is the fundamental inducing power for any monetary deve...

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