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Gating and Risering Systems for Steel Casting and Aluminium Alloy Casting

...In conclusions, it cannot be denied that each materials require s different gating system to obtain a sound and clean casting for different applications. From here, the pressurized and non-pressurized gating system both supply different structure and purposes. The structure of the gating systems are pivotal to ensure the mold are completely filled with metals without having turbulence and mould erosion in casting. Moreover, it is important to have defect-free casting using the correct gating sys...

College Outcome 1 Assessment

...The exact duplicate of the plaster is then made of the stump and a layer of clear thermoplastic is heated and vacuum-formed around the mould. Before the permanent socket is made, the prosthetist works with the patient to ensure that the test socket fits properly. If adjustments are needed with the test socket, they are modified according to the patient's feedback. Since the test socket is made of thermoplastic, it can be reheated to make small changes if necessary. If the patient is uncomfortabl...

Encrypted Cloud Storage Search

...Cloud computing enables users to store their data in remote storage location. But data security is the major threat in cloud computing. Due to this many organizations are not willing to move into cloud environment. Thus this phrase search scheme which achieves a much faster response time than existing solutions. The scheme is also scalable, where documents can easily be removed and added to the corpus. We also describe modifications to the scheme to lower storage cost at a small cost in response...

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Terrorism as a World-Wide Problem

...Terrorism is the main problem of our country this time. Steps should be taken to tackle the situation peacefully. The people involved in it are mostly our own people, our own blood. They have some misconceptions and misunderstandings. These can be solved by getting them on the negotiation table. Several steps are now taken all over the world to control these activities like establishment of anti-terrorist forces to battle terrorism. The countries like Britain, Russia, and Germany have their own ...

ntroductionWhat is epistemology it is branch of philosophy and

...The examination of knowledge is a champion among the most primary parts of philosophical demand. Any case to knowledge must be evaluated to choose in the event that it in certainty includes learning. Such an appraisal fundamentally requires a cognizance of what realizing is and how much knowledge is possible. While this article gives on diagram of the essential issues, it leaves the most crucial request unanswered; epistemology will continue being a zone of philosophical talk as long as these re...

Automatic Agri-Advice Generator Using Soil Health Card

...In the propose, a completely unique System Enabled: IoT based mostly on Live observance Soil moisture has been planned using Arduino. The sensors have high potency and accuracy in attractive the live data of soil moisture. The system allows effective soil, water, moisture, parameters have been observance and change using IOT. This permits effective crop prediction based on NPK value, soil maintenance, and disease prevention mechanism. This overcomes the manual operations needed to watch and main...

Business Analysis and Decision Making Assignment

...Management Information system, abbreviated as MIS is an integrated information system, which encompasses the information coming from range of business functions, to be collected, coordinated, controlled, interpreted and visualized for the decision-making purpose, thus facilitating the managerial processes. The role of piece information in a business organization is very crucial to the success of a business. This single piece can change the fate of a business from just a small enterprise to a mul...

Smart washroom cleaning system using image processing and IoT

...Our proposed project will create awareness among the people about proper sanitation. It makes the use of Internet of things are a rapidly growing technology. Our proposed system will make everyone to strictly follow the cleanliness and proper sanitation in the toilets. It prevents the new contagious diseases that spread due to improper sanitation of the toilets. The image processing will be used to capture the image and check the dirt. In the hospital, it is important to maintain cleanliness and...

Exploring the effectiveness of Technical Officers in the SA Navy

...Where this option is explored as a last resort, due regard must be given to the requirements of the Labour Relations Act, 1995 as amended (Reference K) and current agreements with organised labour (unions). d. It must also be borne in mind that when departments extensively opt for a service delivery option such as outsourcing, personnel might need to be trained to become proficient in-service delivery within a commercial environment. In addition, those personnel involved in monitoring and evalua...

