The Crucible About John Proctor

John Proctor: Character Traits & Analysis
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Analysis of the construction of the play In the play “The Crucible”, all the characters play crucial roles to carry the story forward. In this regard, the characters of Parris, Proctor, Danforth and Abigail form the crucial parts and the perspectives of these characters can be analyzed to understand the real characteristics of them. In this study, the perspectives of John Proctor will be analyzed in the context of the study. Audiences have perceived this character as a negative one…...
Relationship Between John Proctor And Elizabeth
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In The Crucible, Miller develops the powerful relationship between John Proctor and Abigail Williams and how she wants to rekindle their affair as the witch trials are happening in Salem. On the whole, Miller powerfully conveys their relationship as toxic as it will lead to the tragic hero’s downfall. John proctor is an honest man who doesn’t want to do wrong by his wife by repeating his mistakes of the past again following his unfortunate affair with Abigail. Miller presents…...
John Proctor The True Tragic Hero
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A flawed hero is defined as a character that has heroic traits but also has flaws or makes mistakes that lead to their downfall. John Proctor’s flaw was his pride, and his willingness to protect it. Unfortunately, Proctor dies from his commitment to protect and honor his name. Throughout the novel, it is clear that Proctor’s flaw is his pride. “He was the type of man- powerful of body, even-tempered and not easily led- who cannot refuse support to partisans…...
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John Proctor as a Tragic Hero in The Crucible
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Ice T once stated, “I think everybody wants to redeem themselves after they’ve done something that might be considered negative. I don’t think anyone wants to go to the grave negative.” In the play, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, the town of Salem is in a crisis due to the accusations of witchcraft. One of the accused is John Proctor, who is a strong and noble farmer. In Arthur Miller’s drama, The Crucible, John Proctor is portrayed as a character…...
John Proctor – a Tragic Hero in The Crucible
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Pages • 3
A tragic hero is a character whose imperfection or slip-up, at last, prompts their defeat. In Arthur Miller's play The Crucible, the community of Salem is drenched in an emergency because of the allegations of witchcraft. One of the charges is John Proctor, a solid and good farmer. John Proctor meets the meaning of a tragic hero because of the affair with Abigail and his pride, however, redemption teaches him a lesson at the end of the play. The affair…...
John Proctor Character Analysis in The Crucible
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In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, John Proctor is the main character. He is the tragic hero of the story with his one defect being his pride. John Proctor’s defect was his pride. This in turn created scenarios that were unpredictable and unfortunate. Shockingly, Proctor is accused of a crime he did not commit. Proctor’s life had been turned upside down when Abigail Williams, a girl who had feelings for Proctor, tried to blame his cherished ones. John Proctor's imperfection…...
Who Was to Blame For The Death of John Proctor?
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An Affair. Secrets. Witchcraft. Accusations. Hangings. In the book, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, John Proctor permanently lingers in a state of regret and anguish, for which he can only blame himself. Committing Adultery in a puritan society is a death sentence. Confused about his feelings for the young and seducing Abigail, John Proctor struggles to return to peace while trying to forgive himself, and wait for his wife to forgive and trust him. Accused of witchcraft in the midst…...
How John Proctor’s Character Shapes The Crucible
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Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” takes place during the 16th century amidst the witchcraft hysteria in Massachusetts. At this point in history, a person’s reputation was very important to all members of society. A respectable reputation typically centered around being a good Christian, working hard, and being loyal and caring. Because a person’s reputation was so important, they would go to great lengths to protect that reputation. For an individual to intentionally destroy his reputation is an immense sacrifice. John Proctor,…...
The personal crisis faced by John Proctor
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The play 'The Crucible' was written by Arthur Miller in 1953, during the era of McCarthyism in the U. S. A. Miller was brought in front of the house of Un-American Committee because of his left wing policies. Miller said "On that day a living connection between him and Salem was made, which prompted him to write 'The Crucible'. I am going to explore and trace the personal crisis faced by John Proctor who is prominent character in 'The Crucible'.…...
John Proctors character
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How does Arthur Miller develop John Proctors character throughout the play, and what is the relationship between Proctor and Abigail as well Proctor's relationship with his wife Elizabeth Proctor? In my view there are a lot of ways in which Arthur Miller develops John Proctor's character during the play. Miller uses The Crucible to express his own views on what was happening in America at the time-McCarthyism was at a prominence. He uses John Proctor as he is interested in the…...
The John Proctor and His Role
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The next character is John Proctor and his role in Act 1. Although he is not as involved as Abby he makes it his problem by returning to Salem and being involved in a love triangle which grips the audience and keeps them on the edge of their seat as they wonder if their affair will be revealed. We are informed of his relationship with Abby when she asks him for a soft word but he refuses, claiming there affair…...
John Proctor from the Crucible
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When a man is confronted by evil, fear, and injustice he will show the hero that he really is or run away like a faceless coward. Throughout the story there are many ways to characterize John Proctor. The three biggest are his selfishness; that was discovered in the beginning of the story, his internal conflicts; which lasted through the middle of the story all the way to nearly the end of the story, and his selflessness; which emerged in the…...
‘The Crucible’ – John Proctor
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HALE: You most certainly do, and you will free her from it now! " In this instance Tituba cannot resist because she is merely a slave and Hale is her superior. We, free from the restraints of society as they knew it, can stand back and see the injustice that is so prevalent in Salem. In this sense we share a viewpoint with John Proctor. He, in his isolation from society, can see conservative Salem with all its travesties quite…...
The crucible, God in heaven what is John Proctor?
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Pages • 9
When Proctor talks to Parris he is very different, which is very likely to cause trouble for him later. He says to Parris, "You hardly ever mention God anymore. " A stage direction reads "There is a shock among the others" which shows that this is a very shocking thing to say to someone who is considered so important in the village. By not only saying this does Proctor demonstrate a great lack of respect but also that he has…...
Conflict: Salem Witch Trials and John Proctor
