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The School Uniforms Debate

Many people do not think that school uniforms have so many benefits. Many students don’t agree with the idea of uniform, but I strongly disagree.I think school uniform is what every school needs.I think it’s because uniforms can help students perform better academically, prevent bullying and make the school a safer place. Many educators and social experts believe that students who wear school uniforms do better at school. Students often focus so much on their closets that they are distracted from their studies.

Some experts believe a uniform policy would eliminate such distractions and improve students’ concentration. They believe that uniforms create a more serious atmosphere in the school environment, are suitable for learning and can improve students’ performance.

They also believe school uniforms improve student attendance. Many parents report that their children spend a lot of time planning and choosing their daily clothes, and uniforms allow students to use this time to sleep or study. Although some students don’t like the idea of uniform, because it limits the way they can express themselves, it can prevent them from wearing inappropriate clothes.

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School uniforms can prevent bullying. Not everyone is rich, nowadays fashionable clothes may be expensive, people can’t afford them at all, students may be bullied because of what they wear. If everyone wears the same clothes, then everyone is equal, and the school uniform is a cheap way to promote the unity of classmates.

Wearing the same uniform encourages students to be friendly and helps develop good social skills and a sense of belonging.

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When students wear the same uniform, they feel more connected to each other and learn to focus more on who they are than what they are wearing. School uniforms are designed to promote school safety. School uniforms make it easier for teachers to tell which students belong to the school.If there is no uniform, dangerous people can walk into the campus and the teachers won’t even notice. If that happens, I wont feel safe at school.At st albans middle school, we go hiking a lot, whether it’s in the city or in st albans, and the teachers can tell who’s in their school and who’s not, so if a student gets lost, the teachers can tell them by what they’re wearing.

Many people think school uniforms are too expensive. In any district public school, a boy made up of a complete uniform shirt, a pair of pants, a jump shot and a pair of black shoes may account for about $200, but it is a small price to buy something a student can wear for their entire high school career. In all schools, uniforms are made of high-quality materials and fabrics and usually last a long time. Nowadays, most students in public schools receive an education allowance to pay for their uniforms. Without uniforms, students need more than one set of clothes to attend school, which can be much more expensive than standard uniforms. Wearing school uniforms brings various benefits to students, most notably, because they help students perform better academically, prevent bullying and out of safety concerns.Abolishing school uniforms will not help. When I wear my uniform, I have a sense of belonging, I hold my head high, proud of wearing my school logo.Therefore, the uniform policy should not be abolished, because it plays a very important role in the life of modern students.

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