Capital investment analysis and inflation and capital investment analysis with taxation

...The project cost is N1.4m and has an estimated residual value of N10,500. The above cash flow profile has not taken into consideration the effect of changing prices. If effect on changing selling prices are taken into consideration cash revenue are expected to rise by 10% after year 1 and operating expenses by 11% after year 1. General level of inflation in the country is currently 15%.SCG Ltd can claim capital allowance at the rate of 25% on the reducing balance basis on this project. tax is cu...

Acrylic Denture Resins

...Each cured polished specimens will be broken into small pieces approximately of 2mm square dimensions using a hammer mill, which is later weighed using digital weighing machine (Mettler Toledo, Precision Weighing Balances, England) to obtain three samples of 100mg each (Total=18) that will be frozen stored. Each 100mg of frozen sample will then be introduced into one-mark 25ml glass flask containing 2ml Methanol (extraction solvent), magnetic stirring (Remi 1mlh Magnetic Stirrer, Remi Sales and ...

Marine insurance

...At long last, the insurer must ensure that there is provision for a reasonable profit. Most of insurers is answerable to shareholders and must give a reasonable profit for the investment which these shareholders have made in the company. On account of common companies, the members will still search for a reasonable surplus being made so as to meet the objectives of the shared. Touching base at the premium, notwithstanding, is not simply a matter of figuring the right premium by a scientific equa...

Kinnaird College is one of the most prestigious institutions known

...Universities are meant to be co-education so that students learn to work and interact with the opposite gender. This makes it easy for them to cope up in their professional life as it is necessary to interact with the opposite gender in jobs. And students will learn how to treat the opposite gender which will help them in their married life as well. But Kinnaird does not follow this decorum because the management is in favor of an all-girls institute. If KCWU follows the rule of co-education sys...

Comparing the Disney movie Mulan with Chinese poem

...“Ballad of Mulan” was written in 6th AD, even then the traits like respect, devotion, courage to be yourself, were very appreciated moral values in society. That is one of the reason why the story of Mulan lives by today. Disney expanded a story by adding a lot of details such as: magic creatures like talking dragon, personificated cricket, horse and dog; details about Mulan’s life with family before army; women’s duties in feudal societies; lovestory characteristic for every Disney movi...

Electrical Load Forecasting in Phillipine

...In a supervised training, the input and the output are provided. Then the network will compare the results against the desired output. The system will adjust weight which controls the network due to the error propagated back through the system. This process will occur repeatedly as the weights are continually tweaked. The set of data which enables the training is called the "training set." During the training of a network, the same set of data is processed many times as the connection weights ar...

Middle Eastern Women and Asexuality

...Overall, I think that social workers would benefit significantly by trying to learn more about different countries and people in the Middle East. Although there is not much information in terms of Arabs in the United States there is plenty to learn about different customs and beliefs among this diverse group of people that many tend to lump together. Middle Eastern Americans are marginalized in their day to day lives and this marginalization carries over into academic research as well. There is ...

Introduction to Cloud Computing

...We are hoping through this project or by adding chatbots in the website, more people will inquire about Northeastern University Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service and more people will incline their interest towards Northeastern University Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service. We are assuming here the registered members will find this application useful by taking all the necessary information through chatbots and the new member will pay attention to the center about joining ...

Law and Ethics

...In the setting of this case (application for bail) hearing the accused were afforded a chance and tried according to as per Constitutional Law stipulates. According to the law the accused individuals have the right to a fair trial, which includes being presumed innocent by the presiding officer until proven guilty. During the cause of the bail hearing sitting each one of the accused had a legal representation, which legally is their right to. They went along and sworn out their signed statement ...

IOT Based Smart Cradle System for Baby Monitoring

...Growth of technology has been rapidly increased. Since technology has been developed greatly it can contribute to the society in various way. Automated cradle is the best example where working parents have lot of workload already and they have to care of baby as well. Cradle system assures them that their baby is safe and secure inside the cradle. Cradle which is less expensive and more secure and have more features. As health of small baby is always factor for which parents are always worried. ...

