Pros and cons of school uniform

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1. Kids come to school looking really good in their uniforms and it’s always good to know that you’re not the only one wearing a school uniform. Bullies are identified much quicker because they’re not wearing a different outfit every day.

2. You won’t be getting judged on what you are wearing.

3. Quite easier to dress

4. Wearing the same uniforms encourages students to behave friendly, helps to develop good social skills and a sense of belonging to a special community of the school.

Also, when students wear the same uniforms, they feel more connected with each other and learn to pay more attention to the person’s identity, but not to the person’s clothing.

5. If students wear uniforms with their name tag and school emblem, they feel that they represent their school and are expected to behave more considerately.

6. It allows students to focus on their lessons, physical or other activities instead of spending time for choosing their clothing every day.

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7. Increased attendance

8. how student can think about study, if student think about his/her social position.

9. It keeps other girls from indecently exposing their bodies.

10. when teacher looks at his pupils, he looks at pupils with no discrimination or something like that.

11. Feeling of responsibility

12. Provision of non-uniform day as in ORIENT

13. Hey what about if you go on a excursion? What if you get lost in a busy crowd? If you have your uniform on then you will be found and returned to your school.

14. Absence of uniform results in classism.

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Classism in schools is definitely undesirable.

15. 1. Waste of money

2. Lose freedom of expression

3. How does a uniform prevent you from being bullied? If you’re a four eyed geek in a uniform would that exclude you from being a target? If you think uniforms will stop bullying, you are very sadly mistaken. Hair, glasses, teeth, speech patterns, differences in thought… The list of things bullies will target is nearly endless. No amount of forced conformity will stop the bully.

4. They will find something to tease one another about. Forcing everyone to wear the same thing and parents to spend extra money on clothing that will only be used for one purpose (while they will still have to buy clothing for their children to wear outside of school) is nonsense when teachers could simply do their jobs and start disciplining children for bullying others, counseling students who are more susceptible to bullying (because bullying does not end when elementary/middle/high school ends), and maybe even counseling the bullies themselves.

5. It won’t save money either. That is rubbish. If your kid leaves the house, as kids are ought to do, they will still need something to wear. Kids these days buy clothing still & don’t wear them which explains why they have a large wardrobe with unworn clothes in it.

6. Are an unfair additional expense for parents who pay taxes for a free public education

7. I do believe that we are at school to learn, but we’re also there to find out who we are and what we stand for = IDENTITY.

8. School Pride: It shouldn’t matter what you wear. Pride comes from spirit/personality. (St. Xaviers)

9. Uniforms as ID tags… There are things called phones/pagers/internet/COMMUNICATING WITH OTHER PEOPLE TO ACCESS THESE RESOURCES. Hence students are vulnerable.

10. Those with long skirts are bullyed still.

11. Fascism, dictatorial movement, agaist freedom

12. if wearing a uniform is forced upon the students they turn rebellious and try to alter the uniform the way they like by tightening or shortening it according to their desires.

13. Some parents are of the view that uniform get dirty soon, owing to the reason that many of them are in white color.

14. It spreads a feeling of pride among the parents and students who are wearing uniform of a famous school.

15. some schools, not all schools, insist that school uniforms should be bought in the school or from a shop, suggested by them and make money.

16. 17. Good students are terrible dressers like “Pukar Malla”

Examinations: favor

Examinations: Against

1. Examination is a necessary part of education to separate some good students from average students.

2. It’s not fault of examination that students commits a suicide, it’s their mental ability to handle stress because it’s a part of life.

3. I think it’s a fault of teachers as they trained students how to get highest marks in exam not force to get understood the concept.

4. Examination is a great opportunity for all the students to apply what they have learnt.

5. Education nowadays goes only in exam point of view. Even the lecturers want the students to only study for exam and not to teach why they are learning that subject. If student have knowledge but he didn’t get marks in exams, it will lead to suicide.

6. Examinations teach:

1.I got to do the hard work.

2. I learn time management.

3. I develop confidence.

4. At times when syllabus is more and time is less, the pressure is created and this is a fact that true potential of human beings explodes only when pressure is put on them etc.

1. Exams must not be avoided. But the pattern must be changed.

2. If we don’t have proper way to know about ourselves, and our strengths and abilities we can’t lead in this society. Examinations are the things to see ourselves. If we don’t have exams, we don’t and won’t learn and at least we don’t try how to grow up our personality.

1. It’s so sad that a student who know’s traffic rules but don’t know how to cross the road.

2. Partially killed education, nowadays student are just running behind marks and nobody bothers about learning the basic concept, in this cut throat competition scoring highest marks became more imp than gaining knowledge.

3. Everyone has an individual talent but they cannot implement it. Only mug up and writing do not help them to shine. Some do have talent in other activities.

4. Students aren’t memorizing machines. They are curious people to quench the thirst of knowledge.

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