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The Role of Women in Arthurian Romances

It is a popular format that a woman is the lead character in contemporary romances. But not in stories form the middle ages. They are typically dominated by men and women are but damsels in distress. Kings and knights are more likely the words that come to mind when discussing about stories from the middle… View Article

Working Women’s Wages

In the prior years, discrimination against women also occurred in terms of wages. The Equal Pay Act was passed into law 1963. Despite this, women were paid about 45 percent less than men in 1970s; about 32 percent less in 1988, but working on the same job. Today, women’s wages “have become an increasingly important… View Article

Women in the Nineteenth Century

Contributions to Psychology: Dr. Gilbreth was one of those rare breed of individuals who achieved widespread acclaim in more than one discipline, psychology and engineering. Dr. Lillian Gilbreth and her husband Frank (who never went to college) created the field of time and motion study. Although her doctorate was in psychology, she managed to blaze… View Article

Women In “King Lear”

Women share center stage in most of the Shakespearen works. Many a plot by his pen involve women in the main themes. Sometimes the plot is revolved solely around them leading to a tragedy. In King Lear, Cordelia is the source of all troubles which finally leads to her own distruction along with her father… View Article

Women and Aging

Women over sixty aren‘t always happy with the size of their bodies. (1999, Tunaley, Walsh, Nicholson) The authors relays the message that “Many of the older women were dissatisfied with their body size, highlighting the cross-generational influence of a ’thin ideal of size. ’” Aging women feel that they need to work harder on their… View Article

The Role of Women and Minorities in the History of the Labor Movement

Labor movements emerged as the working class and workers grouped into association in a bid to fight for their interests at the workplaces. Their interests which were mainly better treatment by the employers and the sate government called for creation of particular laws that concerned working relations. The specific collective associations that have existed within… View Article

1900 – 1945: Role of Women

 The roles of women continuously evolve as the generation turns. American women of the 20th Century might have contributed a lot to the current generation. They might also have worsened the current situation in America. However way they contributed, they are still considered as vital factors in the growth of every nation. This paper will… View Article

Insecure women

Women in classical literature have been portrayed in a very stereotypical fashion. More often than not, women characters in both poetry and prose have been characterized as very submissive. They have been shown to be very dependent on men, specifically their husbands. They do not exert and power. They are but mere accessories for men… View Article

Critical Response Paper

“For women to be denied a sense of their own indeed, to be informed that there exists no history worth recounting – is to suggest that they have been shaped by something other than history.” (Strong-Boag, Gleason, and Perry, 1)             The study of women is not only for women alone but also for men… View Article

Revolutionary Women in Postrevolutionary Mexico

Jocelyn Olcott in the book “Revolutionary Women in Postrevolutionary Mexico” provides a historic outlook on the role of women during the critical stages of regime consolidation in Mexico. Author shows women as being active and participative in creating the future of own country. The book is organized in 6 chapters. While the first chapter gives… View Article

Women In The Freedon World

The political organization of Women’s Liberation has made the movement with minimal domination of ‘leaders’. This concept made initial contribution to development of new policy or understanding of oppression of women. In other words this movement was like women’s rise of consciousness. Many liberationists see women’s rise of consciousness as one of the most important… View Article

The Hours: Radical Disparities between Novel and Film

Michael Cunningham’s novel The Hours, encompassing three generations of women who go through their worst problems in a day and its film adaptation present some radical disparities which make the audience see the film in a different light. The first story is of Virginia Woolf just beginning to write Mrs. Dalloway in 1923. Another focuses… View Article

The Necessity Of Women

Humanity and its civilization owe an integral part to the dedicated organization, activism and alliance brought about by women’s liberation. Be it in the forefront of reproductive health and sexual issues, women’s suffrage and other political rights, gender equality/inequality, domestic violence, labor abuse and similar gender endeavors, issues and concerns, women’s liberation – its movement,… View Article

The Representation of Women in the Play

In Arthur Miller’s play “Death of a Salesman,” the theme of happiness or completeness of life is central to the play’s dramatic impact. The play explores how the lives of a man and his sons are connected through contemporary ideas of manhood and family. In the play, many aspects of masculinity are presented in a… View Article

