Compare and contrast the top five search engines in global

Compare and contrast the top five search engines in global business. How do they aid in decision making and negotiation processes?

According to the article, the current top five search engines are namely Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Bing, and Ask. Search engines have collectively offered a distinct pattern of improvisation for not only the business world but our personal lives as well. They work towards making our world a smaller place by connecting different parts of the world in a way that humanity has never experienced before.

All five major search engines constitute the same idea, which is being able to retrieve information. Out of the five data mining search engines, Google holds the majority of market capitalization which stands at approximately $576 billion as of 2017. It dominates the market through revenue generated by advertising. As per the article, “Google is highly diversified in its products and maintains sites in various languages,” due to which google has a large demographic. Meanwhile in 2015, “Baidu was the largest search engine in China” primarily due to being a localized company that was imbedded in their culture earlier than Google.

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This goes to explain how local cultures and social environment play a major role in constituting its dependency on a society. Yahoo has been a principal search engine with its own media house that fulfils as much more distinct role than google. With Yahoo and Google already working on the same demographic, it gets harder for search engines such as Bing and Ask to get slice of same market segment.

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All in all, these search engines make us more aware of other cultures and traditions that would not have been possible prior to these sources available to us. Understanding different cultures help us understand the traits of negotiating in different parts of the world hence helping us make more successful decisions.

Within today’s global business, what do you see happening in the next five years regarding search engines growth and global strategies?

Search engines have made our worlds faster. We trade faster, shop faster and also have access to more data than ever before. Compared to other search engines, Google is bound to succeed leaps and bounds because it works on translating its databases to different languages. This provides an insight to different cultures which contributes to easier approach when it comes to global business. We are also depending on search engines for day to day menial tasks such as grocery shopping to ordering birthday gifts. There is going to be a major shift in demographic as we see more and more people depend on online shopping and malls and stores close for online shopping portals. It is also changing the way we conduct business. It allows for faster research and less travelling. Long distance communication has never been easier. Google constantly works on ideas that help make the world as smaller place. Online portals will also help companies lower their cost drastically helping generate additional revenue. In the next five years companies that will improve its technology will have an advantage over their competitor by lowering its cost tremendously.

Search engines carry national identities and cultures. Compare five major search engines from each continent, based on their local markets, strategies, and national characteristics.

The largest search engine in China, Baidu is much more understanding of China’s censorship laws and considerable atonement for the country’s sentiments while Google has accurate information available with very little to hide. Another difference is that Baidu allows for more pirated content whereas Google has its copyright policy. This makes Baidu more in demand in China. Google is most widely used in America because copyrighting is considered plagiarism and there is more freedom of speech compared to the other countries. Yandex dominates the markets in Russia because it contains more regional information than google. It has more information relevant to the residents in Russia and also has on page content that matters more. For similar reasons, Seznam remains popular in Czech Republic and Naver in South Korea. Therefore, every country prefers as search engine that falls in within their cultural norm.

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