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Introduction To The Different Waves Of Feminism History

...However anyone’s opinion on the “right to the body” subject, and despite of the present debate on the status of women and the fetus in a way or another, what is undeniable is the fact that women have the power to chooseEnquanto assim for, não há legislação . “Of course abortion isn’t right. But it is even less right to bring unwanted children into lifelong suffering and to strip women of their choice. Making abortion illegal is not the way to prevent it. There is a much larger pict...

Poverty: A Global Issue

...NGOs have been performing well in different countries around the world. They have been able to help people especially where the government have somehow failed to provide for their citizens. They have brought some light to the people’s life. There are countless things that the NGOs have done the state would not have been able to do as the NGOs works at a micro level. It is easy for them to target the needy people. They have more personal contact with the individual and they are very often on fi...

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

...Another example came from Richard Welford and Stephen Frost’s research that provides an overview of CSR practices in Asia. The aim of the research paper is to review the benefits of the implementation of CSR in supply chains and arising obstacles. In order to collect data for research purposes, interviews were undertaken with six CSR managers working for well-known brand corporations, ten factory managers and eight CSR experts. Interviews were held confidentiality and anonymously. All particip...

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Gender and Translation

...FT1 |Contresens |Fauxsens |Nonsens |Addition |Omission |Unresolved Extralinguistic References |Loss of Meaning |Inappropriate Linguistic Variation |Total | |Frequency |3 |136 |0 |163 |151 |12 |25 |2 |492 | |Percentage |1 |38 |0 |45 |42 |3 |7 |1 |- | | Table 2: FT1's Inappropriate Renderings MT2 |Contresens |Fauxsens |Nonsens |Addition |Omission |Unresolved Extralinguistic References |Loss of Meaning |Inappropriate Linguistic Variation |Total | |Frequency |1 |136 |0 |139 |171 |16 |44 |62 |569 | |...

Social Work Management in Youth and Communities

...The youth policy proposed by the European Union is similar to the approach of UK except for the emphasis on the use of force on youth. The policy not only reflects upon the need to provide development and support to the youth but also emphasises upon the restricted use of force in by the authorities. Since the approach of European Union embraces the member states it is thus essential to emphasise upon the restriction on the use of force. This is because of the varied nature of the exercise of la...

Financing Education in Developing Countries

...Educations institutions can raise significant income by offering various products and services such as training programs, marketing the expertise of faculty, carrying out laboratory tests, renting facilities, research and consultancies and centralised programs for teacher training (Rosovsky, 2001). In recent years, it has become possible and permissible for companies to pay for manpower supplied by higher education, for example commissioned training where employers pay a fee in return for a trai...

The African Continent

...I have found out that a fair deal of promoting development depends on few people. It might be a challenge for those that have that power to change the system which is beneficial for themselves. American political scientist Fareed Zakaria concludes, in a very general, but very point-blank way – Africa needs good governance more urgently than democracy (Zakaria: 120). I have whatsoever no sympathy for any autocratic governments and I have no intention of taking democracy away from the countries ...

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

...This is precisely what Philip K. Dick has done. In every aspect of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? can we see criticism towards society: Deckard’s relationship with his wife, with whom he barely converses (they do talk, but there is no real communication behind that) and who voluntarily falls into a depression just so she could feel something; the Rosen association, producing androids so similar to humans, that it could easily happen that a real human gets retired instead of an android, j...

Data analysis report of PTB Group Limited from 2015 to 2018

...Return on Assets (profitability) gradually risen 4.05% to 4.34% from the year 2016 to 2018 respectively. Return on equity (profitability) was 7.05% in 2016 then it inclined to 7.15% in the year 2017 but in the year 2018 it again reduced to 7.04%. Moreover, Debt to Equity ratio (capital structure) declined 68% to 58% from the year 2016 to 2018. The Current Ratio (liquidity) was very high in the year 2016 but it turn down in 2017 rapidly then it increased slightly in 2018. Additionally, Assets tur...

