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Drone Delivery System Project Report

...The work done here is designed with a view for delivering a parcel for online shopping but this system can be also used for other purpose like for providing medical facility, military purpose also, especially in a country like an India where logistics face so many obstacles on the ground. Drone delivery could be better for the environment. A single, batte ry -powered drone traveling to bring your order versus a large emission -spewing logistic like the truck is a vast improvement when it comes ...

Social Influence - Compliance and Obedience




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Marketing System

...System and method for establishing a secure communication between a plurality of Internet of Things (IOT) devices, includes issuing a first digital certificate to the second IOT device, inviting the second IOT device by the first IOT device to establish a communication line with the first IOT device by receiving a digital token from the second IOT device, authenticating the second IOT device using the unique identification and cryptographic key of the second IOT device; establishing a secure com...

Design of Fire Detection Robot With Image Processing

...A fire fighting robot 10 as shown in FIGS. 1 and 2 has length of about 116 cm, a width of about 85 cm and a height of about 90 cm and includes a pair of caterpillar type drive units which include endless metal belts 11 and 12 and drive wheels 13 and 14 (FIGS. 1 & 2) and 13'14" as shown in FIG. The robot 10 also includes an outer housing 15 of galvanized steel or the like with a thickness of about 1.5 mm. As shown in FIGS. 1 and 2 a moveable nozzle 16 extends outwardly from an upper forward p...

IOS interview questions


Social Development Intervention

...Street vendor: street vendor is a person who offers good or services for sale to publics without having a permanently built structure but with a temporary static structure or mobile stall (or head-load). Street vendors could be stationary and occupy space as the pavements or other public/private areas, or could be mobile. In many African metropolitan areas, hawkers commonly referred to as vendors are very usual sight. They sell a wide range of good such as fruits, vegetables, clothes and more co...

Online shopping system overview

...The user-originated inputs are transformed to a computer-based format in the input design. Input data are collected and structured into groups of similar data. Once identified, the correct input media are selected for processing. All the input data are validated and if any data disturbs any conditions, the user is warned by a message. If the data satisfies all the conditions, it is transferred to the correct tables in the database. In this project the Customer details are to be entered at the ti...

Strategic Planning and Success of Entrepreneurship

...It’s very expected that on any occasion, the GYM equipment in any truck may be damaged and fail due to any cause while the client is actually having his/her workout session, in such a case we will have a second driver to deliver a new equipment from any other truck to the location of the damaged one, and then the damaged equipment will be taken to the maintenance shop to be repaired, but we are planning to never consider a client to urgently end his workout session due to any damage in the equ...

Sentiment Analysis of Tweets

...Ajax is a set of Web development techniques using many Web technologies on the client-side to create asynchronous Web applications. With Ajax, Web applications can send and retrieve data from a server asynchronously (in the background) without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page. By decoupling the data interchange layer from the presentation layer, Ajax allows Web pages, and by extension Web applications, to change content dynamically without the need to reload the ent...

Analysis of of consumers

...Moreover, the product qualifies as your favorite having a lowest mean of 3.93 and yet it is considered as lowest mean but it is rated as very satisfactory, this further shows that steamed cake filled with polvoron is one of their foods to consume but not qualifies as their favorite, going back to the number of times a consumer of steamed cake filled with polvoron brought in a week, over 65 % said that they buy the product once in a week considering that most of the customer were male having a to...

Challenging problem in Wireless Sensor

...This approach proposed a modified scheme (mCPDA) for privacy preserving data aggregation which is inspired by CPDA. Using this scheme, we can preserve the data privacy with consuming less resources than in CPDA. As we can easily see that the most of the complexion in CPDA is due to the step Calculation Within the Cluster. If we reduce the complexity in this step then it will be a suitable approach that is secure and having less computational overhead. In a computation, number of Multiplications ...

Report on Intelligent Speed Detection System for Speed Breaker

...To measure the speed of the vehicle we use the wireless sensors 500 meters from the speed breaker, if passenger will not reduce his vehicle speed, we will use some red lights to indicate there is speed breaker ahead of the road, if the passenger already reduced his vehicle speed, the speed breaker automatically reduced height and almost flat to the road, this vertical movements control by the elevation mechanism, this type of activity will create the smooth travel...

Historical movie on Ben

...The tale Ben Hur: A Tale of Christ was written in 1880, and ended up one of that century's most prevalent books. The first Ben Hur film turned out in 1925. The film Ben-Hur was discharged in 1959, over 1900 years after the period that it is endeavoring to reproduce. While the film attempts exactness, and at times, accomplishes it, Ben Hur is an especially a result of now is the ideal time. The caption in Ben Hur: A Tale of Christ is a fitting one. It is viewed as one of the works of art of curre...

Accident Prevention Equipment

...The creators in [5] have introduced a framework to recognize rash driving on the roadways just as to alarm the traffic experts if there is any infringement. Numerous approaches require human concentration and connect with numerous endeavors that is unpredictable to execute. In this article, the scientists have intended to propose a gadget for the early recognition and gave alarm of dangerous vehicle amid examples connected to rash driving. The entirety usage needs IR transmitter and beneficiary,...

My internship experience

...Lastly I worked with quality control and packaging team, there I learnt about the minor to major defects that can ruin brands image , I did training under them and realized that keeping a check at every step of the garment construction so important for a great result. In packaging and dispatching department I observed and learnt the tricks and detailing and the importance of the last step , because if the garment is over or under pressed , its inner finishing , fitting is not accurate then the w...