Pipe Line Inspection Robot

...Many researches and developments have been done in the in-pipe robot work field. Each design that has been produced is based on the design requirements set by developer in order to achieve their objective in building the prototype. Generally an in-pipe inspection robot consists of the main body, driven part, control device and inspection equipment. Based on the review it can be said for pipes having large internal diameter ranging from 500mm to 1000mm, a walking and wall press type inspection ro...

Stress Management at the Workplace

...Nowadays stress management is a real challenge for employee in this high end business environment. The good organization always take care of their team's health. By implementing above mention solutions to current stress problem at workplace organization and individual both can get benefits. This will ensure the future growth of the company. From this article take away is that as a business leader, he or she should develop skills how to de-stress employees' lives so they perform at their very bes...

Smart Water Arrival Initimation and Controlling System Using IoT

...The main objective is to prevent the wastage of wate r and also to reduce the man work. Here we can get the water arrival information through the sms. We can also able to monitor the tank level and control motor. When the sump reached the maximum level the solenoid valve which is been placed in the water tap will be closed automatically. Thus the over flow of water in the sump and the tank will be prevented. Future work, can be add smart billing system for water by using flow sensor through onli...

PRAN Fresh Milk

...PRAN Fresh Milk collects the raw milk generally from the farmers of the North Bengal. To collect the raw milk PRAN has 5 hubs and in each hub they have 20-22 milk village collection centers. In total, they collect an average 1.2 lac liters of milk daily from 12000 farmers of 101 villages of Bangladesh. PRAN is always trying to enrich the quantity and quality of their milk collection. In this regard, they always have some development programs for the rural farmers of the country which eventually ...

The Nikon D5 and the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II professional camera

...A fantastic blend of technology and complexity. Each step of the way is legendary, the latest EOS-1D X Mark II lens. The EOS-1D X Mark II is blazingly fast, building on a legacy of sophisticated innovation. Up to 14 fps (up to 16 fps in Live View mode) can be shot with a CFastTM card at a burst speed of up to 170 RAWs, and an improved 61-point AF system helps deliver easily, even in dim light, clean, clear images. This impressive speed also means faster recording: 4K video can be recorded at up ...

Anatomy Of The Retina

...Stem cell transplantation for retinal disease is currently transitioning from over a decade of preclinical research to phase I/II clinical trials. Further trials are expected to help determine whether an RPE suspension is adequate or whether an RPE monolayer is required to rescue retinal function. The transplantation of iPSC-derived RPE will be one of the first clinical applications of iPSCs and will help to define how immunogenic iPSCs are in comparison with hESCs. In addition, further preclini...

Antibacterial activity

...Table 5 shows the effective antibacterial activity of the date syrup/aqueous extract mixture of the different types of pepper plant at 1:5 v/v concentration (this concentration was selected because it recorded the highest inhibitory rate of most extracts when mixed with date syrup) against S. anginosus at different temperatures, where the results showed that the 50 °C was the best temperature for the date syrup/ aqueous extract mixture of the pepper against the growth of the mentioned bacterium...

Vice Based App for Blind People

...Thus the final result of the app is show in the figure. This will represents how the app will be useful for the society and very easy to handle by the user. The Fig-1 represents the statistic details of the current form filling system. Fig-2 is the working flow of the application that is represented in the form of flowchart. Fig-3 is the initial view of the application. Fig-4 is the application picture for the regional language and Fig-5 is in International language.Fig-6 is the final document a...

Lightweighting in Aerospace Component and System Design

...There are nearly 300-400 load cases acting on the landing gear assembly, lower barrel being the critical component where the worst loading scenario acts when an aircraft land. Considering the weight of the aircraft to be approximately 8000kg, the maximum landing weight is approximately 13000kg which creates a reaction force of about 127.489kN on the lower barrel of the MLG. By the time NLG touches the ground the load acting the lower barrel will be reduced and it is quantified to 30kN which is t...

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