Power and Influence

...Influence can be considered as the means which power and authority are transacted. Power is defined in terms of potential or capacity for action and authority refers to the situational mediators or organizational of power. These combinations will determine the perceptions and resources that establish social interaction. Although influence is determined by power and authority but they are not identical because influence refers to the process whereby power is exercised and authority is legitimated...

LIA Written Assessment: Class Design

...They must weigh themselves daily, adhere to fluid restrictions if required, quit smoking, follow low sodium diets, limit their alcohol intake and take their medication as prescribed by their doctors. They must also exercise within specific guidelines. Always exercise below the symptom limited threshold such as angina, excessive breathlessness or muscle fatigue. Isometric exercises and breath holding should be avoided in clients with heart failure. Your clients should also avoid gripping too tigh...

Economic Growth And Environmental Sustainability Economics

...From the above review of literature, it is observed that there are different schools of thoughts on economic growth, natural resources and environmental sustainability. For some analysts, the evidence of environmental degradation is either not conclusive enough to warrant action, or they believe that the economy will react appropriately to emerging environmental scarcity without policy intervention. Some believe that active intervention is justified in order to achieve a sustainable development ...

IntroductionEthics is generally described as a set of principles

...Consumer right act 2009, which approved by the parliament for the consumer food functioning under the department of ministry of commerce. This act enforce agencies maintain strong correctness like adulteration. Even the enforce to defaulters with the laboratory tests & the existing laws to combat the menace but concerted efforts and manpower are inadequate. There are also stared operations against food adulteration by many government units, like Bangladesh police, RAB, mobile court, commerce...


...Human-on the up and up — this technique tends to the arrangement irregularity issue even as abbreviates the time taken for highlight identification. It includes folks serving to the models by giving knowledge to differentiate new examples, highlights, and measurements of extortion. within the 1st on-line business use case, for instance, somebody's might signify that such a meeting was supportive falsehood. The model can at that time extrapolate this knowledge and apply it to varied use cases, ...

The Directorate of Industries at Chepauk

...India is one of the world's fastest growing economies in the world. To achieve accelerated growth, it is imperative for India's' Industrial sector to embrace the latest technologies. In this globalized world, the internet is undoubtedly a game changing phenomenon. India is no longer in a sheltered cocoon. After globalization and opening up of her economy in the 1990's there is a need to rapidly grow and a sure way to achieve this is the adoption of E- commerce. The SME sector has become one of t...

Virtual personal network problems

...In this paper, secure and economical certificateless attested key generation and agreement protocol during thispaper, secure and economical certificateless attested key generation and agreement protocol ar given thatproduces distinct public key for a corresponding non-public key. within the original theme, a dishonest KGC mightrestore associate entity's public key by one that it is aware of the key price without concern of being recognized. However, in our planned th...

Cases of business crimes

...I think it's very fair. The fraudster must be deterred because, by this crime, society and the economic structure are more harmful than the same, the penalty must be tightened to prevent others from falling into this offense, even those with moderate and limited incomes must be severely punished, even if the community service is to They can pay fines or appropriate compensation for their guilt, as well as leniency to some, the law exposes a loophole through which the punishment of the perpetrato...

Financial Times Stock Exchange

...It is like innovating continuously, coming up with new ideas and products reap out the competitive advantage of the new idea till the competitors get access to it. Meanwhile the innovation is continuous going process thereby coming up with again a fresh idea. Thus the cycle goes on. Of course the life of the cycle depends on how fast the competitor is able to match it. So this indirectly gets the complete organization at heels. Organisation culture, leaders and colleagues everyone needs to be ag...

Internship Report (Anjum & Asif Co)

...Furthermore, I learned more about the concept of ATL(Above The Line) and BTL(Below The Line) advertising and how both these approaches adopt different ways to advertise products. ATL advertising refers to advertising strategies that aim to have a wider reach,whereas BTL advertising refers to advertising strategies that aim to promote and advertise a brand to a targeted group of consumers. With regards to Del Monte,BTL advertising is adopted since this offers a targeted and specific approach to r...

