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There has been many good and many bad things in my life. Although it was only at the age of five, I will always remember when my godfather David passed away. My mom dad and I lived together with David in Mathews, Virginia. I was always with him and would never leave his side; I was more attached to him than I was to my father. We did everything together we went to the playground, he took me to work with him, and we would take our dog on walks.

He was the most special person to me, and I will always have a burning hole in my heart without him by my side. It was my birthday, May 18th, 2002 and my family would always take me out to dinner on my birthday. The whole day I couldn’t wait for David to get home so we could get ready together for dinner, I hadn’t seen him all day because he had work, and I had school.

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When he arrived at our house as usual he came to my room and gave me the biggest bear hug, David said, “Are you ready for our dinner sweetheart.”

I said, “Yes, I’ve been waiting all day I’m so excited to go.” So we both got ready for dinner, I chose to eat a Ruby Tuesdays because when I was that age it was my favorite restaurant. Before we went to dinner mom, dad, and David gave me the presents that they had gotten me, of course I was thankful for everything I had gotten.

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Mom, dad, and I drove separately from David; he rode his motorcycle. We had the best time at dinner, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I loved eating out away from home, and it was always a big treat to me. Since it was my birthday I ordered a steak, the staff surprised me by singing Happy Birthday and bringing me a free piece of delicious chocolate lava cake. Chocolate lava cake happened to be my favorite dessert so you could not imagine the happiness it brought me for them to surprise me with it. Afterward, we all went to Walmart and David told me I could pick out one toy from the toy isle, and he would buy it for me.

This treatment was nothing out of the ordinary David always treated me like a princess and bought me little gifts just because. Once we checked out at Walmart, we all decided we would meet back at the house. David wouldn’t be home until a little after us because he was some plans to take care of, but he told me he loved me and would see me in the morning before he went to work. Later that night my mom woke me up and said David had lost control of his motorcycle going around a turn and had gotten split in half by a road sign. I couldn’t believe what happened I was astonished, I was in doubt. It just couldn’t be true that someone that I loved so much was tooken from me on what is supposed to be the best day each year for me. I cried and cried.

At his funeral, the preacher spoke of me, how special of a person I was to him and that I was the light of his eyes. Anywhere David was I was strolling right behind him with the biggest smile on my face. The preacher said, “If any of you lose hope that he is not on this earth anymore, look at that little girl because he will always be watching over her.” Each birthday I start my day off with going to see my Guardian Angel at his resting place. He has always been and forever will be a part of my heart. In life, this has taught me anything can change in a matter of seconds people come and go, even people who mean the world to you. Sadly you can’t change what has happened but you have to move forward and grow from the experience because I know that he continually watches over me and will never leave my side.

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