Julia Darling’s short story “The Dress”

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In some cases people hold symbolic value to their material ownerships, e.g. a dress. When those ownerships are stolen it hurts more, and it makes it more difficult to condemn the burglar, particularly if the burglar is someone you know and trust. Such is the case in Julia Beloved’s brief story “The Dress” where the main character Rachel gets her gown stolen by her own sibling, Flora. This story handles things like lying, betrayal, loyalty and household. It discusses the process from when something gets taken, to speculations concerning the thief, to discovering the thief, and finally dealing with the thief and seeing the effects for the burglar.

The relationship in between Rachel and her sister Plants is very tense. “”I wish she would stop talking!” snapped Rachel. “What are you angry about?” asked Plants in a gently whipped voice, as she chewed a prawn. “You know why I’m mad.”” As you can see, their discussions are very heated, possibly an indication that things in between them aren’t too excellent in between them, even prior to the dress was taken.

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It might likewise simply be siblings fighting, as siblings do in some cases.

The fact that Flora stole Rachels dress might also show that she is jealous of her sis. “Initially she had actually just thought that she would attempt it on for a moment and after that replace it, once it clung to her young body she found she was not able to take it off.

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She walked around the empty home, rejoicing in the method the gown made her feel slim and long legged.” This quote could suggest that Plants is jealous of Rachel’s natural charm. Maybe Flora normally lives in the shadow of her sister, and would do anything to become like her. Better than her. Lying also seems to come naturally to Flora. “”The dress,” stated Rachel, not able to include herself. “I desire the dress back.” “I don’t understand what she’s talking about,” stated Plants.” That could be due to the fact that she recognizes with stealing, or that she simply has actually been forces to lie a lot in her family. In either case, the relationship in between the siblings has actually diffidently intensified after the occasions of this story.

In the beginning of the story, The mother seems like a normal, socially active and adjusted person. She is forty years old, and her birthday party is actually taking place during this story. She is feeling the weight of her age. “”I’m so old,” said the mother. “You’re not!” said Flora. “No, not old,” said Rachel. “I think I might leave my job.” said the mother.” Often when people turn forty, one of two things happen.

Either they try to revive their youth by buying and doing things that make them feel young again, or they become depressed with their age and the fact that their looks and wits are fading. This could be the case judging from the quote. The mother also starts to show alcoholic tendencies near the end. “So the mother drank the rest of the wine and sat looking out at the black night, listening to footsteps in the street of people coming home from the bars in lively skittish groups.” As seen in the quote, The mother turns to liquor when her problems need solving. This could be a thing that she only did on that night, or maybe it has been a consistent problem throughout the life she has made with her daughters.

In the end, this is a short story that is trying to teach it reader morals like, don’t lie, don’t steal, be kind to your family etc. But the story is ultimately a quick look at a slightly dysfunctional. The sister that steals, the mother that drinks and Rachel who is left as the only “normal” family member. The one that has to lo live with a sister that can’t be trusted and a mother that can’t even help herself, much less her daughters.

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Julia Darling’s short story “The Dress”

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