My Summer Adventures

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This summertime I didn’t truly have much to do aside from work, I had three tasks and it wasn’t the funniest thing, but I earned a great deal of money. In addition, I spent some time coming to school in the after middays and exercising. Nevertheless, this summer not like my other summertimes I had some new experiences and memories the make me smile. First, summer season is hot and with that brings the truth that people never go out nor feel like doing anything.

In addition, three tasks made it a lot more difficult for me to head out and had ass much downtime ass possible. However, the times I had the opportunity of having fun it would not go to waste I would make it count for the books.

This summer I hade three jobs one of them was working ass a pizza maker in Straw Hat Pizza. Then I would work as a field worker in the watermelon, the best thing off this were all the new people that I meet during the time I worked.

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Next, I had another job as a waiters of a Mexican restaurant. This were the jobs that I had over the summer, something I know is that if it wouldn’t of been for this jobs I wouldn’t be as happy and proud of my self. My experiences thought me a lot of values about life and one of them was hard work.

Another activity I did over the summer was going to the lake to swim and chill with my friends, this was pretty fun to do.

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I also stayed home watch TV and eat some snacks because I was too tired to do something. Last, I went to other towns to hang out with my old friends.

Finally, yeah this summer wasn’t what I expected or want I wanted to do but it was a good summer were I made money and relaxed enough to get ready for school. It was also a short summer were I wish I could of done a lot more. Last, I’m happy because I meet new people and saw old friends.

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My Summer Adventures

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