John Proctor - the fair and noble character

The novel The Crucible by Arthur Miller has to do with witchcraft and the allegations of witches in Salem, Massachusetts. Among the primary characters in the story, which takes place in the spring of 1692, is John Proctor, a farmer in his middle thirties. He is married to Elizabeth Proctor. It is not straight said, but they have at least two sons and a servant called Marry Warren. Because Proctor seems to be really spiritual, he truly likes his wife and he confesses his affair with Abigail Williams to Elizabeth; in addition he later refuses to be with Abigail, this makes him a really reasonable man.

To start with, the protagonist John Proctor appears to be religious, in view of the truth that when he is taken to jail he does not protect himself at all; he just accepts that he did something wrong and he can cope with that. This makes him religious, because he does not desire to hurt the 10 Commandments.

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He composes a confession that he has actually seen the devil and that he was the only one. He even signs this paper, but as quickly as Deputy Governor Danforth asks Proctor to give the confession to him, Elizabeth’s other half refuses and tears it up. On the one hand he does that, since he thinks that his name can not be taken away from him; on the other hand he knows that the paper does not tell the fact. He rather desires to be hanged than to cope with the idea that he has actually lied to the church.

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Another proof that John Proctor is reasonable can be seen in his previous affair with Abigail Williams, the servant to the Perris-household. She was as soon as in love with him, however they broke up due to the fact that Proctor recognized that he really could not afford to be in love with a girl while being wed and having kids; this makes him being fair to his spouse as he does not wish to hurt her. Later when Abigail threatened to tell Elizabeth about their affair he wisely chose to inform the fact to his wife. He declined not to inform her earlier, since he did not wish to harm her. It is found in the last act that their relationship is so strong that she forgives him. Telling her about his affair so late is probably not the very best option, however it is definitely better than saying nothing, so that Elizabeth finds our on her own.

A further indication that John Proctor is fair would be that he remains strictly faithful to his wife once he realized that having affairs while being in love with someone else is a bad conception. So when Abigail later comes to Proctor to ask him for continuing their relationship the protagonist refuses. He cannot do this to himself or to his wife. Otherwise he would commit adultery once more. Again, this makes him being fair to his wife.

In conclusion one can say that the character John Proctor is a quite fair person. After he realizes some things–for example, having an affair is not the best while being married–he tries to do the best for himself and the people around him. This includes no voluntarily contact with Abigail. They only talk when he tells her that he cannot or does not want her anymore. Finally he pays with his life for committing adultery. This action is one of the most expressive acts in the whole play. John Proctor is a good and noble man and because of this he believes that he can’t be hanged and die a martyr when he has this sin blooming over him every waking moment.

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John Proctor - the fair and noble character

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