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Propaganda, Recruitment and Resistance

When war broke out, the British army was professional but small. The government desperately needed a lot more troops, and they turned their heads straight to recruitment. Britain was very different to its allies in recruitment; they started the war recruiting volunteers. The Government believed that as tradition, they should not force any men into… View Article

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Carlo asserts “War is a wonderful thing, in movies and in books.” By close reference to the novel, explore how war shows people at their worst and their best. The novel Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, written by Louis De Bernieres in 1994, explores “humanity; we sigh at their suffering as they are ripped apart and forever… View Article

The Drum & Dulce et Decorum est

War poetry is written either by those who want to promote war as a glamorous adventure or by those who want to depict war as a painful experience causing horror and despair to those involved. Poetry was used in some newspapers during World War one as a means of recruitment for soldiers. One journalist Jessie… View Article

A Comparison Between Dulce Et Decorum Est and Pro Patria

The First World War was the first truly modern war. Its atrocities and huge death toll changed people’s views of war drastically. Pro patria, by Owen Seaman and Dulce et Decorum est by Wilfred Owen are both war poems written around the time of the First World War, and as such share certain surface properties…. View Article

In times of war one of the casualties is truth

The word war to many people conjures up images of death and destruction and this is shown in the two poems, ‘Dulce et decorum est’ and ‘Disabled’. Wilfred Owen, who was a solider and experienced war first hand, wrote both of the poems, he did this from personal experience. In Both poems a negative view… View Article

The Long and the Short and the Tall

In the drama ‘The Long and The Short and The Tall,’ the playwright Willis Hall convincingly uses the characters and their reactions to their situation to effectively reveal the theme of war. The play centres around seven soldiers in the First World War, who have become separated from their platoon and are stuck in the… View Article

The Poetry of the First World War

Does the Poetry of the First World War reflect the changing attitudes to War? Poems in the early part of the First World War were ‘pro war’ which means that they were saying that the war was good fun with women and uniforms. The main aims of the poems were to get men to join… View Article

Attitudes Towards Women In World War II

1. Source C is written by a Historian, this means that she will have had a long time to gather together her facts, and write using a variety of sources. This will give the source more depth, and it could also include information from more than one source. However, it is written by a woman,… View Article

War in the Air

If there was a war today, aircraft would be used for the following reasons, parachuting soldiers into enemy lines, bombing enemy countries, transporting supplies to troops, spying on the enemy, observe aircraft carriers to gain valuable information about operations in the enemy lines. In 1914 planes were not as useful and were mainly used to… View Article

‘Saving Private Ryan’ by Steven Spielberg

Write a newspaper film review analysing how Steven Spielberg makes the cinema audience ”regard the pain of others”. In the Omaha Beach sequence at the beginning of ‘Saving Private Ryan’. Saving Private Ryan Cast Tom Hanks, Tom Sizemore, Matt Damon, Edward Burns, Jeremy Davies, Vin Diesel, Adam Golberg, Barry Pepper and Giovanni Rabisi. Director –… View Article

Describe the Role and Status of Women in the 1940s and 1950s

After the First World War women had gained a huge step towards having equality with men. In 1918 married women over the age of 30 were given the right to vote. During the war women had proved themselves as capable as men, not only as nurses near the front lines working in very dangerous positions… View Article

Echo Courts Hotel

Towards the end of the novel, Humbert’s obsession with Lolita drives him to paranoia, a delusional state of reality. While he and Lolita are on a road-trip he is overcome with fear and suspicion that someone is following them in order to steal her away from him. He notices that a convertible has been following… View Article

Child family relationships in Praise

The connection between family members is bond as strong as Titanium and flexible as elastic, in fact many different poets represent their thoughts and emotions through their poems. Here, we are bestowed with two poems that are an accolade to the parents of two poets, by Grace Nichols, and Stephen Spender, with their poems “Praise… View Article

Discuss the significance of seemingly

Discuss the significance of seemingly “unrealistic” or apparently implausible characters, places or events in literature you have studied. Unrealistic or implausible characters are often used literature to aid in transmitting the author’s intention and are usually of crucial conceptual significance, this is to say, that they are vital in the development of ideas that the author… View Article

Discuss the presentation of Cleopatra presented in Act

In act 1 in Antony and Cleopatra, Cleopatra is presented as a dominant, sexually veracious, dramatic character that is totally besotted with Antony and wants to know everything about him when he is not around him. She comes across as a very complex character that seems to show a state of ambivalence that is of… View Article