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A street car named desire

The second conclusion would simply be that Stanley cannot stand the though of Stella leaving him as it would demean his manhood. Stanley’s masculinity means a lot to him, as does his pride, if Stella were to walk out on him he would lose face amongst his piers. Therefore, he goes outside and makes a… View Article

Votes for women

It implies that women can be highly educated as they to university to get a degree for teaching or study for 7 years to be a doctor who makes decisions life’s and save lives in everyday life and still not have the vote, when a man can be a lunatic and still be fit for… View Article

African-American women

Firstly however we must address the problems that occur when separating the effects of time and interference. Baddeley and Hitch (1977) conducted a survey whereby they asked rugby players to recall the names of teams they had played against during the previous season. Due to illness and injury some of the players had been unable… View Article

Women and the Second World War Sources Questions

Before World War II, not many women worked, and there were certain jobs that people believed women couldn’t or shouldn’t do. Women didn’t have any kind of military role before the war. Most women were used to getting married, having children and bringing them up, and having a husband around the place who would usually… View Article

Women in the 1960s

The “swinging sixties” can be seen as a political, economical and social breakthrough for women in Great Britain. A British woman’s position in the 1960s was greatly improved by the Pill as it could be said that women were put in a position of superiority over men because, for probably the first time they were… View Article

Role of Women Under Stalin

What was the role and status of women in Russia from 1924-1941 under Josef Stalin? This topic is going to be investigated because over the course of Russian history, each leader, from Lenin to Stalin to Khrushchev, had a different position regarding the role and status of women, as Stalin was Russia’s leader during World… View Article

Women Beware Women

“The Changeling” is a striking illustration of how the genius of a great dramatist can transform the most unpromising melodrama into the subject matter of a memorable and harrowing psychological tragedy. Una Ellis- Fermor, in “The Jacobean Drama: An Interpretation”, describes the tragedy as the “most compact and pitiless in this drama”, containing “elements of… View Article

The Changing Role of Women: The Second World War

1. a) The aim of this poster is to persuade women to work in factories. The poster shows the woman at the forefront as big, strong and powerful to encourage women to enter employment to help with the war effort. The viewers of the poster, see the woman from below, focusing on a type of… View Article

Women In The Military

Women in the military has been a controversial topic for many years now, and the roles they play in the armed services. In this paper I will discuss the roles women have occupied, and if they should be allowed to participate on the front lines in war. This has been a topic receiving more attention… View Article

Does desperate houswives offer new repesentations of women

I am going to focus on the representation of women in Desperate Housewives and see whether traditional stereotypes are used or whether Desperate Housewives offers new representations of women. Desperate Housewives started in 2004. It attracted 4. 86 million viewers by the end of its first series and became the biggest U. S T. V… View Article

Account for the Recent Expansion in the Choice of Women

Women’s magazines used to cater for housewives only, giving tips on managing the home. Men’s magazine’s used to be for hobbies like fishing or ‘top shelf’. This began to change as a result of the change in society and leisure time. Anything that changes in society will, naturally, affect the content and style of the… View Article

How are women portrayed in The Millers Tale

The Miller’s Tale was written and is set in medieval England, a time when women had much fewer rights than men, and were more or less just owned by their fathers, and then by their husbands when they got married. 17th century United States in The Crucible has a slightly different society but also has… View Article