History of Pizza

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Pizza is one of my favorite foods and I could probably eat it every day if I had the chance. Living in Chicago I have had deep dish pizza once or twice, but it just doesn’t do it for me. I like my crust thin, the thinner the better. Some days I want a ton of cheese and toppings, but other days just some tomatoes, basil, and a splash of fresh mozzarella does it for me.

The last time I had pizza was Monday night.

Our landlord bought it for us from Bacci pizza up the street. He got the family size which was enough for a family of ten, and it was loaded with everything imaginable. They have awesome crust there and really load on the toppings. I not sure of the exact price, but looking on their website I’d say he spent about $40.00.

According to http://www.lifeinitaly.com/food/pizza-history.asp pizza comes from the Italian work pinsa meaning flatbread.

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Pizza started as a peasant food and dough was made with the ingredients that the people could get their hands on. It was traditionally topped with olive oil and fresh herbs. When Indian water buffalo fresh mozzarella was introduced it gave the pizza a whole new twist.

In Italy fresh mozzarella is still used, unlike America where we throw just about any kind of cheese on a pizza. Before the 18th century Italians thought that tomatoes were poisonous and they were only used as decoration. It is thought that because the peasants were probably starving that they started using tomatoes in their foods and on their pizza.

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This gave Italian cooking a whole new dimension.

I find that the history of food is very important. We should know where it came from, and how it was prepared before it was Americanized. Someday I will be going to Italy and trying real pizza.

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History of Pizza

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