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Fruit Essay Examples

Essay on Fruit

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Restaurant Report

...The ingredients to green chili may all have different origins, but they are all prevalent in modern day Mexico. This chili has a distinctly Mexican flavor to it due to the tomatoes, garlic, and chili peppers. Although my family has no cultural ties to Mexico, my mother living in a predominately Mexican area of Denver allowed for green chili to become one of my families most loved recipes. It has become a dish that will always bring comfort and memories with my grandfather to my family and me....

Sample Project Proposal

...1. The Local Government Unit( LGU), in coordination with the DA- LGU and the SIFACO, will do the procurement activities. 2. The household farmer beneficiaries will do the land preparation activities. 3. The DA and DAR will conduct necessary trainings and seminars. 4. The SIFACO will manage the project, formulate policies, systems and procedures that ensure the sustainability of the project, and make and submit progress reports. 5. The DA, and LGU, in coordination with SIFACO, will do the monitor...

Problem faced by indian farmers and suggestions

...Earlier there was a problem for some credit for farmers, now it is easy to some extent. So the credit is not a problem for the farmers but after production there is, because of not having adequate storage facility some perishable vegetables farmers cannot store it for longer times. So the storage facility and the transportation facilities both should be in the modern line. Actually second thing is the price, price of the produce because whenever the farmer product the price now so low so sometim...

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Science Project

...Pet Stains and Odors: This category is self-explanatory! 100 million Americans have pet cats or dogs and even the most well-trained pet will have an occasional accident or get sick and vomit on the carpet. And beloved older pets sometimes just can't make it until we get home to take them outside. Stains in this category are organic materials such as urine, feces, vomit and other organic materials. Spotting Solutions Pet Stain and Odor Remover uses bio-enzymatic action to naturally break down the...

Vitamin C & DCPIP


Song of the Barren Orange Tree Analysis

...In some ways, I do agree with the orange tree. In others, I do not. The orange tree hates being reminded of its flaws and failures in its peers. So do I and so do most humans, if we're being realistic. Although I absolutely hate when my negative suspicions about myself are confirmed, I wouldn't want the people who care about me to never point them out to spare my feelings. I do not want self ignorance, or ignorance of my flaws. Knowing your flaws exist is the first step towards remedying them. I...

?“Art for Heart’s Sake” by Reuben Lucius

...This story is interesting in that it portrays a complex man — old, rich, petulant like a child, and in a precarious state of mental and physical health. As we watch his ostensible passion for art develop, we may find ourselves inspired by his progress and, not infrequently, even amused by his caustic remarks. But when we learn about his regression at the end of the story, we are bound for disappointment — we begin to view Ellsworth as a childish and materialistic person n...

Fesibility Study of Banana Vinegar

...You don't come across something as wonderful as this everyday. Our mild, fruity vinegar comes from the purely ripe banana. Unlike some flavored vinegars, this isn't plain vinegar with banana flavor added, Most people flip when they taste the vinegar. Of course it works as a key player in a salad dressing but we've been having fun with ceviches, in particular. The flavor is fruity, and while it's clearly banana, it's not too sweet or cloying. The acidity is 6%. Mixed in salads, there's a vague b...

A Garden Lover in my family

...We feel amidst them very happy and fortunate. There are beauty, pleasure, education and instructions in their company. Sometimes, he seeks help and advice from a gardener as well. He spends all his pocket money in purchasing seeds, manure, fertilizer, gardening implements or books on gardening. He never misses a program on gardening if it is there on the television. He also visit flower-shows, vegetable and fruit exhibitions. The delight he derives from gardening helps him a lot in concentrating...

Field Trip to the National Botanical Garden

...I think that our field trip to the National Tropical Botanical Garden can connect to my life because I am more knowledgeable about some of the plants there. I can use that as an opportunity to bring my siblings who have yet to visit the garden, and teach them about what I learned, so that they too can be more aware of the plant life that we have growing on Kaua’i and throughout the state. Another benefit of having visited the Botanical Research Center and the National Tropical Botanical Garden...

