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School Uniform Essay Examples

Essay on School Uniform

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School Uniforms Persuasive Essay

Dress codes only prevent students from wearing inappropriate clothing to school instead of forcing them to wear specific clothing. Students are more comfortable that way and still get to express themselves through fashion. In conclusion, school uniforms aren’t as beneficial as they appear to be. It should be the students’ right to be able to wear appropriate clothing of their choice in school....

Uniforms Should be Banned!

Of course banning school uniform would be great . It allows students to express their individuality and personality so we don't all feel like we are the same people . However , if uniforms were to be banned rules should be placed in to limit certain kind of clothing . For example , banning clothes that are too sheer . After all , this is a school and not your house you can't just wear pajamas to s...

Persuassive speech School Uniforms

However some people feel that wearing the uniforms takes away from a student’s individuality students are still encouraged to be creative. Students tend to alter their uniform with jewelry. But we have to remember the most important thing school is a place for our children to learn not to flaunt wealth and fashion. We have to decide as a society if individual expression is more important than an...

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School uniforms

If we do not spend all our time and money on the issue of school uniforms we can spend on worrying about other issues that are more important such as the quality of our children’s education. Brunsma and Rockquemore both agreed that “students wearing uniforms did not appear to have any significantly different academic preparedness, pro-school attitudes, or peer group structures with pro-school ...

School Uniform Essay Introduction

All schools,in each state should require school uniforms. Parents should support the idea of school uniforms even though students maybe against it. Students are still able to express themselves through their hair style or different types of blouse or shirts with their uniforms they still have a chance to be different. Enforcing school uniforms there is a decrease in violence and parents will have...

The Great Debate: School Uniforms

School uniforms are a bad idea because they are expensive, violate the first amendment right, decrease comfortable, and do not decrease violence. Education itself is more important than how someone dresses while in school. Everyone is there for the same reason: to learn. No one wants to look the same as someone else because it takes away their individuality. No one wants to be uncomfortable sittin...

Should Students Have to Wear Uniform

Students should wear uniforms after these valid points; Uniforms are a better way to go if one were to about. You wake up one morning and you look around knowing that you have a uniform you could sleep for an extra 10 minutes and you could wake up not having to worry what you should put on. Think about that and describe your feelings towards that. Its better isn’t it? Uniforms are something we a...

Pros and Cons School Uniforms

Although school uniforms may have negative features to a students life in school, they are able to change their actions to prevent the negative features. Eliminating a person’s individuality isn’t always true, because there are weekends when students do not attend school, and that is when they can compensate for their right to being able to express their individuality and creativity. The impor...

Should School Uniforms Be Banned

It is a matter of fact that school uniforms have influenced the lives of millions of pupils around the world. Banning of uniforms would cause serious disruptions in students’ lives as it is an ever-present visual reminder to pupils of the rules to be abided in schools and their sense of belonging. However, wearing of uniforms is not a recipe for success. Many children who do not have the means t...

Is School Uniform A Good Idea

Putting on school uniform signals that he/she wants to learn and that they are complying of the rules which you must undertake when you go to work. However some students don’t want to follow rules, forcing them to wear a uniform this only makes them more determined to be rebillious and wear what they want. In conclusion I think school uniform is a bad idea because it has no effect of the outcome...

Should school uniform be compulsory?

As a conclusion, coins have two different sides, similar to the opposing opinions about having a compulsory school uniform. There are some advantages and disadvantages about wearing school uniform. Although, wearing a school uniform is a better choice for students, a uniform can represent the identification of students, the respect to the school and also the respect of being a student. A school is...

Debate Against School Uniforms

In conclusion school uniforms can easily be avoided by making the right judgments and by working harder to keep our children away from conformity. Each factor for uniforms can also be backed by an even better reason not to put them in action. Our countrys children need to be able to form an individual personality and ability to learn and progress through adolescents. Each area of discussion shows ...

Persuasive essay on school uniforms

Bulling and labeling would be cut down if school uniforms were accepted by a school system. If uniforms were mandatory everyone would be equal and no biases could be set by someone's apparel. Like wise, students couldn't label someone as a scrub or high maintenance. When someone gets picked on, it is most likely because they are wearing something that is "not in" or because they are dressed "diffe...

Something I Can't Live Without

Some Students can’t concentrate when they have on uniforms. Because the person might not be use to wearing those type of clothing. But I can kind of understand why the school trying to make us wear clothes that covers our body. Because teacher now and days be having sex with the students that is very disgusting to do. And then you have the students in the class. It’s another reason why student...

School Uniform

The next reason is that uniforms equalize among students at school. For example, some students whose parents cannot afford such expensive clothing as other students wear uniforms as the same as their friends. As a result, they might feel more self-confident about appearance. In addition, students cannot make fun of each other if they do not like each other clothing. Therefore, school uniforms repr...

Wearing School Uniforms

The third reason is that wearing school uniforms is a beautiful tradition and very meaning to students. The uniform has existed for thousand years and many schools still keep it to now. Wearing uniforms is a beauty of schools’ cultural, so there is no reason to remove that tradition. In addition, the uniforms show the prettiness of every student. Male students look stronger, and female students ...

School Uniforms: Ethos and Logos

This idea follows how athletes wear the same uniforms to work together in a better fashion. Uniforms are clearly more organized in any situation. Additionally, the United States would not be the only country wearing uniforms. Most other countries have uniforms in their everyday routine to greater the scholars’ sophistication and learning. Uniforms will clearly teach students to look neat and dr...