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Conflict is inevitable and is something everyone encounters. Individual’s responses are dependent upon their moral conscience, their ideologies or their strengths and weaknesses. An individual’s public persona may differ drastically and oppose their true qualities. In confrontation with conflict ones true identity can be revealed. Although under the pressure of conflict individuals can be provoked to act unwillingly to preserve themselves. The novel ‘The Secret River’ by Kate Grenville portrays the protagonist William Thornhill as a moral individual yet under…...
What characters are to blame for the death of John Proctor?
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Even though Abigail Williams started off witchery by drinking blood to kill Elizabeth, she only blamed Tituba for the cause of it. Tituba started to blame innocent people who weren't even involved just to save her own life. This gave an idea to Abigail Williams the idea to do so too, to get Elizabeth in trouble of witchery. If Tituba didn't start to talk about the devil and blame people, would the Judges be on a search for witches? Then…...
John Proctor Character in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible
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Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" illustrates a powerful drama based on the Salem witch trials in 1692. However Miller used his play as an analogy, representing the period of "McCarthyism" that lasted from the end of the Second World War to the late 1950s. Derived by the war against Stalin's Soviet Union, McCarthyism was a term describing the intense anti-communist suspicion in the United States. Lead by Senator Joseph McCarthy, many Americans who were believed to cast communist influences to American…...
John Proctor and Abigail Williams Affair: Causes and Effects.
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Pages • 3
The Crucible is a play based on a true story by Arthur Miller. It is set in 1692, in a small village called Salem, which, Due to a series of events started to have witch trials. The story counts with many changes leading to an inflection point where Salem starts to fall in decadence. One of the major turning points was John proctors decision of entering into an affair with Abigail Williams, which changed Salem inhabitants life. While the causes…...
How much is John Proctor responsible for his own death
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Pages • 6
"The Crucible" is set in 1692, in Salem, Massachusetts. It is written by Arthur Millar in the early 50's. It follows the lives of a gang of teenage girls, meddling with witchcraft. Stifled by the crushing pity of their elders they end up doing strange things in the woods. The chief of the group of young ladies is a girl called Abigail Williams-her innocence lost in the bed f John Proctor, a married farmer who is the soul of the…...
John Proctor change during the course of the play
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How does John Proctor change during the course of the play? How might this change be communicated on stage? In Act one we first see John Proctor. He appears to be a very sharp and nasty man. We can see this in the way he talks to his servant, Mary Warren: "Be you foolish Mary Warren? Be you deaf? I am looking for you more than I am looking for my cows!! " If I were producing this play on…...
Discuss the role of John Proctor
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Discuss the role of John Proctor in 'The Crucible'. Why does he choose to die at the end of the play? John Proctor is the protagonist of the play 'The Crucible', written by Arthur Miller. This is because Miller uses Proctor as a character to help the audience understand the characters' experience. He does this by either making sympathetic expressions or the actions that Proctor makes, whether they are violent or confusing. Miller makes us feel sympathetic for Proctor when…...
Who is blame for the death of John Proctor?
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Pages • 3
Who was to blame for John Proctors death? In this coursework I have looked closely at the situation John Proctor was going through and this is what I have found. Abigail Williams started off the witchery nonsense but does this mean she caused his death? A lot of people may think that if Abigail William never cried witchery upon anyone nothing would have happened, and John Proctor wouldn't have died. But, she has started it off, and nothing could have…...
Persuasive Essay on John Proctor from the Crucible
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Who is John Proctor? Is he is a hero, a villain, a conqueror? Some may think he is craven, but others may credit him with great fortitude. This brave man was one of many who died for what he believed in. Although many people tried to persuade him to do otherwise, he stood his ground and died an innocent man. John had many reasons for choosing what he did. At first he was going to confess to save his life…...
John Proctor Is a Good Man
Words • 612
Pages • 3
Many actions dignify the traits of a tragic hero, but only few stand out. In the tragedy The Crucible by Arthur Miller, a tragic hero dies a good man when brought to trial over nothing more than child’s play and dishonesty. John Proctor is an honest, upright, and blunt-spoken man because he fought for what is right and found forgiveness in his fatal flaw. Although he exhibits these traits throughout the story, John dies a dynamic character. Throughout the story,…...
The Crucible: John Proctor Character
Words • 600
Pages • 3
In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, John Proctor shows his protagonist character by the respectable and honorable man he lives to be. In order to understand why John Proctor is the protagonist of the story, a definition of the word protagonist is indispensable. A protagonist is essentially the main character of a story, mostly known as the good character. The author spends most of his time on him, and usually the character changes or evolves during the course of the…...
How Is John Proctor Presented in the Crucible
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Pages • 3
The way in which the protagonist, John Proctor, is presented in The Crucible somewhat changes throughout the play. Firstly, he is presented as quite dominant and violent, however as the story progresses, he is presented still as a violent character but a much more likeable one. He is also one to go with his first instincts, and has a lot of pride. These two characteristics are the main factors that lead to Proctors downfall. The first scene in which Proctor…...
John Proctor a Tragic Hero?
Words • 715
Pages • 3
A tragic hero is a character whose flaw or mistake ultimately leads to their downfall. In Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, the small town of Salem is immersed in a crisis due to the accusations of witchcraft. One of the accused is John Proctor, a strong and moral farmer. John Proctor meets the definition of a tragic hero because of his fatal flaws, the affair with Abigail and his pride, but redemption at the end of the play saves his…...
John Proctor – the fair and noble character
Words • 629
Pages • 3
The novel The Crucible by Arthur Miller has to do with witchcraft and the allegations of witches in Salem, Massachusetts. Among the primary characters in the story, which takes place in the spring of 1692, is John Proctor, a farmer in his middle thirties. He is married to Elizabeth Proctor. It is not straight said, but they have at least two sons and a servant called Marry Warren. Because Proctor seems to be really spiritual, he truly likes his wife…...
John Proctor vs. Arthur Dimmesdale
Words • 847
Pages • 4
The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible both have main characters that can relate to each other even though they are in two different stories. Arthur Dimmesdale, one of the main characters of The Scarlet Letter, is a respected reverend in society that commits a horrendous and sinful act, adultery, with a woman named Hester Prynne. John Proctor, a main character from The Crucible, commits adultery as well with his servant, Abigail Williams. These two characters, aside from the others that…...
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FAQ about The Crucible About John Proctor