Development and Characterization of Sisal Fiber Reinforced

...It is clear show that addition of sisal fibre improve the tensile strength of composites at 15/85 fiber/matrix ratio owing to better tensile strength. This is due to producing the strong interfacial bonding between fibre and matrix. However, increasing fibre content there is no remarkable improvement in tensile strength. We obtained tensile load and tensile strength 420 N and 7.04 MPa for 15/85 fiber/matrix ratio using 6mm fiber length respectively and this is more similar /approximate to 408 N ...

Evaluation of Security Threats and Countermeasures for Cloud

...E-Learning Systems Risks and their Security This article aimed at identifying some key security issues that must be taken into consideration when developing and using E-Learning platforms The paper describes some security aspects of electronic learning platforms and internal cyberattacks by examining the Moodle platform. The paper concluded learning management systems need to implement security services such as encryption, authentication, access control The paper falls in the same realm with the...

Is Euripides' Medea A Feminist Or A Misogynist Play?

...A close examination of the female characters and their actions in myth and tragedy shows that Euripides, rather than being a mysoginist, was aware of the struggles of women. He was particularly aware of women's struggle for recognition and understanding in 5th century B.C. Euripides through his work is able to give his audience a new perspective. The Athenian male citizens that made up his audience could see the views and assumption that they held about women projected back at them and were able...

Use of Mango in Making Flavored Dip


Abstract BenHur was first communicated in the year 1959 probably

...The best anecdotal movies at any point made on a topic which keeps on entertaining its group of spectators. Through this examination paper I became acquainted with more about the Roman Empire and its working, additionally how Jesus Christ ended up hair-raising with the convictions of individuals. The significant learning was of the privileged and the organizations that the Romans pursued, alongside the exacting from the general exchanges we can presume that the film "Ben-Hur" is one of guideline...

Creflex Innovation In E-commerce

...Collaborative algorithm uses "User Behavior" for recommending items. They exploit behavior of other users and items in terms of transaction history, ratings, selection and purchase information. Other user's behavior and preferences over the items are used to recommend items to the new users. In content-based filtering we have to know the content of both user and item. Usually we construct user-profile and item-profile using the content of shared attribute space. For example, for a movie, you rep...

Customer satisfaction and loyalty of Hyundai

...Korea, the parent of HMI, has been doing considerable work on sustainable Environment Management The company has a well defined framework in place for developing products that reduce pollutant emissions and processes for preservation of natural resources and energy along all the stages of the product lifecycle from production, sales, use to disposal. The company has also been in the forefront of development of environment friendly technologies like Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs), and Fuel Cell ...

Human dignity

...Those who want to reveal human dignity must start to search too exist together at the same tme and in the same. This can not only bring to the agreement with the freedom of every individual but that also helps to unfold their freedom. I humbly believe that every human being has a dignity, and every human being should be respected and protected, as Human Dignity exactly means that every person deserves respect because every step of human life is precious and is worthy of having respect and protec...

People Power in Political Vigilantism in Ghana

...The limitation of the research relates to the scope of work that can be covered within the dissertation period. The study will take place only in one location - Ghana. Preferably, the described research problem cuts across most African countries and the world at large where people power and the threat to democracy and human security is at play. Due to financial constraints also, the research may be limited to a strict budget which might affect the knowledge scope of this work. The sensitivity an...

Figure 4 indicates the research findings almost 862 percent of

...In addition, figure 6 also pointed out that another challenge of involving parents in school was bad relationship exists among teachers and parents. Teachers are expected to assist parents by giving them an understanding on helping them to do homework, supporting their childrens’needs and understanding adolescent development of their children. This will help teachers to shape students behavior and prevent dropout and truancy. The field data revealed that there is no good relationship among par...

Grass species and pasture legumes

...1. Starting with the stems of the plants we will have to distinguish between rhizomes, stolons and culms. If the stem grows horizontal below the surface it is a rhizome this can be seen in white clover. If the plant has horizontal growth on the surface of the ground with small roots vertical very so often it is seen as a stolon this can be seen in quick grass. Culms are stems that grow up from the root, seen in ryegrass, finger grass and red grass. The grasses can also be a stolon and a rh...

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