The End Of Men And The Rise Of Women

There are huge changes that have been occurring in the world today regarding gender roles and equality. There was a time when the world was mostly male-dominated, and men were in charge of all the jobs and businesses. They had full access to positions of influence, status, and control. From the beginning, we lived in a patriarchal society where male privilege prevailed. Women were considered “second-class” citizens, and weren’t given nearly the same rights and opportunities as men. For so long, due to widely accepted gender norms and stereotypes, men continued to have the upper hand over women.

They continued to be the dominant sex for as long as we can remember. However, things are changing now, and quite rapidly. One important example of the shift in women’s roles can be seen in South Korea. For the past few centuries, South Korea has maintained a strictly patriarchal society where only male children were preferred. Women who didn’t produce male children were abused and constantly treated like slaves.

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There was no doubt about the fact that males were preferred in every way over women, and women lived in oppression. However, between the 1970s and 1980s, a positive change came about in South Korea: women began joining the labor force and also started going to college.

They began to advance faster than ever before, and began getting better jobs. Women who used to have industry jobs could now get professional work. It was then that the traditional way of life began to crumble, and possibilities began opening up for women.

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There was a time when male preference and privilege was so incredibly high in Korea, but that ended up changing so fast that people could hardly believe it. This change is beginning to happen rapidly in other countries as well, such as India and China. What is the reason for these sudden shifts in women’s roles? Well, it turns out that in today’s world, there is much less use for masculine qualities such as physical strength and stamina. Long ago, economic success depended on these characteristics; however, that is no longer the case.

The economy today is dependent upon valuable characteristics such as social intelligence, effective communication skills, and the ability to focus and learn things quickly. These characteristics are predominantly female, and this fact can be shown through several examples; women in destitute parts of India are learning English much faster than men to meet the requirements of working at global customer service call centers. In China, more than forty percent of private businesses are owned by women! These strides are quite magnificent. Women are starting to outnumber men in both professional and college programs. Men still occupy two out fifteen job categories that will grow the most in the next 10 years: computer engineering and janitoring. However, women are occupying everything else: women are nurses, child care specialists, and food preparers.

Although these jobs aren’t yet particularly high-paying, the constant buildup of these jobs is leading to an economy that is controlled and operated by women. Men aren’t in the front row anymore. Although there is no reason why men can’t also get these jobs, men are showing an inability to adapt, and so these fields are rapidly being filled up by women. Women now dominate in several jobs that were once male-dominated; teacher and secretary are two examples. The opposite can be said for men, however. Nursing schools and teaching schools, for instance, have tried very hard to recruit men but have not succeeded. There is also another problem, and that is that men seem to turn away from jobs and careers that women are entering into. There is such a narrow range of roles that are considered “acceptable” for men, and this is definitely going to cause men to lag behind as women continue to advance forward.

Updated: Jun 05, 2022
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