Kababji grill was a principle developed in Lebanon in the early 1990. It is a fast casual dining establishment, service is raped however products are ready and cooked to buy. The company’s motion is to serve healthy food todays and future generations. Their vision is to rely fined and fulfill customer cravings for new taste experiences with thoroughly established recopies that attract all tastes and present the principle of eaten pledger once again to markets that are bored with the ordinary.

Kababjis objective is a long term brand building strategy focused on developing a faithful and sustainable customer base. It supports franchises and consists of support, operational training and style, launch, and operational handbook. It chooses to locate its branches and tactical areas such as high traffic residents or on main roadways it likewise provided the principle of kababji reveal. From a process view point the dining establishment is divided in to the front of home and back of home procedures.

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The major competitive benefit of kababji is its proprietary mixes more over ranches around the world serve Lebanese olive oil and mineral water.

Each dine in branch needs about 55 workers, an express system requires about a third of the number the dining establishment focuses on the overall quality of the restaurant problems, it executes a hazard analyses and critical control points. food safety is done through combination of screening and avoidance in the supply chain and during the pre-production and last preparation of the food. Concerns:

1. How do customers evaluate the quality of a dining establishment?

Customers evaluate the quality of dining establishments through a set of requirements, its decore, design, layout, food, menu, poesies and services.

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2. Indicate how and why each of these factors is important to the successful operation of a restaurant:

a. Customer satisfaction: As we all know that customers come first, so if we reached to satisfy our customers we will build a strong customer base an loyal customers that will come frequently and repeatedly to eat in our restaurants an this will increase revenue so it’s a great indicator that our operations are successful and vice versa. b. Forecasting:

The restaurants has a right set of demand forecasting it well lead to an efficient operations related to row materials handled within the restaurant and sufficient organizing mechanisms for pick times to overcome losing the restaurant customers due to not satisfying their needs in a timely manner.

c. Capacity planning:

If the restaurant did not plan for its capacity in the right way it will affect its operations in a negative way because it will face problems to satisfy the needs and wants of its customers in a proper way (bad food quality, delay in orders, crowded place).

d. Location:

It’s a very critical issue regarding operations success in restaurants . If restaurants are located at a strategic places it will gain an easy access from its customers, for example if the restaurants offer’s a delivery order service and its not located at a good location this wii affect its delivery order sevice quality which will affet directly the operations of the restaurants.

e. Inventory Management:

Its an important factor for the restaurant’s operation success. If the restaurant is having an appropriate inventory management procedures it will lead to a sufficient output. For example if the restaurant doesn’t support a safety stock policy in its inventory procedures it may lose allot of customers when there are orders that exceeds its inventory levels of inputs.

f. Layout:

It’s a major issue regarding successful operations of a restaurant. For example restaurants that adopt product focused layout to maximize its capacity during busy periods can serve allot of customers without any problem handling its normal operations.

g. Schedule:

This subject concerns many operations in restaurants such as (orders, inventory, delivery, hygiene, employees shifts and reservations). When these operations are scheduled in a right manner it will lead to customer satisfaction.

3. What are some of they ways Kababji links strategy and operations to gain an edge over its competition?

The Kababji’s strategy is to serve healthy food for customers through a long term brand building focused on creating a loyal and sustainable customer base, and this is done through a set of operations to gain a n edge over its competitors through rapid waiter services, marketing an image of credibility and integrity and perceived value, quality assurance, staff selection and training, critical location, efficient processes, successful inventory management mechanisms, overwhelming layouts of its branches, appropriate number of employees and quality in its décor, design, layout, food, menue, policies and services.

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