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The Perspective on School Uniforms

School Uniform; always rememberable and unforgettable uniform ever. Many schools think that school uniforms should be compulsory to students while others think it is not as it varies from city to city and country to country. But, according to me, school uniform plays a very vital role in the life of a student and every school should make it compulsory for the students to wear the uniform. The school uniform teaches us the basic lifestyle of life that makes a child build his professional development and makes him a well dressed and disciplined person in life.

Beginning with the pros of the uniform, the school provides the same uniform to every single student studying in their school irrespective of their caste and status and this is the biggest advantage of school uniforms as it completely vanishes the racial issues and creates a sense of togetherness with each other. By wearing a uniform daily, a student develops a perfect routine of getting up early and being dressed well, it builds the student’s mind and a set of positive vibes.

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In schools, we are taught about education, we are taught about books, sports, etc. but never of looks. This is why schools provide uniforms so that all the battles of clothes between kids should be completely finished. I also stand in favor of thought that the students should be given an open chance to choose what to wear and what not to but it should not be implemented in the school premiers as it creates a sense of racism among the students and distracts them from education and learning.

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As we all know, every parent is not a rich parent when it comes to money as some are middle class, some are poor while some are of upper class so, it is not possible for every parent to buy their children those expensive clothes to wear in school but yes they can afford to buy them the school uniform which makes them a gentlemen kind of person. Let us take an example of a student who wants to be an army officer, a pilot, or a 9-5 office manager, what if he doesn’t wear a uniform in school will he be able to cope with this high demanding profession in life if he doesn’t know that this kind of jobs requires a well dressed and disciplined person. Also, will the people be pleased to have an army officer who is unaware of the fact that what being in a uniform means? Uniforms should be compulsory if we really want them to get ready for the future.

Another advantage of wearing a uniform is that it reduces the stress of what to wear in the morning for school and that also saves a lot of time as one student already knows that he is going to wear the uniform and there will be no drama of choosing clothes. Also, the school uniforms are made of cotton which lasts longer and hence cheaper.

The school and school uniform, both surprises the students with the best and unforgettable memories of them. The uniform carries all the joys and sorrows of our friends, teachers, and especially the school itself. The casual clothes may get older, get faded but the school uniform always stays in the heart and home of every student as it was the best period of their lives even after leaving school. The uniform refreshes all the days we spent and all the memories the students make while they are studying in school. School uniform is the only way of identifying the students when they are outside on a school trip.

Wearing uniforms can help everyone know they are students and in this way, they represent themselves and their schools also. For example, if a student does many good things outside such as helping people whether young or old, the society will think that the student is taught really well and at an institution at where the student studied is very good at education. This leads to the spreading of the school’s reputation which is very helpful for the school and the students. But, if a student does bad things, their schools will get to know easily and can punish the student for that.

Wearing uniforms in schools is a historical and cultural tradition of schools as it is being followed from thousands of years and many institutions still keep it to now. So, there is no point or reason to remove the school uniform. Uniform makes a student look more attractive. Male students look stronger and gentlemen type while female students look much more beautiful by wearing uniform.

Talking about the cons of uniforms, the ill effects of school uniforms are that it takes the comfort of a student, which they experience while wearing various kinds of clothes. This discomfort might highly affect the academic performance of the student. They can get bored of wearing the same outfits every day. Furthermore, school uniforms can deprive the child’s sense of individuality and suppress them of their own identity. Uniforms take away the ability to use clothing as a means of expressing support for societal reasons.

Uniforms can have a detrimental effect on a student’s image. When students have to wear the same outfits, rather than choosing their own kind of clothes which suits their body, they suffer embarrassment at the school. Also, some students find uniforms to be more uncomfortable than their regular clothes. Focusing on uniforms may fade the attention of getting genuine solutions to difficulties in education. The push for school uniforms is taken by commercial interests rather than educational ones. Parents should also be free to choose the clothes for their children without any interference from the government.

The uniforms cause resentment among students. As children start to develop their own opinions, they won’t like the idea of being forced to do something they don’t want to. Requiring students to wear uniforms against their wills can breed resentment towards the school, faculty, and even the parents. Moreover, uniforms can lead to an increase in the number of bullying cases outside the schools. As the color of all the school’s uniforms is not the same so, it may lead to the conflicts between different students outside the school and may lead to serious damage sometimes.

In schools, we are taught about expressing ourselves but on the other hand, we can’t even express ourselves. Some students might feel ostracized like the transgendered and non-gender confirming students. Also, wearing a uniform is not a recipe for success. Many students who do not have the means to wear uniforms and who come from less-educated families have proven that it is not an obstacle to achieve the highest level of academic achievement.

Consequently, wearing a uniform is a matter of adaption to given conditions without ignoring the fundamental principles of any student such as life discipline, respect for or to others, aiming for excellence and good behavior should be the cornerstone of their actions.

The above-mentioned disadvantages of banning school uniforms cannot really lead to the banning of school uniforms as it depends on the mentality of the student that in what kind or in what way he/she should react to the education system or to the other students.

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