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Should Students Still Wear Uniforms?

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We all know the positives and negatives of students wearing a school uniform although the benefits massively outweigh the negatives. Which is why all students should have to wear a school uniform. An essential uniform would decrease skin burn, bullying and you can be easily identified which can help in many situations.

Today the sun is causing so many skin problems for young adults especially in Australia where a school day can reach near 45 degrees Celsius. Students are outside for many hours of a school day, either running around at lunch or just walking from class to class, which is why wearing sun-safe clothing to school is the strongest reason for why each school needs an essential uniform.

This would prevent students from wearing not sun-safe clothing and getting burnt on a school day and decrease the chance of skin cancer for their near future.

A school uniform also creates a sense of belonging. If you all wear the same uniform you all feel as if you belong to a group.

This would also prevent possible bullying or exclusion because of the clothes you are wearing. 1 in 4 Australian students report bullying on a regular basis, bullying could be on the rise due to all of the social media sites. This is why a uniform could possibly decrease bullying. Even though a uniform hot or ugly for some, everyone would rather a place to feel loved and safe.

Every year each and every school has to have a practice a school lockdown for the safety of their students.

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A school uniform would ensure the safety of all students in many situations. In a lockdown, an intruder would be very obvious among all the students. Also in a medical emergency outside of school, the student could be identified easily and further information about the patient could then be gathered via phone call by the school they attend.

A school uniform has so many benefits to the community, school and each student which is why they should be worn to every school every day.

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