The Role 19th century Women

Women in General Society             Pride and Prejudice is a novel written by Jane Austin, which depicts the women’s life in the early 19th century. Pride and prejudice was written by a young woman in her early twenties, in the context of her day in which women’s rights were mot valued particularly in term of… View Article

The Treatment of Christian, Judaism, and Islam Women

Women are known to be the weaknesses of man because man cannot live without the presence of women, as a saying goes “No women, No peace”. As many years passed by, treatment for women have changed. In fact, women before have no right in making decisions and to work with other people in the society…. View Article

The Threat of Contracting AIDS has Changed Dating Habits

            It can be argued that dating before the advent of the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and in the present where AIDS is obviously a threat to sexually active individuals has not changed too much. For one, from the Flower Power years in the 1960’s to the present, men and women of different ages… View Article

Theme Of Women In Different Artistic Periods

Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical, and Romantic are all artistic movements of centuries past.  It is through the artistic movements that one can capture a glimpse of society and the way life was lived during that time.  Thoughts and feelings are exposed as well as facts are captured by the artist.  It is as if time stands… View Article

“Things Fall Apart”: Role and Treatment of Women

“Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe describes tribal life in the jungles of Africa. Actually, the author speaks about Ibo community before the arrival of a white man. Achebe provides detailed overview of Ibo community interpreting their proverb and myths and analyzing the status and role of women in Ibo society and in pre-colonial Africa…. View Article

The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis

In Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story, The Yellow Wallpaper, strong themes of captivity and entrapment are in play in regards to how women perceive their specific situations. In the story, the troubled narrator goes through a lot of soul searching, but after a while, the wallpaper itself in the story is given much more meaning… View Article

The Status of Women in Egyptian Society

The article entitled “The Status of Women in Egyptian Society” illustrates how Egyptian women enjoyed more rights than their counterparts in ancient times. Unlike other societies where women had lesser rights and opportunities than men, Egyptian society posits men and women as equals.  This equality provides Egyptian women the legal and economic rights usually deprived… View Article

Women’s Roles

The role of women has definitely changed throughout the course of time. The past century saw the transformation of women’s role. In the East where conservative beliefs were still the mainstream thought women were often left at home to tend to the household and the children. In Taiwan and China, women’s roles were often second… View Article

Representation of Women in History

Throughout American history, women have been the backbone of the country, working at taking care of their families, and the country itself. The recognition of this is shown by the different representations of America in a female context. Whether as a insolent young Native American princess who has wronged her British mother, or as Roman… View Article

Women in Art

The role of women in the Art is complex because artists were affected both by the art and stories of the past and the women that they saw around them every day. The influence of the various roles of woman produced some of the greatest art. Women had a different role in ancient Greek society… View Article

Status of Women in India

in india“When one boy is educated, one person will be wise. When one girl is educated entire family will be wise.” This is famous quote by girl education pioneer Mahatma Phule. This underlines the importance women in society. From the time of independence our constitution concentrated to give enough right for women. But the problem… View Article

The Transforming of Women in Medieval Literature

Over the countless years of history man and woman have realized that they must come together in order to survive. Whether it was solely for the continuation of our race through procreation, or by uniting one with another in matrimony; the two genders have found it impediment to spend their lives in each other’s midst…. View Article

Women: Past and Present

The Past and Present: From North American Women to Women of the Middle East The female plays a vital role in every culture, but the expectation of a woman is different from North America to the Middle East. American women had to fight for their current rights, but in some countries women are not given… View Article

American Women

The American society was such a fragmented society in its early days of independence that various sectors of the society have had to free themselves through the hard way. The racial segregation between the blacks of the south and the whites of the north took a long time to resolve, and the solution came only… View Article

Trifles And A Doll’s House

Minnie Wright and Nora Helmer are women living very different lifestyles. One is living the arduous life of a farmer’s wife while the other is enjoying the fruits of her husband’s white-collar occupation. One has had her youthful beauty and joy taken from her while the other is still young and beautiful. One woman lives… View Article

Tyranny of Kindness

Introduction: Funiciello begins her book ‘Tyranny of Kindness’ with a bang. She highlights the cruel kindness of the multitude of welfare measures that do not fare well! Whereas the taxpayers are told that they (the schemes) are the ‘best orchestras’, in reality they are the ‘muffled drums’ as for their benefit to the poor. The… View Article