Investigatory project

...They are cultivated primarily for their fruit, and to a lesser extent for the production of fibre and as ornamental plants. Each pseudostem would produce a bunch of yellow, green, or even red bananas before dying and being replaced by another pseudo stem.Banana leaves are widely used as plates and for lining cooking pits and for wrapping food for cooking or storage. A section of leaf often serves as an eye-shade. In Latin America, it is a common practice during rains to hold a...

Guava leaves

...Nowadays people are focusing in herbal plants especially those who are common in the environment. One of the example is the guava plant (Psidium guajava Linn). Based on research this plant is good for healing and treating wounds and other skin infections. So in my research I wan't to make a bathing soap out of it, cause I know that it is effective. People, researchers, scientists were focusing to medicinal plants. They want to prove that there are plants that are more effective against diseases ...

Benefits of fruits


Adaptations of Native Angiosperms

...bvm=bv.49967636%2Cd.dGI%2Cpv.xjs.s.en_US.jOYpRJj4zMA.O%2Cpv.xjs.s.en_US.jOYpRJj4zMA.O&fp=6b16a9f38d3f550&biw=830&bih=680 [Accessed: 21 Jul 2013]. http://asgap.org.au/apol15/sep99-1.html. n.d.. Untitled. [online] Available at: http:// [Accessed: 31 Jul 2013]. Nature.com. n.d.. Untitled. [online] Available at: http://www.nature.com/scitable/content/ne0000/ne0000/ne0000/ne0000/13293816/landry_figure3_ksm.jpg [Accessed: 21 Jul 2013]. Sussex3d.com. 1999. 3D Exemplar Project. [online] Avai...

Guava Extract Soap

...VIII. FINDINGS & RESULTS The researchers found out that the 4 seasons fruits can help minimize pimples and pores. It can also help clear skin impurities because of the anti-oxidants that the soap contains. This research gave us a hard time because there are a lot of instances that the measurements of the ingredients would not compliment the desired results. There can also be a downside in this experiment because the soap is not intended to be used in scars because it might irritate it and it...

Investigatory Project

...Debralynndad proclaimed orange peel as ant repellent. Water based indoor /Outdoor insecticide that may be used around food, humans and pets. Though it kills insects on contact, it is safe to use around food, humans, and pets. It’s inventor was inspired by magazine articles that reported when someone took citrus hand cleaner and poured it down a fire ant hill, every ant was killed. “If you ever look at oranges, you’ll notice that the peels are never bitten into by anything,” says the inve...

Related Studies

...The ugli or ugli fruit is a Jamaican form of tangelo, a citrus fruit created by hybridizing a grapefruit (or pomelo), an orange and a tangerine. It was discovered growing wild (possibly having developed in the same way grapefruit was created) in Jamaica, where it is mainly grown today. The name is a variation of the word "ugly", which refers to the fruit's unsightly appearance, with rough, wrinkled, greenish-yellow rind, wrapped loosely around the orange pulpy citrus inside. The citric acid that...

Pineapple (Ananas comosus) Skin Extract

...The quality of bromelain in the fruit probably not significant, being mostly in the inedible stack. Furthermore, an ingested enzyme like bromelain unlikely to survive intact the proteolytic process of digestion. Pineapple is crammed with vitamins but most of all a very skin friendly enzyme called Bromeliad. With these it fights the damaged done to your skin by free radicals, lifts dirt and dead skin cell. It hydrates and is also know to reduce age spots and fine lines and leaves the skin supple...

Zespri Case Analysis

...As an established kiwifruit produce company with unique product assortment, sales will not decline from a decreased scale of operations. Long-term, Zespri may be able to increase suppliers globally. However, in short-term looking towards a $3 billion dollar goal in 2025, it may make more sense to down-size the amount of suppliers and liquidate any available assets. Another last-resort option for Zespri is to issue and sell more shares to growers outside of New Zealand. In doing so, this will cre...

