Difference between women now and centuries ago

Women are important asset in one’s life even if you are living in the 1800’s, 1900’s or nowadays. The difference between women living years ago and now might varies, such as cultural, social, and fashionable differences. Have you ever wondered what women’s role in life was? Well this depends on the perspective of the person whether a male or a female, it also depends on the time zone. At various time throughout history, working women were viewed as cruel and not devoted to help their children and family.

This is wrong; women should develop, gain rights, and become more independent because ignorance kills the identity of a person. What’s the difference between women’s life nowadays and before?

Men considered women in ancient societies to be only wives who cook, and take care of their house and children; on the other hand nowadays men look at women as a respectful hard worker and an important asset to our society.

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Examples of change, women in ancient societies were forbidden to vote. Yet, a brave woman Lydia Taft was courageous enough to be the first women who breaks the rule and vote , after this courageous act New Zealand decided to allow women to vote , since then women made a great change and made their rights approximately equal.

Women in the earlier centuries were not allowed to be sociable, they were not allowed to walk on the streets alone or even travel alone, and on the other hand women recently are free to do whatever they like.

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Even marriage has different aspects many years ago women didn’t have a choice who to marry or to see his face. Marriage took place through tribal processes and father’s decision, but Nowadays women might marry without even caring what her parent’ point of view. This gave the freedom of choice, and by this way less family divorces will occur.

Job opportunities for women differ from back then and now. What comes in mind when someone first asks you what is the gender of an engineer instantly
what comes in mind is a man. Nowadays this all changed women have many unlimited opportunities in jobs. They can get paid sometimes more than men, they can now run companies, and unlike many years ago their best job is to be teachers. Another aspect is their clothing. Women were extremely cautious when it comes to what to wear. Back then it was rude to wear like nowadays small skirts, Shorts that show thighs, and much more.

Education plays an important role to portray how women nowadays differ than women lived centuries ago. Education back then was only offered to men, this lead huge inequality between sexes. This made illiteracy rate high and affect the society negatively making only one brain in the family working rather than two brains. Education is the core of life. Nowadays education is a must and societies are in a good shape due to both sexes educated.

Due to the publisher Cox, Matthews & Associates, Inc., from a journal of an unknown author, his point of view stands with that education for women is a vital role that has high opportunities unlike women that didn’t get educated centuries ago. “Many of us here at Diverse have been privileged to meet dynamic women in the world of higher education and beyond. They lead some of the most demanding and consequential organizations and programs on the planet. No longer sitting on the decision-making sidelines, they have shattered the glass ceiling and, subsequently, have introduced new ways of thinking about and approaching leadership.”

Women that are recognized and entered history books will always be praised and remembered as heroes; unlike women living centuries ago that are illiterate. Example from Belle S.Wheelan , president of the accrediting body since 2005, it also means “Students Are Central to Success,” a fitting description for what motivates her on the job. Wheelan is the first African American and the first woman to lead SACS.”

Women struggled a lot in the earlier centuries, but as time passes everything changes. Women achieved a lot and made it into the highest rank in over society. A wise man once said “Every brave warrior was once a defenseless baby and every building was once a picture it’s not about where you are today but where you’ll reach tomorrow”. Reference: 25 WOMEN MAKING
A DIFFERENCE. (2012). Diverse Issues in Higher Education, 29(2), 10-15. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/928543490?accountid=8555

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Difference between women now and centuries ago

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