Banana Peel as an alternative for a shoe polish Essay

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Banana Peel as an alternative for a shoe polish

I. Rationale

Banana is a staple starch for many tropical populations.Depending upon cultivar and ripeness, the flesh can vary in taste from starchy to sweet, and texture from firm to mushy. Bananas are an excellent source of vitamin B6 and contain moderate amounts of vitamin C, manganese and dietary fiber.

There many uses of the “banana”; banana sap from the pseudostem, peelings or flesh may be sufficiently sticky for adhesive uses, the large leaves may be used as umbrellas and many more. One of these is the banana peel.We eat banana almost everyday. There are 100 bananas consumed in the UK alone, how much more would it be including the rest of the world?

Aside from us being satisfied from it, instead of throwing the peel after we eat or putting it aside why not use them. By doing this we can help in lessening the chemical use in the society, to maintain a greener environment and to save money by using alternatives.

Instead of banana peel,is there another alternative for a shoe polisher? An alcohol. Alcohol is more effective than the banana peel because it can really clean any item while the banana peel might stain the shoe.


The study aspired primarily, to search for alternative ways of a shoe polisher. Lastly, to make a simple preparation and pocket friendly.
1.How do you use the banana peel?
2. Will the banana leave an odor on the shoe once it has been rubbed?
3. Does alcohol have dangerous chemicals that can destroy the shoe?

Our goal for our project is to share useful informations on how to save money and to be resourceful.This finding will not only benefit the people but also for our Mother Earth.

The review of the study focuses on the banana peel and the alcohol, on wich works best.Why the banana peel is one of the alternatives for a shoe polisher,what’s in it’s skin that makes it an alternative for a shoe polish.,Banana peels are as useful as banana. The contain antifungal,antibiotic and enzymatic properties that can be put to good use. Plus they’re moist and nutritious.,Banana peels are also used for water purification, to produce ethanol, cellulase, laccase and in composting.

Definition of Terms:
Antifungal- destroying fungal and their growth.
Antibiotic- a medicine that inhibits the growth of or destroys microorganisms.
Enzymatic- of relating to, or produced by an enzyme.
Moist- slightly wet.
Nutritious- nourishing
Purification- is when things are cleaned and made pure.
Ethanol- an intoxicating liquor containing this liquid.
Cellulase- an enzyme that converts cellulose into glucose or a disaccharide.
Laccase- are copper-containing oxides enzymes that are found in many plants,fungi and microorganisms.

IV. Materials
•Banana peel
•soft cloth or brush

V. Procedure
First, peel a banana and separate the peel into three pieces. Preferably, wait until you want to eat a banana rather than peeling one just for your shoes. Second, rub your leather shoes with the inside of the banana peel. Use the same circular motions that you would use with regular shoe polish.Don’t worry if it gets a little messy. Lastly, Buff the shoe with a soft cloth. An old T-shirt or dust cloth will work well. This will remove any banana that may have been left behind on the shoe. (do this with the alcohol)

VI. Time Table
Date: Time: What to do/task:
1/29/15 Assign on who will bring the assigned materials. 2/1/15 Start the project.

VII. Budget
We won’t be buying anything because the materials can be found in the house.

VII. Proponents
Clarita Isabel Baran Donessa Kasandra Rule Villafranca
Khazel Mae Yntig Maila Angela Ybiernas

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