An Essay in Favor of School Dress Code and Uniforms

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The age old question of whether or not schools should intervene with what student’s wear has been a part of this society for decades now. More than ever it has started to become a controversial phenomenon. The controversy primarily adapts from the bias foundation and the freedom rights that come along with dress code rules. As time progresses, students and parents are realizing the negative and positive attributes to having versus not having dress codes and uniforms. Although the freedom of self-expression and speech rights prove to be taken away with dress code rules, dress codes in school systems should be favored to decrease distractions, to cut down on bulling, and to improve the overall success of students.

When students go to school their focus should be on learning. This, of course, is what school is for. It may not be obvious, but clothing can cause distraction amongst the youth. It is said that many school dress codes are directed towards the female students.

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School dress codes are said to be sexist and unfair. If uniforms were enforced in school systems, there would be no bias. As said in by Rowena Lindsay in The Christian Science Monitor, “The goal of most dress codes is to discourage inappropriate dress and cut down on distraction in the classroom”. Decreasing the amount of distractions in classrooms and bias within the system would lead to a healthier learning environment, thus encouraging the students to participate and listen more prominently in class.

Another reason why there should be uniforms in school systems is because there would be less bullying within the student body.

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One of the easiest targets for a bully is clothing. Many of the less fortunate students are verbally, if not physically, abused because of the clothing that they wear. Wearing out of style clothing or cheaper brands of clothing can subject a child to bullying. If all students wore the same attire, there would be nothing for a bully to compare. Not only does an absence of bullying encourage students to enjoy the safe heaven that school should be, but it also cures multiple affairs affecting today’s youth. Dress codes could make schools safe again.

Lastly, uniforms will improve the overall success of students. Simply said by Stephen Daniels in Students’ Rights, “schools that have uniform policies in place believe that students stay more disciplined and focused in their studies…” The less distractions there are in classrooms, the more students are focused on learning. The less controversial matters revolving around students, the more students are focused on learning. The less students worry about their safety, the more students are focused on learning. And the more students are focused on learning, the healthier the school environment will be, resulting in success.

It is often argued that school dress codes and uniforms take away students’ first amendment. Controlling or monitoring the manner in which a student decides to dress does in fact limit freedom of choice, expression, and speech. A young student follows the rules of adults for most of their lives. At home or at school, there are limitation to what a student can control. What they select to wear is one on the few choices they are able to make on their own. The important fact that those opposing dress codes neglect to acknowledge is limitation; not termination. Having school uniforms only temporarily cease the first amendment. Once students leave the facility, they are free to carry on as they wish.

Ultimately, school uniforms confirm to be an improvement in the student environment. Something that all those who oppose or support dress codes can agree on, is the fact that they all want the students to do well in school. Their concentration should not be on who has the coolest clothes or if their rights are being taken away, but rather on what the teacher’s lesson is. The question that has interfered with students finally has an answer. What needs to happen now is action.

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