Difference Essay Topics

“Tipping” vs. Bribery

There are many similarities between paying a large tip to secure a better table in a restaurant and offering a bribe to secure a business contract. Firstly, both are essentially bribery. In both situations the bribe is something like an expression of gratitude before the fact, or, more accurately, an imposition of obligatory reciprocation—in both… View Article

Cake vs. Pie

There are two different types of people in the dessert world, the pie people and the cake people. These two desserts are both wonder in my world but there are lots of differences in these two similar after dinner treats. Pies are warm, baked, with a gooey filling of your choice. They have a hard… View Article

A World of Difference

Why do people live in one geographical area all their lives? Throughout my life time, this question has always fascinated me. What is the purpose, and what are the benefits? As a young girl, I grew up in the Mid-West, the famed “bread-basket” of the United States of America. My family owned a small dairy… View Article

How the Maid Made a Difference

Maid in Manhattan is one of the many Hollywood movies which portrayed the typical fairytale cliche—a love that went wrong but with the couple eventually ending happily ever after. The movie rose above the usual chick flicks in the industry through its capitalistic twist, nonetheless. Marisa Ventura, the hotel maid and single mother from the… View Article

Father Brown vs Brother Cadfael

Father Brown and Brother Cadfael were both men of the church who were put into situations where they needed to solve some sort of crime. Unmistakably the two had similarities in how they solve the crime. Who would have been better to solve a crime than a man of God? They had their differences in… View Article

Edgware in London to City Road

Using what I have learned from my study materials, I will compare Station Road, Edgware in London to City Road, Cardiff for either their similarities or differences relating to inequalities. Both roads are over 200 years old and have similar layouts. Station Road is located in a neighbourhood and is very similar to City Road… View Article

Journal Article Review

The general topic of forgiveness has received a magnitude of attention and research on a conceptual level in recent years. Hall and Fincham consistently noted, however, that self-forgiveness had little to no empirical study or research documented and believe this is a critical piece to an individual’s overall emotional health. In an effort to stimulate… View Article

Comparing and Contrasting Sonnet 130 and Ars Poetica

“Change what you see by changing how you see” (Huie). This quote relates to “Sonnet 130,” by William Shakespeare and “Ars Poetica,” by Archibald Mac Leish. Sonnet 130 is about the faults of his mistress, but realizes by the end of the poem, that his love is all that matters. This man did not see… View Article

Comparing and Contrasting Two Characters

There are different types of characters. Some are protagonists, and some are antagonists. Two antagonists, General Zaroff from “The Most Dangerous Game” and the king from, “The Lady or the Tiger?”, can both be compared.These two characters are similar yet different in their nature, or personality, actions, and attitudes. These characters are both similar and… View Article

A Lesson Before Dying. “If We Must Die” by Claude Mckay

In the passages “If We Must Die” by Claude McKay, the speaker set a courageous tone by using words like “brave”, “fighting”, and “honor” in sentences throughout the passage to show that the men were not afraid although they were outnumbered. This work of literature teaches the reader that if a group of people can… View Article

City Life Beats the Small Town

1. This essay is an essay of both comparison and contrast because the author points out the similarities while examining the differences. For example, having a cinema in both small town and big city is a similarity, but one cinema in small town showing three different movies at any one time, and a big city… View Article

Tell Tale Heart and the Black Cat

In both the “The Tell Tale Heart”, and”The Black Cat”, the stories end with a death of a person. Some events in the murder are similar and different. In this paragraph, I will talk about the story, “The Tell Tale Heart”. In the beginning of the story, the narrator wants to kill an old man,… View Article

The Literary Genre of Science Fiction

In Darko Suvin’s “Metamorphoses of Science Fiction,” Suvin argues that science fiction should be considered its own literary genre. The reason he believes science fiction is distinct from other literary genres is because of its transforming aspects. Suvin describes science fiction as the literature of “cognitive estrangement,” which includes a “novum”. It is his belief… View Article

The Bucket List

“The Bucket List” is a movie about Edward Cole, a wealthy man, and Carter Chambers, a poor mechanic. They are totally opposite of each other, but when they both appear in hospital beds, they become friends. Both of them decide to travel around the world and see what is going around them. While they travel,… View Article