School Uniform

School uniforms are a bargain. They are becoming far less expensive than many other clothes. Schools argue that school uniforms are economical, especially compared to designer clothing, and parents agree given school uniform durability. They say school uniforms last longer because they are made for repeated wash and wear. Many schools capitalize on this by starting used school uniform stores or sw...

Pros and Cons School Uniform

Retrieved from http://www. proquest. com/ Gentile, E. , & Imberman, S. (2009). Dressed for success: Do school uniforms improve student behavior, attendance, and achievement? (No 2009-03, Working Papers, University of Houston). Retrieved from http://www. uh. edu Knechtle, J. C. , & Mitchell, H. W. (2003). Uniforms in public schools and the first amendment: A constitutional analysis. The Jou...

The Advantages & Disadvantages of School Uniforms

* School uniforms are often criticized for being simply ineffective. A student named Grace Davis, cited in MSNBC's article on school uniform controversy, sums up this disadvantage of uniforms: “It doesn’t fix the disease. It just covers the symptoms. I think we’re still going to have the same gang problem. We’re just going to be angry at the administration, and I don’t think that’s the...

I Disagree with School Uniforms

Many people feel that uniforms are a method of reining in the creativity and freedom of expression of teens and kids, and passing on the message that conformity is important. Contrary to popular belief, even with uniforms on, certain children will get picked on by others. Cliques will still be formed and students will find ways such as weight, complexion, and financial status to pass judgment upon...

Students Should Wear School Uniforms

Additionally, students should wear uniforms in high schools because will produce a more positive school environment. Wearing school uniforms at school increases concentration and improves student education. Uniforms help to focus students on different school assignments, to participate in school activities and to hold themselves accountable. It also creates a structure for the student to continue ...

Problems of School Uniforms

Plenty of these throw off students' focus in school. Discipline can help maintain behavior and obey rules for a student; uniforms are a good way to mount that. Uniforms are great enforcers to have in times of in hurries to school or making what to wear easy. Discipline motivates students to concentrate on studies and academic matters. Having uniforms get students to a higher level of education as ...

School Uniforms for Students

In the beginning when public schools were gradually adapting to school uniforms for students, multiple studies demonstrate a reduction of stress in students. Now students who are required to wear school uniforms have an easier time choosing clothes in the morning or night before. As a result, teens flip over magazines, observe music artists, and keep up with famous fashion icons intend to feel obl...

Should Students Wear Uniforms?

Bullying happens in schools with uniform policies. Students who attend schools with uniform policies may find themselves being bullied by others who don't go to such a school. Although uniforms can create a sense of community and equality, children aren't blind. They know who is rich and who is poor. They know who is smart and who is 'not.' Those perceptions are enough to set the stage for bullyin...

Good and Bad Points in School Uniforms

Children show their personality by what kind of clothes they wear and how they act. By putting them in the position to look like everyone else, they may start causing trouble in school. Students may think that they can't be themselves when they look like the rest of the students. Parents usually want their children to express themselves and develop their own personalities. So, it doesn't matter if...

What's the Point of School Uniform?

Uniforms are too plain and ordinary. School uniforms should be banned. 'Almost 20% of public schools in America now require students to wear uniforms to school.' (Rauscher) Most schools don't require students to wear uniform but now the district has changed the policy. 'I see the world became so uniform. Everybody has to be the same, I like people who are different.' ('Eric Cantona Quotes at Brain...

School Uniform: Advantages and Disadvantages

Besied uniforms help bad college students experience greater snug when they observe with other students at college. THere is no distinction among them, they could broaden their friendship and they will recognition on their studies. Finally, college uniforms also make college students feel happy with their faculty. FOr example, if there’s a meeting and they may be required to connect with student...

School Uniforms: Pros and Cons

School uniform does one thing that casual clothing can never possibly do; treat everyone the same. When in school uniform, everyone is equal to each other and not inferior in any way. With the use of casual clothing however, the equality is lost. Students can get savagely bullied everyday because of the clothing they like to wear. This can lead to demoralisation, depression and anxiety. Not only i...

School Uniform in Greece and Great Britain

Each girl had to wear the badge in which was written the name of the school and her class while the length of the uniform had to be below the knee. On the other hand, Thanopoulou A.(2014) states that boys were wearing blue trousers, white collar tops and hats that had an owl designed on them. The school uniform was abolished in 1980. Most of the Greek population saw positively this development whi...

English School Uniform

To conclude there is no correct answer to the uniform debate. As there are many good points to both sides of the argument. Personally I am neither for nor against the wearing of uniform. I am in favour of a compromise were pupils should be aloud to wear what they want but it should be either black or white and shouldn't be branded. This lets pupils express themselves as individuals but doesn't enc...

Pros and cons of school uniform

4. They will find something to tease one another about. Forcing everyone to wear the same thing and parents to spend extra money on clothing that will only be used for one purpose (while they will still have to buy clothing for their children to wear outside of school) is nonsense when teachers could simply do their jobs and start disciplining children for bullying others, counseling students who ...

School uniform letter

In conclusion students must stop worrying about not wearing school uniform, but to start worrying about their education. School uniform is a small thing to worry about and i understand the reason why. In some cases you have to wear school uniform is the major policy in school. Without school uniform people wouldn’t understand what school you go to. Parents won’t be interested in the school bec...

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