Allelopathy Lab

...Other variables that could have possibly affected germination of the seeds, was but are not limited to, the amount of sunlight that was given to the seeds, and or if the liquid was evenly distributed. Although, the group measured out the exact amount of liquid needed for the seedlings, I can only wonder if some of the proteins or nourishments were left in the solid blending in the cheesecloths? In the end the hypothesis was supported by the groups data as the hollycock did exhibit signs of allel...

Plant Growth Hormone Lab Report

...The experiment was not flawless due to many errors that occurred. As you can see from my results the beans did not grow at all therefore no data was recorded. The corn and peas that received the Gibberlic acid both grew more than the corn and peas that received the control substance. It looks as though the B-nine, which is supposed to reduce internodal elongation, may have actually stimulated internodal elongation. The IAA results in the corn were accurate, but the lengths of the peas that recei...

Acids, Bases and Natural Indicators

...Anthocyanins are complex molecules that have the ability to add and/or subtract hydroxide (OH-) ions. When anthocyanin is added to acidic solutions, hydroxide (OH-) ions will leave the anthocyanin molecule. On the other hand, when anthocyanin is added to basic solutions, the OH- ions from the water will attach themselves to the anthocyanin molecule.Therefore, anthocyanin is general name given to a series of similar compounds each with a different number of OH- ions attached. Anthocyanin is an in...

Creative Writing Piece – Inner Journeys

...Everything in life has its place explained Toms mother gently. Everything is born to grow and live, and after it has served its purpose, it has to go. Your plant grew the most delicious tomatoes Ive ever tasted, but now its time for your tomato tree to say goodbye.Devastated, Tom handed the plant back to his mother and reflected on their times together. He remembered how he used to watch his little tree dance, its vibrant energy brighter than all the light from the brightest star. He wanted that...

Nutrition and Healthy Food for Children

...Even for dessert there is always a fresh fruit salad offered at lunch. Each child should have a school water bottle they take home every night, they are allowed to bring in sugar-free juice but the school will only offer water as re-fill with the free access to water all day. Parents are encouraged to joing the children for lunch and can book a school dinner. The children have to take part in the Eco school agenda which means they will learn about the growing of fruit and vegetables, fair trade ...

Banana Sap As Natural Ink

...Based from the results gathered in the experiments, the researchers conclude that using Banana sap (Musa × Paradisiaca), in the form of a decoction, is an effective alternative natural ink. Banana saps are free and the other materials needed in making the decoction can be easily found in any household. Furthermore, the researchers conclude that the banana sap is environment friendly because it is organic and safe to use for humans because there are no side effects in using it aside from the sti...

Cezanne's Fruit and Basket

...Because of that we cannot figure out which type of fruits are there. Also brushstrokes are thick and visible. This brushstrokes and use of color moves away the painting from style of nature to more subtract painting. Also we see that there is a distortion between 2d and 3d because of the multiple viewpoints. When we look at the table it seems like artist’s view point is front however when we look at background it look like artist look from right. This distortion adds a different and interestin...

Early Humans

...Well the simple answer is that they used weapon to hunt the animals but we always thought that the early humans are stupid but the truth is that they are actually very smart because of the weapons they used for hunting and another thing they did to hunt food was that back in the early days there was a group of people called hunter gatherers and what hunter gatherers are is that basically a group of people for example from villages (mostly man) would go out to hunt for food mostly everyday and th...

Tree Plantation

...Our government is quite aware to the situation that is in the offing. Thus eve year in the rainy season it is announced by the relevant functionaries of the government that plants will belted in the towns and villages during a specified period-called Tree Plantation Fortnight’. This movement of afforestation has, by now, gained a momentum. People have become aware of the utility of trees and their economic value. During the fortnight the relevant departments of the government supply thousands ...