Distinguish Between Colonialism And Neocolonialism Cultural Studies Essay

...In decision, whatever colonialism and neo-colonialism did or is making for Africans in Africa or Nigeria, given its chances, it resources and the power and influence it is exerting till day of the month it could and should hold done far more than it has done. It is exactly because the neo-colonial provinces non merely did non see the development of Africans as their first precedence but did non see it as a precedence at all that they stand criticized. The uninterrupted being of the tools of neo-...

Distinctly Visual: Shoe Horn Sonata & Supplementary Text

...Through the use of both literary and dramatic techniques, Misto has effectively communicated visuals in which the audience creates with their mind regarding the issues within our world. ‘The Action in the Ghetto’ written by Alexander Kimel also had a similar effect on the audience. Through the use of literary techniques, Kimel was able to create visuals within the audience’s mind of the atrocities of humanity. The distinctly visual does in fact lead the audience to think about significant ...

Distinctively Visual Questions

...4. Composers select techniques to create distinctively visual images to position the reader to elicit the preferred reading of a text. 5. The composer of your prescribed text and the composer of your own choosing are featured in a radio programme Composers’ Conversations. Write the conversation in which they discuss the ways they use distinctively visual elements to convey ideas in their texts. 6. What effect has the use of distinctively visual features had on your appreciation of [prescribed ...

Distinctive style at work

...It can be suggested, as by Ian Hamilton, that Larkin's writing style is a "rather narrow range of negative attitudes", though it can also be forcefully argued that as Larkin's poetry is so full of uncertainty, indifference, and ironic observational details it does represent the realities of post-war Britain for a lot of people, and many of these attitudes can still be applied today. In conclusion, Larkin's writing style highlights why Larkin has such a powerful reaction in people, and such a str...

Distinctively Visual and Maestro

...The music and emotionally feel links to the movement and swirls through the sky as if the sky is moving with the music of Keller. In saying this, I do strongly agree with the statement ‘‘The visual image has a significant impact on the way the responder is positioned to react to a text” as Van Gough feels alone and so does Keller and this is created by visual images which has effectively further the viewers understanding of the characters and stories, themes and settings. Even if it is a n...

Distinctive Communication of Dolphins

...If a dolphin makes a sound, the sound bounces off into objects and creatures then it bounces back in the dolphin's direction who is going to receive the sound and the information given by it when its sonar receives it. The dolphin's brain comprehends the message obtained, hence the dolphin will respond accordingly to the message. Echolocation provides vibrations, their frequency, the level of energy, the distance and if the object is moving or not is very important. With these factors interactin...

Distance of the LDR from the bulb kept constant

...To eliminate other light I could do it in a pitch-black room, when no one else was doing their experiment at the same time. I would also put a cover over the bulb to make absolutely sure that any excess light would not be able to influence my experiment. I could also try to make the test fairer by using exactly the same practical equipment each time. It is possible that the bulb may be damaged in some way, or that the LDR is slightly faulty. This would not make a large difference, but would make...

Dissertation: Biblical aspect of Bibliology

...We will never run out of things to learn about God as He is more complex and deep than we can ever even fathom. I know that as long as I do the best I can to please God and ask Him to forgive me of my sins, I will always be His child and He will always love me. Knowing that and feeling His love on a daily basis is what helps me sleep at night and keeps me exuberant and excited about my life. Because of this one extraordinary book, and my one extraordinary God, I have now made it my goal to help ...

Did Disraeli achieve his aims in his social reforms 1874-80?

...The first of Disraeli's aims was that of appealing to the working classes. Whether or not he was successful in this aim within his program of reform is a point of debate amongst historians, for example Smith who has argued that the permissive nature of the reforms meant that they made no significant difference to the attitudes of the working classes 'The reforming years of Disraeli saw no drawing together of party and of people'7. However there were some acts which gained popularity among the wo...

Disney Video Case Transcript

...The company collects a great deal of feedback after a park like Tokyo Disneyland opens for use in future projects or to improve current venues. And of course the internet is one way to collect such feedback. JOE- We do use the internet for feedback. Mostly listening to in Japan, our guests are giving us information about trends and things that are popular in the culture at the time. And we use that information more to adjust what we call the software which is our entertainment and our special ev...

Dispute Resolution Essay

...If mediation is successful, the relationship between the tow partners will not sour and if Sue is convinced of the unfairness of her action, all should end well. On the other hand, arbitration may be preferable if both parties agree to bind by the arbitrator’s decision without any rancor in their future dealings together which is often easier said then done. Therefore, under such circumstances, mediation remains the best and most friendly option. . References Book Goldman, A. J. (2006). Busine...

The Disintermediation and Re-Intermediation of Travel Agents

...Thus, as Anckar (2003) suggests from his study is that it is vital for firms to create and maintain presence in the electronic market. Particularly, a big influence on commitment and loyalty towards the principals providers, are relationship value, trust and long-term orientation. In addition, travel agents need to concentrate on different benefits that can be brought to the clients, by providing value-added services, which are stated to be essential in the disintermediation context of travel in...

Disease resistance

...The developments in genetic engineering make possible the delivery of vaccines more convenient especially to children. Plant-based vaccines are now being studied because of their possible general availability and adaptation to both tropical and subtropical environments. Among the plants, bananas are being studied as a possible vehicle. Plant-based vaccines have the potential of gaining access to a wider population to help prevent diseases such as cholera, hepatitis B and diarrhea among others (F...

Discussion of coefficients

...If we compare the results of the regression performed on stock prices and exchange rate fluctuations on Large, Medium and Small companies excluding the 1991 Gulf War we would come to a conclusion that exchange rate does play a role in determining the stock prices of firms however large firms with high degree of international operations are much more exposed to the exchange rates resulting in high degree of relationship of their stock prices and the exchange rates. Recommendation: The significanc...

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