School uniform letter

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to you to explain the reason why school uniform should be worn in school and why it is important in today’s life.

Firstly, school uniforms are generally cheaper than the brand name clothing. Lots of students now feel they have to wear shoes and clothes that cost more than £50 a piece. Students often try to complete with others to have the most expensive shoes and the most trendy clothing. Some kids will steal, just so they can wear the right stuff.

School uniform eliminates all these problems and when students can wear them no one can tell who is rich or poor.

With school uniform Students could concentrate a lot easier in school. The reason of being in school is to learn in the first place. School isn’t supposed to be a fashion show. Many students put much emphasis on fashion and not enough on their education. Students would no longer waste time decide what to wear in the morning.

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There wouldn’t be arguments with their parents over t- shirts or trousers.

Furthermore, if schools had their own dress code there would be less teasing going around the school. Parents would save a lot of money and students would pay more attention in classes rather than their own clothing. Why do you think military is more efficient than public schools? Because their wear uniform. The benefits to students wearing a school uniform cannot be overlooked. Uniforms would help students focus on the true reason for being in school, to get an education.

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We should encourage the students to achieve not to believe for what we are wearing for.

Children who dress alike behave better. Rich students won’t tease poor students about not having cool clothes. This means there will be less fights happening. Making students wear school uniform will also improve the self-esteem of students and boost school spirit. Students feel better about themselves and their school if they aren’t worrying about whether they look cool and or bad.

In conclusion students must stop worrying about not wearing school uniform, but to start worrying about their education. School uniform is a small thing to worry about and i understand the reason why. In some cases you have to wear school uniform is the major policy in school. Without school uniform people wouldn’t understand what school you go to. Parents won’t be interested in the school because of the way you are dressed. School uniforms helps you get prepared in later life. Without school uniform you won’t be able to look smart ever in your life.

Your sincerely,


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School uniform letter
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