Two Theories of the Formation of Relationships

There are two theories of the formation of romantic relationships, which are the reward/need satisfaction theory by Byrne and Clore (1970) and the similarity theory also by Byrne and Clore with Smeaton (1986). The similarity theory promotes liking. It suggests that we are attracted to people with similar personalities and attitudes to us and that… View Article

A Comparison of Two English Dictionaries

Studying foreign languages is very difficult although there is a variety of books which can help learners to accelerate that process. Some of the most useful are dictionaries which can assist immensely in expanding our vocabulary. Dictionaries are also very important for linguistic training; however this doesn’t mean that they are of the same quality…. View Article

Comparing and Contrasting In the Heat of the Night

The novel, In the Heat of the Night, and the movie based on the novel, had a lot of differences and some similarities which changed the effect of the movie if you read the novel. The theme of this story is racism and was portrayed in different ways in the movie and the novel, but… View Article

Two Countries

All countries in the world are unique. There are many differences and similarities between Brazil and the United States. They are different from one another in location, size; culture, government, education, healthcare, economy, and lifestyles. Many countries share similarities and have some differences. Brazil and the United States are in different hemispheres, but these two… View Article

Accounting Study

CA1-18 a) The ethical issue is the corporate reporting department is not recording the late entries and reporting incorrect numbers on purpose. b) Troy Normand is acting immorally because as a manager he is not making sure that the numbers are being recorded correctly. c) I would have done what a manager supposed to do… View Article

Glass Menagerie Essay

Have you ever read the book The Glass Menagerie and seen the movie? There are more similarities between the book and the movie version than there are differences. The movie does have some small differences but the movie script is almost identical to the script of the play. They both have the same setting and… View Article

High School and College

Many aspects of both high school and college can be tied together. People learn many of the same things they learned in high school during their first year or two of college. They are basic general education classes. They are similar in such ways that you still have to go to class, do class work,… View Article

Blood Red Horse

When you think of advisors most people think of old nurse, Brother Randolph, and other found in the book Blood Red Horse bye K.M. Grant. However, most people don’t think about Baha Adin or Gavin de Granville. They might have not been such great advisors at first, but have became wonderful advisors later on. Many… View Article

High School vs College

As we go on in life we face many challenges and new situations that we deal with. A new situation that most people deal with is college and all the changes that come along with it. What many people don’t realize is that high school, in many ways, is similar and differrent from college. Not… View Article

Short Story Comparison Essay

After reading “The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst and “Raymond’s Run” by Toni Cade Bambara, there are some similarities and differences that stood out. Both stories include disabled brothers. Also, both stories include characters that act out of pride. The stories have different settings and have characters with different motives. The main lesson of this… View Article

Rip van Winkle and Young Goodman Brown

These two stories by Washington Irving and Nathaniel Hawthorne respectively, illustrate different examples of men wandering away from home, for somewhat different reasons, with somewhat the same results with the exception of the overall outcome upon the men. Careful analysis of the two stories can reveal both the similarities and the differences between the two,… View Article

Making a Difference

United States along with some other countries including England have focused their attention more towards an issue that seems to be disturbing them much more than that of Terrorism. The president of the United States has also said that this issue is having greater negative consequences as compared to the 9/11 attacks. Yes, it’s an… View Article

EBooks vs. Traditional Books

I have compared and contrasted eBooks and traditional books. There are many similarities on these different kinds of books as well as many differences. Reading is one of the most important things that have an impact on people’s life. Technology now has also made an impact on books. Now there are e-readers like: kindle, nook,… View Article

Compare and Contrast a Life Raft, an Island, and Earth

Survival is a key part of life in which humans have been attending to throughout our entire existence. As time progresses, technology and knowledge not only increases but also improves. Eventually, we develop to the point where our educational system has an important and crucial question where the students are asked to compare and contrast… View Article

Compare and contrast the ways

Stanhope and Raleigh are absolutely different characters. Stanhope is experienced and confident and Raleigh is naive and doesn’t have such a long experience in army that Stanhope has. But also you can find something similar in stories of their lives. Their childhood, which they spent together. They went to the same school and their families… View Article

Same Artist, Different Pictures

The way artists can look at a scene in many different lights is very similar to what Earle Birney did when he wrote “January Morning/Downtown Vancouver” and “Vancouver Lights”. An artist can paint a picture of a given setting and then come back and paint a totally different painting of the same subject. The two… View Article