School Uniform vs Casual Clothes

High school is supposed to be the best memory of your life. However, the issue to wear school uniform still become a topic nowadays. The reason is students have to wear formal uniforms to go to school under the traditional rules. So they say that wearing casual clothes will be more suitable for them. Maybe it is common to see students in foreign countries wearing casual clothes to school. But usually, their school do not have a school uniform because they have four seasons, not like us that just live in an equatorial climate.

Wearing a uniform is a badge of pride, gives students a sense of belonging, and creates an identity for school and community.

Firstly, a student who’s wearing a school uniform is a better sense of security than who’s wearing casual clothes to school. For example, if there is a burglary in the school area, the teacher can not detect the thief even they watched monitors search for the possible outside thief.

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In addition, since the thief wearing casual clothes the same as the students and teacher, it is very difficult to identify the thief. The uniform is an identity to school, so guards can recognize if there are suspicious people enter the school area. So, the students who wear uniforms have a sense of security better than wear casual clothes.

Secondly, wearing school uniform have better time management. For example, if the student need to wear casual clothes they will start to worry when they woke up in the morning, thinking about what they will wear.

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This thing always happened to college students who do not need uniform. But, now school students need to think about what to wear even they still in school. If students wearing school uniform, they don’t have to worry about daily clothing too much because they don’t have a choice to wear school uniform. So wearing a uniform can have better time management.

Thirdly, students can avoid being bullied. As we know in foreign countries the main issue of being bullied is the cause of the clothes that they wear. The students get bullied because they are not wearing the ‘right’ clothes. They classify the student by their ranks with fashion clothes they wear. It is because poor student can’t afford to buy expensive clothes, different to the rich student that they up to date from time to time with fashionable clothes. So if the students wear a uniform the can avoid bullying and violence because all students wear the same uniform.

Wearing uniforms has many benefits such as a better sense of security, better in time management and can avoid bulling. The school uniform can creates an identity for school and an important part of being a school student. It is also a part of the process of our learning and memory. Beside, student won’t have many chances to wear the uniform before they graduate from school.

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