School Uniforms: Ethos and Logos

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School uniforms, are they a burden to families in the United States, or are they preventing students form the hardships of being bullied? In a case of a low income family, uniforms are a better choice. Uniforms not only keep a school in order and prevent provocative clothing, but hide a student’s backgrounds from being manipulated by everyday bullies. School uniforms should be enforced in several schools because they teach students professionalism, will encourage teamwork and success in school, and prevent sexual harassment in schools and at home.

Students can learn from uniforms in numerous different ways. Social pressures are what cause most scholars to dress inappropriately. If school uniforms are enforced students will learn modesty and chastity from repeated clothing choices every school day.

Dictating school attire can also ensure that pupils of all races and backgrounds are welcome into any school. The schools that are confining apparel will set precedents for several other schools and encourage uniforms. School uniforms demonstrate what most occupation dress codes will go by from a day to day basis.

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Most workplaces require a strict dress code that does not allow racy and apathetic clothing. Uniforms illustrate professionalism in workplaces and overall prevent laziness. Lastly, uniforms show respect for your school, elevating the desire to represent your school. Uniforms are not only supported by respected people in school districts, but in behavior studies.

For four year, scientists studied thirty students from a school that enforces uniforms and another thirty students from a school with a limited dress code.

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Over the long period of time the school with uniforms had fourteen percent more students enroll into their school and had a significant increase in the attendance everyday. During this course eight-six percent of crime stopped, including a drop of ninety-three percent of sex offenses. Outside of criminal cases involving school uniforms, when every student is in the same boat and nobody can tell the difference of what each person’s background is like, they are more likely to work together and succeed in academics.

This idea follows how athletes wear the same uniforms to work together in a better fashion. Uniforms are clearly more organized in any situation. Additionally, the United States would not be the only country wearing uniforms. Most other countries have uniforms in their everyday routine to greater the scholars’ sophistication and learning. Uniforms will clearly teach students to look neat and dress appropriately.

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School Uniforms: Ethos and Logos
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