Who Was to Blame For The Death of John Proctor?

...He held himself to a high moral standard, not because his religion tells him to, but because he felt like it is the right thing to do. When he had his affair with Abigail, he felt like “. . . a sinner not only against the moral fashion of the time ...

How John Proctor’s Character Shapes The Crucible

...He enjoyed a good reputation in the beginning, and even though his wife had her suspicions about his fidelity, she loved him and admitted that she knew he was a good man. He divulged a secret that would save his wife’s life but, in the end, could n...

The crucible, God in heaven what is John Proctor?

...We can forgive him for his sin because he shows genuine remorse and displays great love for his wife. He also demonstrates incredible courage by his willingness to die for his beliefs and ensure that his friends did not die in vain. In my opinion Joh...

What characters are to blame for the death of John Proctor?

...Because of going to court and trying to save his wife and friends this got him into his own death, so John Proctor was partly to blame for it also. In the crucible, it was a lot of people to blame, everyone could have save John in their own ways, for...

How much is John Proctor responsible for his own death

...Abigail strikes me as a very misleading character, at the start I got the impression she was just a girl who had made a mistake and was sorry for it, but as the play unfolded her character had a dark, malicious side it to it that was sharp and uneasy...

Who is blame for the death of John Proctor?

...But these judges really want this over and done with so the way they solved it was just to hang everyone who was suspected of being a witch, so for doing this they are partly to blame for John Proctors death. The Judges are the one who are responsibl...

How Is John Proctor Presented in the Crucible

...In conclusion, John Proctor is presented as a classic example of the protagonist of a tragedy, and also as an allegory for the people who would refuse to confess to being involved in communism, and give up the names of other people involved in commun...
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