The Endless Battle of the Sexes

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The battle of the sexes has been ongoing throughout history. In the bible, the story of Adam and Eve portrays Eve has the initial sinner. She was the one who went against God’s rule and ate the fruit. Her punishment was painful childbirth and to be a subordinate to man. Adam’s punishment was hard work to be able keep himself sustained. Whether or not you are religious, this story is a clear definition of the gender roles that have been upheld by us.

Men do the hard work and women are the fairer sex. There is a large population of the world that believe this was the creation of man and so the promotion of this gender bias continues today. From a biological point, men are physically stronger in their upper body. This supports the idea that men have to work for what they need. Until recently, women have been viewed as weaker than men.

In today’s culture, the unbalanced view of the sexes is much more complicated.

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Women do the same jobs as men, and get paid less. They are no longer the homemakers, as they have their own careers and aspirations. Some do not have children or marry. The stereotype of women being less than a man is still prevalent, despite how they are more equal than ever before. The roles are being redefined and there is still a glass ceiling in many careers that keep women from reaching the same levels of success as a man.

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In law firms, women lawyers are often underpaid and are non-equity partner so they do not receive part of the company’s profits. This is commonplace for many fields. According to a Pew research poll, 43% of the women polled have experienced discrimination based on gender.

By comparison, 18% of men experienced the same discrimination. There is still a lot of work to be done to create equality in the workplace. To add to this battle, we know have people who don’t identify with a gender, and then some are transgender. Within this subset, they are seen as less than because they are not biologically female or male depending on what they identify with. For instance, transgender women often try to associate with women for having the same “women’s issue”. Women born female reject them because they were not always a female physically, so they have not experienced the same issues. While this may be true, this creates separation between us.

I am hopeful that one day there will be more equality between men and women. I don’t think this is possible in my lifetime. I feel once my generation and older generations have died, the chances of equality for sexes and races will be greater. The younger generations are much more diverse, open minded, and are rejecting the stereotypes that we have held onto for so long. They will teach their children to treat others with respect and not to judge based on preconceived notions. Of course there will be some who still are hateful towards others different from themselves. I think the majority will be for equality and the others will have to recoil.

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The Endless Battle of the Sexes

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