Essay About Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding is a natural phenomenon that has been there since time memorial since every human being is a product of breastfeeding. Billions of women all over the world do it on a daily basis without stopping to think about it. However, in the recent past, there has been sexualization of breastfeeding leading to a heated discussion if women should do it in the public space (Mulready-Ward & Hackett, 2014). Despite the fact that it is a natural and healthy method of feeding infants, it has come under attack by some section of people who are hypocritical opponents (Scott, Kwok, Synnott, Bogue, Amarri, S.

, Noris & INFABIO Project Team). The issue has grown bigger and bigger to the extent that women that are trying to breastfeed their kids fear being harassed and humiliated in the public sphere. However, women should be free to breastfeed their kids in the public amid the public outcry against the motherly practice.

​Breastfeeding not only confers to the child physical benefits but also help the child achieve cognitive and socio-emotional development.

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Breastfeeding increases the level of IQ of a growing child 10 fold and it decreases the incidence of specific cancers as well as childhood obesity (Mulready-Ward & Hackett, 2014). According to a report published by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, infants that were completely fed on breastmilk for at least 3 months or longer had higher rates of intelligence scores (Amir, 2014). The most recent research shows a link between breastfeeding and lower rates of type 2 diabetes, childhood obesity, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome as well as leukemia (Anderson et al.

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, 2017). The advantages that breastfeeding provides alone are enough to save the government off the funds that would have been spent in fighting the diseases (Mulready-Ward & Hackett, 2014). Consequently, it would be wise if we focus our attention on issues that need attention as well as public outcry instead of wasting public money, resources and media attention on the issue of breastfeeding in public. In the process, the community will improve on confronting problems that are more legitimate.

​It is not moral and legal to be nude in the public and therefore since breastfeeding has some nudity it should not be allowed in public places. It should be born in the people’s minds that nudity in the public place makes people get uncomfortable (Grant, 2016). Breasts are sexual organs whose public display is prohibited by the law (Grant, 2016). Consequently, it is not logical that mothers should be allowed having this nudity in the name of breastfeeding. The most recent study shows that a significant majority of the parents cannot imagine their kids being exposed to this form of nudity. It will affect their moral growth negatively.

​Companies spend millions of money annually on motor vehicle advertisements, beer advertisements and currently mortgage companies are using breastfeeding to let the public know about their products. Our communities are always booming with offensive advertisements such as pornographic billboards that one is bound to see on their way to work. So many magazines cover feature women that are almost naked which every five years old is bound to see in such places as the entrance and exits of grocery stores and other commercials that promote condoms and body lotions (Amir, 2014). It beats the logic that there is no public outcry against these uncensored advertisements. Any parent will point out that the advertisements are offensive but avoiding them in a normal day is an impossible mission to accomplish (Mulready-Ward & Hackett, 2014). Therefore, it is important to conclude that one offense at the sight of a baby suckling milk from their mother’s breast should not be an excuse to dictate other people’s fundamental human rights (Anderson et al., 2017). According to the WHO, breastfeeding is a basic human right. In fact, it is as basic as being provided with the most natural and nutritious food at the start of life.

​A majority of women that breastfeed in public do not do so because they feel it is their right. The ability to get out of home after many weeks and months after giving birth is undeniably essential for mothers to reduce the chances of suffering from post-natal depression (Amir, 2014). A certain section of people postulate that breastfeeding should be done at home, bottle-feeding should be the best alternative, and it is true but it is crucial to have it in mind that babies are never always as clockwork and such things as the spilled bottled will be an environmental menace (Anderson et al., 2017). On top of that, there is scientific evidence that breasts become tender and sore in the cases where women do not get a chance of expressing and spending time away from home working will necessitate a feed. It is nearly impossible for women to keep on preparing for such challenges every day, for example, it is inconveniencing for women to have to go home whenever they need to express (Amir, 2014). It is due to the fact that the mother has a myriad of issues to deal with which makes them too tired to have such arrangements. Additionally, the health of a child and that of a mother are far more important than the concern of another person wanting to have a glimpse of an exposed breast.

​Women should never feel uncomfortable while breastfeeding in public since any person that is likely to see her breasts grew from breastfeeding. However, the only difference that might arise is the location of their mother when they were doing the same. I agree with the assertion that women should make an effort of covering themselves up while breastfeeding. The breast should never be a disgusting feature in the case of nursing mothers. A vast majority of the world’s cultures do not have any negative notions against breasts for the simple reason of breastfeeding (Amir, 2014). Parents that are worried about their kids having a glimpse of the breasts should explain to them the essence of breastfeeding. This will play an important role in enabling future generations in getting into terms with the benefits of breastfeeding. In the United States of America, a significant number of states have enacted laws in a bid to protect the rights of the mothers that are breastfeeding. Currently, more than 49 states have passed legislation to allow women to breastfeed in the public (Mulready-Ward & Hackett, 2014). On top of that, 21 others have laws that exempt mothers from public indecency laws (Mulready-Ward & Hackett, 2014). Therefore, many of the public places in the states embrace breastfeeding and treat it for what it is.

​Overall, women should have the right to breastfeed in public without fear of judgment or humiliation. Breastfeeding provides many health benefits to the growing child. Breastfeeding in public allows mothers to conduct their daily activities without being inconvenienced. Breastfeeding should not be equated to the public display of nudity. All countries in the world should enact laws that protect mother’s breastfeeding their kids in the public space.

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