Significance of the Studying Camias

...Dishwashing liquid as a source of toxins is no exception. Some of the toxins that can be found in non-organic dishwashing liquid include, synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde, silicones, acrylates, preservative and genetically modified organisms, to name only a few-just to wash your dishes! The harmful effects come from these chemicals and more. Even the foam-builders, and coloring agents can be toxic to our system. And it's not at all needed to have clean dishes. These chemicals are not good for...

Vegetable gardening

...I can practice it either in the outdoors or indoors as it is highly flexible and consumes only a little space. Vegetables have a very attractive color which is cool and represents the green vegetation of nature. These crops take a short period of time to grow and they are very delicious irrespective of whether they are consumed in their raw state or after being cooked. Work cited: vegetablegardeners. com: When you’re Vegetable Gardening, You Can Have Your Cake and eat it too! 2010, Retrieved o...


...Although the author has good has good narrative skills and good organization of  the happenings in an orderly manner that makes it easier for the reader to link ideas his narrative, his design and navigation for the pictures used are lacking. This is because the  author expresses the happenings in a progressive manner,  with strong narrative skills which are evident by the way he presents the events that took place during the buying point of the cucumbers and has presented the events have bee...

Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) as alternative Glue

...Concerning the hemicellulose content of the stem, the richest varieties are Veludo and Bogiatou (17%); Veludo has the highest content of hemicellulose in the dry, mature fruits (19%). Concerning the seed oil content, Levadias and Pyleas had a high content of palmitic acid (28%) and Kilkis a high content of linoleic acid (52%). Oil content was 15–19% in all varieties. The Bogiatou and Levadias varieties produced a cake containing more than 30% proteins. The yield in oil, the quality of its prot...

Steps in Vegetable Carving

...Instructions 1. Cucumber White Lotus Flower 1.Cut a cucumber into three sections to make three shorter pieces. 2.Cut out eight petals of equal size by cutting three-millimeters deep into the cucumber and two inches down the length of the cucumber. These cuts will form the outer petals, each three millimeters thick and two inches long. 3.Repeat this same process with another internal layer to make another eight flaps that are three-millimeters thick. Center each petal of this layer between two pe...

Childhood Nostalgia

...The black tiled roof, in my opinion, is the most appealing strength of the house as those hundreds of tiles are engraved with delicate patterns, making the tiles bumpy and coarse. Under the roof, there is a tiny nest of swallows which symbolize peace and happiness in China. The morning at my grandparents’ house is welcomed everyday with the harmonic songs that the birds provide. These fine details of the house always linger in my head, persuading me to visit my grandparents, as these memories ...

Crop Protection and Pest Control

...Despite comprehensive measures in the health and hygiene sector, pests cannot be exterminated but may only be reduced to minimum levels by taking well-aimed measures. Nowadays, we constantly have to “master” new challenges – in the literal sense of the word – due to globalisation in every-day life. SARS, bird flu or other global phenomena are spreading rapidly. As a pest controller, we therefore have to make a contribution to minimising modern threats to human life. Pests are always invo...

Calamansi and Onion

...People with foot odor usually produces more sweat than a regular foot. Sweat doesn’t have odor itself but when bacteria reacts on it, that’s the time that unnecessary odor is produced. There are two ways of getting rid of smelly feet. One is to remove the bacteria ob feet and the other one is two reduce sweating. Sweat makes an appropriate environment for bacteria so, the easy way out to prevent foot odor is to dry up one’s foot to dry up the bacterial environment. (Your Foot Health Inc. ,...

Fruits of Malaysia


Significance of Fruit Wine

...Fruit wine can be sweet and fruity or not sweet, more complex and nuanced. And fruit wine is not just made from one fruit (grapes) but from every single fruit imaginable that is not a grape. And most fruits have numerous varieties with a range of flavors. Apples, of course, are different from figs. But beyond that, how many different kinds of apples are there? Tons! An apple wine could be made from a single kind of apple or a blend of Golden Delicious, Macintosh and Fuji apples — with each typ...

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