Recently my two daughters, both in Kapolei Middle School, came up to me and stated that next school year students will no longer have one day a week to wear regular clothes. Students will have to wear a uniform Monday through Friday to school. My two daughters and other students are furious and said that it is not fair. I, on the other hand, believe that it is about time the school will make a change. Students do not follow dress code, therefore it is imperative for students to wear uniform until they graduate from high school.

Even though my daughters is attending at a public school, the school requirements is to wear uniform four days a week. According to the Kapolei middle school dress code policy, "All students are required to wear the uniform on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays, however, students may wear appropriate clothes which conform to the school dress code" (SY, 2010-2011 Parent Handbook). Kapolei calls it, Wash Wednesdays.

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Whenever I pick up my daughters from school, I see students wearing clothing which is too revealing.

Female students are wearing torn up shirts which shows off shoulders, cleavage, and back. I also see female students wearing short skirts or shorts that is not appropriate and not acceptable. Male students are also wearing pants too loose which shows their underwear. Teachers are allowing students to come to class wearing inappropriate attire and breaking the school dress code policy. Let's face it, each school and each teacher will have their own personal definition of what is appropriate to wear and not rely on the policy.

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So students will continue to think it is k to wear what they want. Yes, students want to express themselves out of Students dress code uniform, but in a way uniforms also help students avoid from being picked on for expressing themselves. "Educators argue that an academic program encouraging students to pursue individual thought is much more important than what they wear" (Pros and Cons of School Uniforms, Sep 09, 2005). Children now-a-day's only want designer clothing, which can be very pricey. Students are often competitive and worry so much about their appearance.

Some Wednesday mornings, my daughters would miss their school bus and be late to school because they could not decide what to wear. Their father would get so angry at them and have to drop them off to school. School uniforms save parents money. Uniforms are cheap and can last a very long time. Students can pass it to their siblings. They are easy to purchase, at school, swap meet, or uniform stores. Parents can even get used school uniforms at discount price. Uniforms can also decrease violence and theft. I hear so many stories about gang related incidents at school.

Students will pick a fight only because certain color or sign on the shirt which the other students are wearing. I had bought an expensive Harajuku sweater for one of my daughters. During P. E. she had placed it in her backpack unzipped and when P. E. was over, it was gone. Someone had snatched it from her backpack and no witnesses. With that said, I believe it is imperative for students to wear school uniforms until they graduate from high school. Not only students but also teachers do not follow dress code policy. There is other ways students can express themselves and not by their clothing alone.

We, as parents, can save a great deal of money with school uniforms and not worrying about our child's safety. It can be less stressful for students and parents. Department of Education Manual of School Uniforms, disseminated in 1996 to all of the nation’s 16,000 school districts. "Among the STUDENTS DRESS CODE potential benefits cited were:

  1.  decreasing violence and theft,
  2.  preventing students from wearing gang-related colors to school,
  3.  instilling student discipline,
  4.  helping to resist peer pressure,
  5.  helping students to concentrate on academics, and
  6.  aiding in the recognition of intruders.

Uniforms, they say: diminish differences among socioeconomic levels, promote school spirit and improve student self-confidence and behavior. Similar positive effects from implementing a school uniform policy were cited in the U. S. " (Madrid, Max J. and Garcia, Elizabeth A. , 1999).


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Updated: May 19, 2021
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