The Pros and Cons of School Uniforms

It doesn’t matter what kind of school it is, being told that they must wear a uniform can help or harm a student in learning and affect their social skills. Uniforms should not be enforced in schools, because it may take the uniqueness out of the student, which may lead them to hate going to school. Without having a say in what they wear, it takes away their right to be themselves. Students may think they don’t have to compete with other students or schools when they’re not wearing uniforms and bring more school spirit to the school.

With students wearing uniforms then it may cost more for the parents, especially if they have more than one child in the same school.

With school uniforms, there are many good and bad points. Some could say that it might increase the student's safety and decreases bullying. If all the students are dressed the same, then the students can't focus their attention on their clothes; instead, they will focus on their classwork.

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When students wear uniforms, they have more school spirit, which in return brings pride to the school. By having more pride, their attendance and discipline may improve. It is said that if the students wear uniforms then it may save the parents money because they don't have to try and be like the other students. Usually, parents must purchase enough uniforms to last a week and they can do laundry on the weekend, so the students have fresh clean uniforms for the following week.

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With uniforms, the students will not spend so much time in the morning getting ready, especially with teenagers. This way they can sleep in an extra few minutes, so they will be well-rested so they can concentrate better at school.

With any subject, there are also bad points to them. All children are taught at an early age to be their own person. When the students are dressed like everyone else, they are not allowed to express themselves. When students are told what to wear, their attitude may retaliate against the school or even the parents. Sometimes with uniforms, there are extra costs to the family's budget; especially if the family has more than one student going to that school. They will need at least two or three sets per child, this means that it will add some stress for the parents. They must add this extra cost into their budget. If the student is fidgeting all the time it could be due to them being forced to wear something they don’t like, and this may affect their learning for the day. Some cultures don't believe in everyone wearing the same outfit, so this may become confusing for some of the students. Some students don't like being told what to wear, so this may cause resentment towards the school and their parents. Some students from rival schools may bully kids that wear uniforms, because they may think they are different.

Schools that have a policy that all students wear a uniform may have some students resent them and start adding accessories, which in return, may cause disruption with the school policy. The students may start to think that they can't become their own person, that they are being told what to do and what to wear. Children show their personality by what kind of clothes they wear and how they act. By putting them in the position to look like everyone else, they may start causing trouble in school. Students may think that they can’t be themselves when they look like the rest of the students. Parents usually want their children to express themselves and develop their own personalities. So, it doesn’t matter if it's a private or public school, most of them are turning to the students having a uniform policy. If there isn’t a uniform policy, then they probably have a dress code the students have to follow or they get sent home and told to come back when they are dressed in the appropriate clothing.

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The Pros and Cons of School Uniforms
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